Empties Session #3


Empties Session #3

Monthly or weekly empties posts doesn’t seem to work for me, as my product use varies tremendously : I can find myself using up max. 2-3 products or I can use up a whole store haha.  So instead, I’ll simply select 5-7 products each time for an “empties session”.

Picked this up a few months ago, neglected it, then used it again during
#NoBuyJanuary. Containing Gingko and Grape extracts, which have skin-balancing properties, this gel cleanser is recommended for oily and combination skin. Surprisingly,
I feel like gel cleansers are not made for me, even though I have oily skin. (I’ve had the same issues with other gel cleansers). The cool texture is pleasant and soothing. The smell is also lovely, because you can sense the slight grape aroma, but unfortunately I didn’t see any improvements on my skin.
A star product! If you read my review (here), you know how much I love this toner!
The only negative point remains the cost: I think it’s quite pricey since the bottle barely lasted me a month (and I only used it for my night-time routine) But it will be a repurchase – not in the immediate future though, as I’d like to test out other toners – because it kept future blemishes at bay and truly refreshed my skin.
As you know, Chlorella is a superfood with high detoxification properties. I was intrigued to find it in skincare products, hence why I tried a sample of this iRejuvenate serum. The velvety texture is pleasant and the green color is reminiscent of the chlorella. The product glides smoothly on the skin and is quickly absorbed, and it feels much nicer
than a regular creamy moisturizer. While I did not notice a drastic
difference on my skin, I can however say that my skin looked less dull. I also believe that it would be more suitable for dry, dehydrated skins. I’ll definitely start looking for some skin products containing chlorella.
My dear companion throughout this winter. I love Primavera’s mists and essential oils, but they also offer a range of bodycare products. This hand cream is non-sticky, non-greasy, has an invigorating smell and keeps the hands well nourished. It does the job to say the least 🙂
I won this during a Twitter giveway, back in December and holy moly, what a lovely suprise! I wish I had a facewash like this when I was was a teenager. My face felt nicely cleansed, and smooth. Among the ingredients, you have Honey, Clove leaf, Orange peel, Cinnamon, aka “inflammation-busters”! It’s not meant to remove makeup, and it’s more targeted for teenager or young adults. The product is a bit runny because of the opening system (as soon as you open the bottle, the product leaks) but it’s an affordable product (£6.95) and the quality is great.
Have you tried any of these products?
Take care,



  • Everything from Primavera smells so nice! I've got a couple of their Neroli Cassis products. I've also tried the gel cleanser, but I just don't like gel cleansers in general so I haven't repurchased it. Would love to try the other products!

    • Neroli Cassis sounds lovely! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having troubles with gel cleansers, a good thing it was fairly inexpensive :). Hope you get to try the other products, they are really nice. x

    • Thank you! I remember your great review, so I was very happy when I won it 🙂 You are absolutely right, it's unbeattable for that price and quality. Simple but effective!

  • Great post! I see JooMo cleanser everywhere it looks good! I was going to buy the SW Basics toner in New York but I wasn't that keen on the smell! The chlorella serum sounds interesting 🙂

    • Thank you Amber! Yes, S.W Basics' smell happens to be a turn off but when I apply it, the smell dissipates. The Chlorella serum came in handy, especially during Winter, because it kept the skin well hydrated. xx

  • Can't believe I've yet to try SW Basics toner! My priority now though is truly hydrating toners, I think the SW one will come in handy for summer!

    • I hope you get to try it soon! 🙂 If you don't mind the little vinegar smell, it's a fantastic toner, truly refreshes the skin. xx

    • Hey Ru! Have you tried Indie Lee's CoQ10 toner? I wasn't a huge fan since my skin is pretty oily, but it was very moisturizing. Just a thought!

  • Hi Liz! These products all look great, especially the JooMo face wash with its adorable bottle.

    In regards to that SW Basics toner, it's definitely a tad overpriced for what it is if you ask me! Check out Etsy's Bath & Beauty section if you get the chance. I've found a few ACV-based toners on there at half the price. I hope that helps a little 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your comment Addison! I'll definitely browse Etsy for an ACV based toner, it's a great idea. JooMo is a lovely purifying cleanser, and you're right, the packaging is really cute. I hope you get to try it 🙂 xx


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