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Today, more than ever I needed to get this off my chest. You might have noticed that things have been slower than usual the past couple of months. I realized that while I did make an announcement on my social medias, I never dedicated a post to it here. Read More »

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Power to the flower: Lotus Wei flower (r)evolution

Today is the day! We celebrate the launch of Katie Hess’ new book, Flowerevolution! Flowerevolution (with photography by award-winning filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg) is now available to order. The book is an ode to…


Beauty Heroes August Box: Laurel Skin

You know that classmate who always comes prepared, with a filled-to-the-brim pencil case and extra sheets of paper? The one you’d ask to borrow some of his things because you…


Beauty Heroes July Box: Kari Gran

For the month of July, Beauty Heroes has set up the perfect holiday/travel box, featuring 4 products from Kari Gran, including their latest launch, namely the Three sixty five sunscreen.…