Battle of the primers : Benecos Eyeshadow Base versus Jane Iredale Zap & Hide Concealer


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I’m back to blogging and I missed you all! (my Internet is finally fixed, Hallelujah) and today’s short post is there to show you a little experiment I did with two primers.

A few weeks back I reported about Benecos eyeshadow base, which worked rather great for mineral eye makeup. Having oily lids usually prevents me to go for cream shadows. However, I made an exception with RMS new eyepolish in “Imagine”, which is a stunning metallic purple. I decided to test out Benecos eyeshadow along with Jane Iredale Zap & Hide Concealer, which is initally – as you can tell – a concealer, but because of its dry texture, turned out to be a solid eyeshadow base. On the top picture, you can see the primer + the eyeshadow alltogether. The color looks slightly different on the left, but it’s because of the lighting. On the bottom picture, this is how my makeup looked like after 4-5 hours. As you can tell, there’s barely any makeup left, especially with the Benecos primer. As much as I enjoy Benecos’ base for loose pigment eyeshadow, it doesn’t work for cream eyeshadows at all. Seems like the only solution for me is to use my Jane Iredale concealer as a primer for cream shadows (but I clearly still need to reapply some makeup once during the day) until I find a something that will help the product stay put.

Have you found a base that works with cream eyeshadows?

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ps. There will be a thorough review of RMS eye polish “Imagine” 🙂


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  1. I have oily eyelids as well and the reviews for RMS eyeshadows always mentioned creasing, so I just kind of avoided them. I've actually been looking for a more green primer, but hadn't thought about using a concealer!

    1. Exactly, I avoided them for the same reasons, until I saw Imagine, because the color is so unique and I've been looking for a shade like that for a very long time. About the concealer, it's one of the few makeup tricks I know, concealer has always been the best product for me to set up my eye makeup 🙂 xx

  2. Imagine really is a beautiful colour and really suits you! I had been using Lily Lolo but now am using one from The All Natural Face. Haven't really tested it out yet though. x

    1. Thanks Jen! Imagine would look amazing on you! I haven't tried the primers you mentioned, so I'll definitely keep these in mind. I really prefer cream eyeshadows, so easy to apply, but oily eyelids show no mercy to them ;D xx

    1. Yes do it haha! It's a shame nothing works, isn't it? I don't regret this pruchase because that color is stunning, but after a few hours, it looked like I wore no makeup at all. Bummer lol xx

  3. interesting experience Liz! 4-5 hours, it's not much.. humm i'm curious about Faerie Organic primer (One who Catie talked on you benecos post).. I use rms eye polish and he doesn't stay long but this is the best for my sensitive eyes. I can't wear anything else, my eyes turn red and water ..
    Nice review Liz!
    Btw my summer look tag is almost ready 🙂

    1. Thank you lovely! Agreed, it's funny because it looks good in the morning and then when I come back in the afternoon/evenong, it's like I wore no makeup at all haha. Yes, I'm intrigued about Faerie too, since you're in Quebec it might be easier for you to get it, so if you do let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts.
      Sorry to hear about your sensitive eyes, I have that with mascara sometimes. Have you tried Haut Cosmetics? They also have cream eyeshadows and it's made with aloe vera 🙂 xx

  4. I don’t know if you’ve given up on getting rms eye polish to not budge, but I have reptilian dry skin, but oily lids. I’m testing out tricks. I tried dusting a translucent powder (sappho organics original formula) over it today, waiting to see if that will help.

    The next thing I will try is shamy eye and lip primer, but I’ll also try the various concealers I have. rms eye polishes are the best thing for my sensitivities so far, but they do like to move. I too am determined to make them work!

    1. Hi Meb,

      I’m sure you’ll succeed, the eye polish’s are amazing. I’ve tried setting powder (applying it before and over the eyeshadow). I also use the Purobio eye primer which helped a little bit. The best tactic that worked so far for me was applying RMS swift eyeshadow Garden rose GR-19 all over the eyelid and apply the RMS eye polish Imagine on top. The eye polish did not crease thar way. xx

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