“My Signature Christmas makeup looks” tag! (or Holidays makeup looks)


“My Signature Christmas makeup looks” tag! (or Holidays makeup looks)















The incredible Nath, aka Beautycalypse, came up with another edition of  “My Signature look” tag! I thoroughly enjoyed working on her previous tag during the Summer (see post here), so I had lots of fun working on this post too. Initially, it was revolving around Christmas looks, but I am afraid that mine has now turned into a New Year’s eve makeup (sorry Nath!). While those makeup looks were indeed created before Christmas, I ended up re-doing all the pictures, because of the lack of lighting, and subsequently, quality. None of these looks are really dazzling. I’m not a makeup pro, and while I enjoy experimenting with makeup, I tend to stay minimalistic, and both makeup looks are very easy to re-create.

Center: The tools used were La Mav mineral foundation brush, Everyday Minerals mini kabuki brush, + eyeshadow and angled eye liner brushes from Hema, which are surprisingly good!


On the picture above, you see the beauty arsenal necessary to create the looks. Mascara, foundation, and concealers remained the same for both looks.

For the makeup look “Deep Purple” I brought out every purple/orchid product I had in store.

Products used
Base : La Mav foundation (light/medium) SPF 15
Glory Boon “Heal and conceal” concealer
Gressa skin Minimalist Illuminating serum
Eyes:  Rms Beauty eye polish “Imagine”
Alima Pure Orchid Pearluster Eyeshadow
Sante eyeshadow stick n°2
           Ere Perez Natural Almond oil mascara
Lips:  Yüli cellular lip conditioner
Ilia Beauty lipstick in “Ink Pot”

Yes, I am behind the curtain, face against the window (almost). Ahh the things we do for blogging 😉

I prepped my skin with a face oil, (in this case, Blue Labelle’s Moringa and Raspberry seed oil.) Then, I softly dusted La Mav mineral foundation all over my face. I didn’t use Gressa’s foundation serum for two reasons: 1. it’s almost empty and I’m not ready to part ways just yet. 2. I was pleasantly surprised by the remarkable quality of La Mav’s foundation. It provides enough coverage, with a natural finish, and was also an ideal choice for this merry holiday, because it has a little bit of shimmer – an added bonus to revive a dull complexion, and impart a luminous look. For parts needing a little bit more coverage, a few dabs of my Glory Boon concealer (review here) did the trick. Finishing off with the base by using Gressa’s illuminating serum (reviewed here) on top of my cheekbones, for a subtle pearly glow. For the eyes, I took my trusted Sante eyeshadow stick (reviewed here) in shade 02, which is silver blue. It’s is
perfect to highlight the inner corners and make the eye look bigger and
brighter. RMS’ eye polish in “Imagine” is the metallic purple I had been looking to find for ages. Despite its lack of a solid lasting power, I managed to keep the eye makeup stay put a little longer, by combining the eye cream with a mineral eyeshadow. I applied “Imagine” all over the lid, and used my fingertip to sheer it out a little bit. Following that, I took Alima’s eyeshadow in “Orchid” which is a beautiful taupish
Lavender (see my review here) and applied it on the crease for more intensity.  For the mascara, I reached for Ere Perez natural almond oil mascara (review coming soon), which has been replacing my beloved W3ll People’s Expressionist mascara. I’m very content with how it performs, it’s smudge-free, provides some volume and smells of sweet almond.
Last but not least, I applied one coat of Ilia Beauty “Ink Pot”(post here) to vamp up the volume.
It used to be a limited edition, but now it’s back in stock and if
you’re looking for a stunning matte berry shade, this is the one . Beforehand, I hydrated my lips by applying Yüli’s lip conditioner. While I had initially been reluctant because of the costly price tag, I have to admit that it’s a fantastic product for anyone wearing a lot of lipstick, because it contibutes in keeping lips nourished and healthy for a greater amount of time.

For my second look “Back to bronze”, I switched from colder to warmer hues, by picking copper and bronze shades.
Products used
Base : La Mav Mineral foundation with SPF 15
           Glory Boon “Heal & Conceal” concealer stick
           Alima Pure  Radiant Finishing Powder
Lips:   Ilia Beauty lipstick “Linger”
Eyes:  Lily Lolo Pressed eyeshadow “Stark Naked”
           Modern Minerals eyeshadow “Lola”
           Ere Perez Natural Almond oil mascara

For this makeup look, I didn’t use any blush, just a light application of Alima Pure’s Radiant Finishing powder (reviewed here) to contour the face, and impart a sheer glowing (dare I say sunkissed) look.
For the eyes, I kept it pretty basic and simple. All over my lids, I applied Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadow “Stark Naked” which is described as a matte pinky nude. To me, it’s the perfect neutral with a slight pearlescent finish.
To add a little sparkly touch, I took a wet angled liner brush and applied Modern Minerals eyeshadow “Lola” which is a gorgeous shimmery apricot, along the upper lash line. I kept the same mascara, which is the Ere Perez natural almond oil mascara.
Matching the eye makeup, I chose my latest Ilia purchase, which is lipstick in “Linger”. The more I use “Linger”, the deeper I fall in love with it. Depending on how many coats you wear, it turns from copper to rose gold. It’s such a soft yet chic color. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind shade, especially among green lipsticks.

The rules (as mentioned on Beautycalypse):
1. When you blog it, name your post My Signature Christmas Looks {Tag}, share these rules and link back to the post.
2. All products you use for the look, hair styling, manicure, fragrance, and make-up, must be by organic brands only and at least 7-free* or water-based for nail polish.
Explain your look, be as creative as you like in your combinations.
Have a lot of fun curating products for your looks – this is imperative!
3. All products must be in your possession for 6 months or longer with one exception: products that expire within a shorter time (e.g. mascara).
4. OPTIONAL: for your Night Look, you are allowed to cheat and use one item that’s not available in clean & green (e.g. fake lashes, effect hairspray, temp tattoo, glitter stickers etc.). You’re not asked to do so, but you can do that just for the night look – I include this option hoping it will help us all see the boundaries of and the opportunities for green cosmetics!
5. Tag at least 2 green beauty bloggers – and share the fun

A big thank you to Nath for tagging me, it was heaps of fun! Now I’d like to tag Tammy from Rainbowfeet blog and Jana from Small bits of loveliness. (if you want to do it, of course!) xx

Take care,




    • Thank you Carrie! I hope you get to try an Ilia lipstick or lip conditioner soon, they are worth it 🙂 xx

    • Yes, I remember when you talked about it! I was so excited when I received it, and you're absolutely right, it's simply excellent 🙂 xx

  • These are both beautiful, but I especially love the first one as it's a nice way to brighten up the day and change up my normal neutral makeup look. I would love to try La Mav, Glory Boon, and Lily Lolo as well. They've been raved about so often!

    • Thank you Megan. Yes, I absolutely enjoy those mineral makeup brands, they all perform incedibly well for a very reasonable price 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Emma! Hehe, when you have gorgeous products like RMS and Ilia Beauty, you barely need to apply more products on your face 🙂 xx

  • Hey darling! How are you? 🙂 I love both looks, Ink Pot really suits you!<3 Thanks for tagging me but I feel so bad because I still haven't done the Summer tag 😛 haha I was meaning to do a fall signature look, but now it's already winter and I still haven't got around to do it! And that 6 months rule just isn't possible for me :)) xx

    • Thank you love! Ink Pot looks stunning on you, I love how versatile it is. You know me, I tag you because I obviously adore your makeup looks, but like I said, no one forces you to do the tag. It's perfectly fine with me <3 xx

  • Your skin looks FLAWLESS. I love both looks and you wear purple so darn well! I adore Linger and wanted to use it for this tag, but since it's not more than 6 months old I had to skip it.

    • Aw you're making me blush! Thank you dearest, it's only now that I understand the importance of a steady beauty routine. I stopped trying out several products all at once, and my skin has been less reactive since. But back to the tag, euhm I may have *cough* cheated with Linger, it's just that it worked so well with the eye makeup that I couldn't resist including it 😀 Can't wait to see yours lovely! xx

  • ta peau est si belle Liz! Linger te vas à merveille!I read your answer at Ru comment.. and Same thing for me, i have a strict routine and my skin is better than ever. Maybe your non a makeup pro (like you said at the beginning of this post) but you have talent ! xox

  • Ahhh they are both gorgeous! I love purple eyes – I have to watch it as it can look like I've been punched, but when I get it right I'm usually pretty pleased! Just to say, reading this I wish I had both your skin and your make up bag :). Look forward to seeing your tagees posts if they choose to do it. xx

    • Haha yes, it's tricky working with purple sometimes, (punched or zombie-looking lol)
      Aw thank you for the compliment, I had a great skin day (pre-holiday indulgence) but good lighting helps too. Ahh if I was living in the UK, I'd throw a makeup party, so that we could play with all the makeup 😉 xx


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