Valentine’s day gift guide

Despite the title, I wouldn’t consider this a Valentine’s day post per se, because to me there is no special occasion to “spoil” your loved one or yourself, you just do it whenever you feel like it. But let’s keep it fun, those could be great gifts for somebody you care about or/and simply for yourself!

1. Forager Botanicals ‘ natural solid perfume locket
Lately, I’ve been particularly enjoying looking into solid perfumes in pendants
lockets, so when I came across this one, I knew it would be very
fitting for this post. A special limited edition, this beautiful piece is the result of a collaboration between Forager Botanicals and Jewelry designer
Lindsey Eisentraut. The circular pendant lockets have rose petal engravings on each side and single thorn charms adorning the chain. The perfume is made of three different roses, which is a dream for all rose lovers.

2. Ecoworld bath hearts set
An Austrian family business, which specializes itself in organic and natural bath goodies. I’ve bought several of their products and they are absolutely lovely. (will do a proper post soon) Of course, I had to include a heart-shaped item. These organic bath additives are made of cocoa butter, olive oil and the set contains 3 different scents: Lavender, Rose, and Lime-Macadamia.  Silky, smooth skin guaranteed!

3. Charlotte Hilton Rose Otto, sweet & seductive milk bath
If you want to feel like Cleopatra, then starting with a milk bath wouldn’t be a bad idea.
I’ve had Charlotte Hilton products on my radar for some time. Her range of products looks so pure and luxurious, without being too expensive. This rosebud milk bath calls for some pure indulgence. Scented with Rose Otto oil and a blend of Organic Rose Geranium, Bergamot and Lemon Peel Essential oils, you’re in for an uplifting and divine bath experience.

4. Kjaer Weis The Essential Trio No. 2 Gift Set 
Self-explanatory: oh so beautiful and luxurious! This gorgeous red box contains an assortment of 3 of Kjaer Weis’ star products, i.e “Blossoming” Cream Blush, “Passionate” Lip Tint and “Wisdom” Eye Shadow.
The perfect makeup set to feel extra glamorous.

5. Tata Harper Love potion

This love potion will put a smell on you! It certainly worked its magic on me because, I asked on Twitter, every online shop if they were going to sell it haha. Unleash your inner goddess (can’t believe I just wrote this :o) with this feminine, sensual and mood-enhancing fragrance, made of an aromatic blend of 10 essential oils! (Davana, Jasmine, Orange Peel, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Violet Leaf, Rose, Frankincense, Grapefruit, and Cedarwood Atlas)
I’ll always favor the content/quality over the packaging, but I seriously can’t get over the adorable pink spray puffer. Tata Harper surely knows how to sell perfumes!

6. Taschen’s 4 cities by Angelika Taschen
Having some serious wanderlust? If you’re longing to visit Paris, New York, London and Berlin, then this book set will come in handy. 12 volumes filled with useful information (list of hotels, opening hours, restaurant prices, shops…) and hand-illustrated maps to help yourself navigate through those capitals. A stylish city travel guide, that would also look lovely in your bookshelf.

7. What I Love About You – Fill in Book by Knock Knock

A cute little book, where you are asked to fill in the provided blanks to answer questions such as,”You deserve the (blank) award” or ” I love hearing stories about your (blank) ”
Feel free to choose the tone that you want, whether it be romantic, witty, sarcastic…;)



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