Easy-breezy summer makeup look feat. Vapour Beauty

Vapour was one of the very first green makeup brands (reviewed here) I turned to, so it definitely holds a special place in my heart and beauty cabinet. Vapour Beauty is one of most well-known and established green cosmetics brands and rightfully so: biodegradable, USDA approved organic, non GMO and cruelty free, Vapour continuously strives to fill the gap in green cosmetics by offering an extensive collection of clean and outstanding makeup products. Over the past couple of months, they launched several new products, from skincare to additional – carmine-free – colors ; the latest being Virtue, which is a beautiful lavender rose color *mentally adding it on my wishlist*.

Vapour Aura multi-use blush classic in “charm” (217)*(carmine-free)
A slight confusion might occur because the ingredient list for the Aura blushes hasn’t been updated with each color. On the packaging, Charm is indeed listed as carmine-free. Feel free to check out (here) Vapour’s growing collection of carmine-free products.
Aura Multi-Use blushes are made with 70% organic ingredients and 30%
mineral pigments. Among the ingredients, sunflower oil infused with
frankincense, lotus flower (soothing and regenerative properties) and Tulsi/holy basil (anti-bacterial properties), which is a clever combination because you should never make compromises with the quality of cosmetics. Makeup should help improve your skin condition, not make it worse, and Vapour fully understands that concept. Described as a natural peaches & cream, Charm gives a natural flush of color. It blends seamlessly, and imparts a lovely peachy glow on the cheeks. On the lips, Charm translates into a nude shade. On the eyelids, it turns into a neutral pink. I have on numerous occasions walked out of the house using solely this product on my face and I still looked put together, because it gives a gorgeous dewy finish.

helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil* infused with boswellia carteri (frankincense)**,
ocimum sanctum (tulsi/holy basil)*,
nelumbo nucifera (lotus) flower petals;
cera alba (beeswax)*,
silica, – See more at:

You may remember my post about multitasking beauty products (here),
now I can definitely  include the Aura multi-use blush to my list, and
I’ll be adding more of them to my occasion, because I find myself
reaching out for Charm all the time.

natural peaches & cream.

Vapour mesmerize eyeliner in “Viper” (619)*
Viper is a deep plum/wine shade that has swiftly become one of my most-used makeup products. A great wearability, the color is less harsh and dramatic than black eyeliners, thus making it perfect for a daytime look. Pencil eyeliners have a tendency to smear and smudge but Viper doesn’t, because it has the perfect balance: not too creamy and not too slick. The wear time is not the strongest, which is usually prevalent in eye pencils, unless you wear it with a powder eyeshadow to help the eyeliner last more.

Vapour Siren lipstick in “Hint” (402)*
Out of all the stunning red and berry shades (Coquette and Torrid I’m looking at you), I went for something more dainty and demure. Hint, just as its name suggests, is a subtle yet warm coral-pink which gives that my-lips-but-better effect. It’s obviously buildable and you can deepen the intensity if you like. Hint gives the impression of fuller lips and the color won’t smudge or slip off. Siren lipsticks feel super nourishing on the lips, almost like tinted lip balms. Hint also has a pretty sweet taste, which makes the experience even more pleasant. Since they come in such a slim packaging, Vapour lipsticks are easy to carry around, perfect to keep in your bag for a quick touch-up during the day.


Please excuse the shine in this pics, I took them before using some setting powder 🙂

The three products combined offer a soft, neutral palette of colors. I might be wrong, but I  feel like my dark brows
would clash with a smokey or a dramatic eye makeup. On a daily basis, I long for
the “no-makeup” makeup look, which is effortlessly achieved thanks to Vapour. I use Charm on my eyelids as a base and on my cheeks for a soft coral contour. For the eyes, I take Viper to line the outer two thirds of my eyes (bottom lash line). Then I use the – clever and handy – sponge applicator  to blend and soften the look. I finished off by applying two coats of Hint, for a rosy pout.

Swatches! From top to bottom: Viper eyeliner, Charm blush and Hint lipstick

Chic, versatile, sleek and high-performance, Vapour Beauty is one of those brands that will help you achieve a polished makeup look with just a few products and in a short amount of time because the quality is simply terrific. Makeup shouldn’t be difficult to work with, and playing with Vapour makeup is a really a dream.

Have you tried Vapour Beauty makeup? If yes, what’s your favorite product/color?

Take care,


*Samples kindly provided, all opinions my own



  • What shine are you talking about? All I see is GLOW! I'm really loving the look (and sound) of Aura…but I can't justify yet another cheek product purchase (even if it is multi-use, I have some of those already!)!!!! You've put a lovely look together and anything looks good on a beauty. I have the Vapour eye liner pencil in black which I like when it gets used haha! My thing to keep in mind in future blush purchases is no carmine! Xx

    • Hehe thank you girl! <3 Well if you're ever looking for carmine-free blushes, Vapour has now gotten a really nice selection. xx

  • I've tried vapour's foundations & lip glosses but didn't like them much. But these products/colour look great on you! I love the no makeup look.

    • Thank you! Haven't tried the foundation nor the lip glosses, but the lipsticks and blushes are working really well 🙂 xx

  • Looking very lovely Liz! Oh by the way did you just have your birthday? Happy birthday beautiful, I'm such a bad friend huh. :p Let's email soon! xoxo


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