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Lately, I like to keep it simple, make-up wise. These are my favorite products for a simple look, with an emphasis on the lips.
As you probably have noticed from previous posts, ILIA tinted lip conditioner “Arabian Knights” is one of my all-time favorite lipsticks.
I don’t put much on my eyes, I go for a subtle maroon, golden look.
After being in love with my ILIA lipsticks, I had to try their mascaras and I opted for a “copper” color.
Suprisingly, the effet is quite nice. I have dark eyes and a light colored mascara brings them out and softens the look. I’m not sure, it would suit fair eyelashes, but I’m not a makeup expert so anything is possible 🙂
I also use a Vapour sample in “mesmerize” which is a taupe/gray cream eyeshadow over my eyelid. It evens the skin and attenuates the creases. You could eventually use it as a primer before applying some mineral eyeshadow.
Then I use my Inika white eyeliner on the waterline, which gives me a fresh, awake look. White eyeliner is a miracle product, it makes your eyes pop up like crazy.
Moreover, I swear by Lakshmi kajal in golden brown/bronze. I’ts quite expensive but the quality is incredible. Made with high-quality natural and organic products (ghee, bee wax, natural oils) and based on the principle of Ayurvedic beauty, their kajals are produced without
preservatives. Additionally they offer a set of  “cold” colored kajals: these contain camphor,
which has a cooling and disinfecting effect, also protecting against inflammation.
On the picture, you may spot Benecos’ brown eyeliner too. On a daily basis I always use brown eyeliner, leaving black for special events that require a more dramatic look.
I have big dark eyebrows, so using a brush is a necessity, and this Ecotools Bamboo brow brush does the trick.
Last but not least , I don’t regularly apply foundation on my skin, but when I do, I use Lavera, which is not meant for high coverage. I simply use it to even out the skin and it does the job. I wish Lavera would come up with more colors though, because it doesn’t perfectly match my skintone.
Finally to set the makeup, I apply some powder, in this case, I use Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Powder, which is awesome.

What is your make-up of the moment? Let me know in the comments!

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