The do-it-alls : Multitasking at its finest with RMS Beauty, La Bella Figura, Nilly + Booth and CIME


The do-it-alls : Multitasking at its finest with RMS Beauty, La Bella Figura, Nilly + Booth and CIME

Hey you, long time no see! Apologies for the radio silence, but as mentioned on my Instagram page, I’ve had to deal with personal and work-related issues, and much to my dismay couldn’t find the time to blog. Be assured that I absolutely love writing for this little blog of mine, and I’m going to do my very best to get back into the blogging swings of things. Plenty of blog pictures are awating to be uploaded, I just need to find enough time to sit down and take care of the writing process. Today, I managed to share with you some of my favorite multitasking makeup and skincare products.

Left: Me using Just Jenna as an eyeshadow
Starting off with some swatches : from left to right, we have La Bella Figura’s “Just Jenna” cream blush, RMS Beauty eye polish “Imagine” and RMS un-cover up “22” – which has appeared several times on the blog. However, I felt the need to incorporate it again, because lately, I use it as an eyeshadow primer and also as a lip product. I like to dab a small amount of the concealer over my lipstick to give it a more matte effect, works wonderfully.


Starting off with La Bella Figura’s Just Jenna radiant cream blush* (available on Reina Organics). You may know that LBF recently revamped their packaging, and the blush won’t come in a black compact anymore. Personally, I quite liked the vintage feel of this packaging, but the new bottles and pots are exquisite as well. When I first got it, I didn’t expect it to offer so much versatility. It has a cream-to-powder formula, which has a better lasting power than a cream blush (particularly for oily skin). It stays put, which is why it works great as an eyeshadow too. I just apply a little bit on my lids for a soft rosy eye makeup look.  While it looks like a bold fuchsia, I can assure you that the finish is very natural on cheeks and lips. (see three pictures below with the lip swatches). It adds a lovely sheen, and I find the color to be very flattering. It’s the perfect pink color to me.
Just a little tip for the cheek application: the blush dries out very quickly and stays put, so it’s hard to blend it afterwards without turning your whole cheek red from massaging. Instead of using one finger to blend, I use three that I hold together (as pictured above) and I dab them all at once onto my cheek so that I color the area all at once.

RMS Beauty eye polish “Imagine” is the only eye product I possess from RMS. To me, RMS gives the non-green luxury makeup brands a run for their money, because the colors are stunning and sophisticated.
I’m a huge lover of metallic finish and when Rose-Marie Swift released this metallic purple a few months ago, I didn’t think twice and ordered it without a question .
The reason I can’t see myself collecting more colors (even though I still have my eyes on Magnetic and Solar, sigh) is because cream shadows and oily eyelids are not exactly friends. I do have to prep my eyes beforehand with a solid primer. I use Benecos primer (review here) or just a concealer and it stays put for a few hours. If you’re curious to see how Imagine looks on the eyes, I created a makeup look with it several months ago for the Signature Makeup Look tag (here). RMS is the master of multitasking products (i.e the superb lip2cheek range) and it turns out that Imagine makes a perfect “eye2lips” hehe. I just love it as a lip product. (see picture below) I admit that the color might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I really like the look of it, and I’ve had some compliments wearing Imagine on the lips.

Swatches: Left is RMS “Imagine” and right is La Bella Figura’s “Just Jenna”
As much as I love skincare and having a nice little collection of oils, masks and toners, I’m very excited when I get my hands on a good multitasking product.
In the morning, I keep my routine pretty simple. I’m opting for one product to tone and cleanse at the same time. A favorite remains Cîme’s Rosée de Roses*. I’m planning to do a more detailed post about this brand, because it’s a very promising Belgian company with a unique take on natural skincare. Simple and innovative at the same time.
The Rosée de Rose is a micellar lotion – very popular in French pharmacy – that can be used as a cleanser, makeup remover and toner/mist. No water is required and it’s the perfect product to keep in your beauty arsenal in this heat. The rose scent is light and incredibly refreshing to use in the morning. It removes any traces of grime effortlessly so that I can immediately move on with a serum/oil afterwards. Skin feels clean, calm, and refreshed all at once.
Nilly + Booth honey apple grapefruit cleansing nectar is a truly unique product. Normally I avoid cleansing with honey because it tends to be quite clogging for congested and oily skins. Hence why it’s not really recommended to put sugar (even from “natural” sources) on your face on a regular/daily basis. However, Nilly+Booth came up with a more elaborate formula: the cleansing nectar has such lightweight texture that it’s easily washed off without any residue. You don’t have that sticky feeling on your skin that can occur when cleansing with honey. Also worth mentioning, is the fruity scent for added pleasure. That being said. I prefer to use it in combination with a deep cleanse mask – in that case, May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver. I just add a teaspoon of the cleansing nectar to the Problem Solver for a more soothing treat. The Problem Solver is such a powerhouse that Nilly+Booth’s cleanser alleviates the tingling sensation a little bit and eases the washing off process. Thus, skin feels clean and calm at the same time.
Now what are your favorite multitasking products?
Take care,



  • Ooooh I love Imagine in the lips too because I have oil lids like you, thank for the idea. The metallic purple is amazing, not so much to my wallet. I try stop buying for a while.

    • Yes, rms products are not the most budget-friendly but at least they can be used in many ways so there's that 🙂 A little break from time to time is great too, because you are focused on using up what you have instead of accumulating. xx

  • Great to see you back to blogging! I hope everything is okay now. I love a good multitasker and Imagine looks beautiful as a lip color 🙂 It's hard to imagine, but I actually don't own anything from RMS

    • Thank you Caitie, I missed hearing from everyone! I think Imagine would look very pretty on you if you're ever considering getting an RMS product 🙂 xx

  • You pull of imagine extremely well on the lips, I never would have thought to try it. I love a multi-tasking balm, Weleda Skinfood is probably the one I use the most 🙂 Xx

    • Thank you Ana! I have yet to try Skinfood, it's on my shopping list for fall/winter 🙂 xx

  • This is a lovely post – I'd have never of thought of wearing an RMS cream eyeshadow on the lips, but it looks wonderful on you – I might try it with my Solar one. xx


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