Crazy delicious lipbalms

I’m a sucker for cute little packaging 🙂

I recently purchased a set of 4 lipbalms from a company called Crazy Rumors. What immediately caught my attention was, of course, the funny name and the flavors of the lipbalms (ranging from Candyfloss to Bubblegum) It’s the kind of flavors that you expect to taste like chemicals, but don’t be fooled… everything is natural!
So who’s Crazy Rumors? On their website , we learn that it was created by a couple, Edie and Brian Himmel. With the motto “Naturally Fun products”, Crazy Rumors sells clean products in a quirky and lighthearted way. So it’s basically a fun, ethical family business.

When I received this little box, I shared with my sister and kept in my possession “Raspberry
Sherbet” and “Mint chocolate”,  while my sister kept “Banana Split” and “Orange Creamsicle”. Since I’ve used up my beloved Hurraw balm,  I’m glad I found this brand.
The first thing I noticed was the smell: mine smelled exactly like raspberry and mint chocolate. (but it’s a natural scent, not the artificial and chemical scent you have on some lipbalms.)
Same for “Babana Split” and “Orange Creamsicle”(my sister was enchanted and is hooked
on them too.)

Yay for natural ingredients!
 Texture wise, they are less creamy than the Hurraw balms, but they are really moisturizing.
It’s a nice balm to carry in your everyday bag.

If you’re not into those ice cream flavors, Crazy Rumors offers a large selection of flavors, and has even launched a special Autumn collection: “Candy Corn”, “Orange Clove”, “Star Anise”, “Bee My Honey”
Now, I’d love to try “Pistachio”, “Peppermint Lemongrass”, “Berrygum”, “Gingerale” and “Limeade”.

What about you, have you tried any of them?  Or do you know another nice brand of lipbalms?
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