Exploring the Green Jungle Beauty Shop! ( + discount code inside!)

When the ever so delightful and supportive Julie from Let’s talk about green launched her online green beauty store The Green Jungle Beauty shop a few months ago, I was ecstatic. She’s following her dream and working tirelessly to achieve it (seriously, she’s Superwoman for juggling family, work, life, blogging like she does). Every product has been carefully handpicked and tested by Julie herself, so be assured that the quality is amazing. Julie also recycles the packaging. Based in Montreal, The Green Jungle Beauty shop ships worldwide, at affordable rates (and by bike for Montreal, how awesome is that!)
Today, I’ll show you a selection of what you can find on her shop and tell you more about each product along the way.

Cedar + Stone  body “Calm down” mist
It’s labelled as a body mist, but to me it doubles as an aromatherapy mist. I just spritz some mist several times a day and I breathe in deeply for some zen vibes. It also contains astrignent witch hazel and because of this I’ve found it to work amazingly well on feet. It relieves the tension on my feet, leaves a nice fragrance and keeps them fresh and clean, especially in the summer when it’s hot and I’m wearing sandals.
Price: $22.95 CAD

Cedar + stone bath salts Ylang Ylang + Lavender
I’m hooked now, and I’ll have to stock up as I’m also done with my second bag already. I have a fondness for bath salts because they provide a quick relief for aching muscles and body tension, and Cedar + Stone Ylang Ylang Lavender has become a staple. They come in this reclosable sachet bag, and as soon as you open it, you are smelling heaven. I absolutely adore Lavender and Ylang Ylang, but you can also smell a hint of rose, blue chamomille and Jasmine. For those familiar with Therapie’s Himalayan detox salts, you’ll love this one too.
Price:$14.95 CAD

Mahalo Pele mask
Featured in my mask round-up (here), Julie swears by this mask and rightfully so, it’s a potent blend that will draw out impurities like a champ. We
have astringents (white willow bark, witch hazel) anti-inflammatories
(turmeric, cayenne, ginger, neem) and antioxidants (hibiscus, noni), all
in one. It speeds up the healing process of the skin, and helps diminish imperfections remarkably. The Pele mask will last you for a long time, and inside the jar, there’s a discount for a refill, and Julie sells them, so you can reuse this magnificient bamboo jar.
Price: $79.95 CAD

Sudsatorium Night Cap Bubble bath
I never thought I’d find another Bubble bath product, aside from Deep Steeps (reviewed here) but I was wrong. This one is genius, I’d call it a Frappucino for your bath! It’s a caffeinated treat that bubbles like crazy with an invigorating smell. I don’t drink coffee but for those worrying that the smell might be to strong, I can assure that it’s not thanks to the orange, citrus and Vanilla in it. It tastes pretty sweet actually. Sudsatorium is the green alternative to Lush (more on that in another post) : organic, vegan and fair-trade at an affordable price. Forget about Lush, give Sudsatorium a try.
Price: $9.95 CAD

Living Libation Frankincense Fresh Truth Toothpaste
Probably the highlight for me. Finally I got to try Living Libation, and out of all the possibilites I picked the toothpaste. It might be a bit random, but it’s one of my best decisions ever. The jar is quite small, so if you order it, I’d recommend to keep another one in stock just in case because you go through it quickly. Used on a dry toothbrush, the paste thoroughly cleans the teeth and gums, leaving a fresh fragrance in your mouth. Tea
tree is known to have antiseptic properties, and frankincense and thyme
are used to treat gum problems and prevent tooth decay. Because of the
baking soda, Fresh Truth also keeps your teeth shiny and white. I do oil pulling every night which also plays a significant part in a healthy dental routine, but my teeth have been looking brighter than usual, and I credit this toothpaste for that.
Price: $16.00 CAD

White and Elm Tea Tree and Lavender acne spot treatment
When Julie sent me this, I was a bit reluctant because of the tea tree which never worked on my spots, but suprisingly, I noticed that this one does a great job at drying out and shrinking the size of the zits. I keep it on my desk, next to my laptop and everytime I can feel a an itchy sensation on a ziz, I apply this, and it relieves the pain.
Price: $22.95 CAD

Vitruvi Energize aromatherapy oil roll-on (sample-size)
Uplifting and revitalizing, Vitruvi’s roll-on contains lemon, pine and geranium to remedy against fatigue and lack of concentration. The sample I have is small, but mighty. I apply it behind my ears, on my temples and inner wrists in case of a “mushy-brain” situation, where I have trouble focusing or I just feel too sleepy to work. Energize is enough to get me back on track (that, a little power-nap of course 🙂
Price: $38 CAD (full-size)

Axiology lipstick in “Attitude”
Having attitude has now a whole different meaning to me: it’s about wearing this Axiology lipstick 😉 Axiology has been receiving a lot of praise lately and they deserve it, because their products tick all the boxes: a high-quality eco-friendly, vegan, palm-oil free lipstick range with vibrant colors. Attitude is a metallic confidence-boosting pink, it’s one of the most flattering colors I’ve ever worn. It is creamy and long-lasting, and everytime I wear this color, I don’t feel like applying anymore makeup on my face, because I feel put together thanks to Attitude. The cherry on top, the sleek gold packaging which looks like straight out of a James Bond girl’s beauty arsenal. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.

Price: $29.95 CAD

Axiology Attitude swatches

“Made in Carcere” Make up/Skincare bag
Last but not least, Julie had the terrific idea to add makeup bags that have quite a story behind them. Made in Carcere (translated as “made in prison”) is an organization working with women prisoners to help them become self-sufficient and/or learn a skilled-work. The makeup bags are made of leftover fabrics and material coming from Italian manufacturers. Leftover fabric doesn’t mean neglected or ugly-looking, quite the opposite actually. Just look at the pictures above for proof. The material used is incredibly soft, and the bag is supple yet robust. It is super roomy, I was able to fit all the products listed above and I still had plenty of room left.

Now, this is just a small selection of what you will find on The Green Beauty Jungle Shop. Thanks to Julie, numerous indie brands which were normally difficult to have access to – because of shipping/country restrictions – are now under one roof. She ships internationally at affordable prices, and the service is impeccable, you can have my word for it.

For my readers/followers, Julie also generously provided a discount code: SLGS10 for 10% off!

Take care and happy shopping!



                                                                   *No review obligation, some products were generously gifted, all opinions my own

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  • Super nice reviews miss!!! I can't wait to place an order sometimes in Fall as I need to finish a few things before…..Amazing Julie and her fab shop! x

    • Merci Audrey <3 The code doesn't expiry, so you can place your order when you can. You'll see, the brands are all incredible 🙂 xx

  • Ooh what a lovely post! You know I love Julie and her shop is beautiful! Love my Axiology Noble lipstick and I was just browsing through Sudsatorium selection yesterday, looks like a fun brand 🙂 xx

    • Thank you lovely <3 Oh yes Sudsatorium is one of the best surprises, the products are really really good 🙂 xx

    • Thank you lovely! Montréal is lucky to have Julie, I remember she told me that there weren't a lot of green beauty places there, so she took the matter into her own hands <3 xx


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