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The past couple of months, I realized that I was mostly running after time when it came to blogging. There’s so much I want to share with you, but I don’t always find the time to blog about every topic that catches my interest. In Liz loves – sorry for the not very original name ;), I’ll be posting an eclectic mix of products, food, events, articles, videos, books I’ve been loving lately. On a more regular basis, a new Liz loves should pop up here from now on.
Food/Ingredient : Raspberries. I just can’t get enough of them, they are my favorite frutis and I can pretty much have them with eveything. I also enjoy them in skincare because they are packed with antioxidants, (see all my reviews featuring products with raspberries)

Favorite lipstick:  Ilia beauty’s Pink Moon. I haven’t blogged about it yet, but I did post a swatch on Instagram (here). I used up Arabian Knights, which was my first Ilia purchase and has been my favorite lip color ever since, but Pink Moon is a close second. The color is perfection, and flattering on everyone.

Brand on my radar : Artifact Skin Co.
Major brand crush right now. From Toronto, they make their products by hand in small batches and are specialized in masks. Everything in Artifact Skin Co. appeals to me: the packaging couldn’t be cuter and the blends are quite unique. Glacial coast detox, Brazilian Supermask, and Egyptian Honey rose are on my wishlist.

Currently reading: I finished The China Study (very comprehensive, I really recommend if you’re starting your researches about nutrition) and now I’m reading a cookbook from Attila Hildmann, Vegan for Fit, which is filled with tips and mouth-watering vegan recipes. I’m not vegan, as I still occasionally incorporate eggs and fish in my diet, but I’m really inspired by all the vegan meals and desserts you can do in this book.

Video/documentary Debunking the diet myths, with the “chocolate diet” (original title “Régime chocolat : Le mensonge des études alimentaires) – Here’s the link to the video
Airing on Arte (franco-German TV network), the video is available both in French and German but I couldn’t find an English translation, so I’ll just include a quick recap.
You may have heard of a study claiming that eating dark chocolate everyday could contribute in weight loss. Well, this study turned out to be completely ludicrous and fake. It was entirely fabricated by two journalists – with the help of a general practitioner – to illustrate how easy it is to come up with a so-called scientific study and get it published in trusted medical an science magazines. It really puts things into perspective and also pinpoints how medias are quick to relay an information without double-checking the sources and informations – especially when it comes to anything related to health and weight-loss.

Article/post : One of my favorite reads so far, a thought-provoking piece coming from Josh Rosebrook. Recently, Josh Rosebrook shared his dry oil cleansing philosophy (here) and I’m definitely intrigued to say the least. His stunning skincare and haircare line is a testament of how talented he is. Here’s just a quote :  

Without the water on the cloth, the straight cleansing
oil attaches to imbalanced oil in the pores, gathers dirt and make up
on the surface because oil easily picks up dirt, then the oil cleanser
pulls the imbalanced oil with the dirt and debris out and off the skin
as like attracts like, (I learned this in color education in beauty
school) finally, leaving clean, moisturized skin behind.

Having been used to take wet cloths to remove balms and oils, I’m tempted to give this a try, because the quality of water does have an impact on the look of our skin. I turn to the caveman regime when my skin gets completely out of control (it’s rare but it happens), and my skin always calms down when I do so. After that I proceed with a more gentle routine, but limiting the use of water has proven effective to me in the past. Gotta love the eco-friendly aspect of this dry oil cleansing method too. It may not work for everyone, I don’t believe in a universal beauty secret, and I’m always interested in all the different theories on skincare and beauty in general.- Favorite beauty productAndalou Naturals Turmeric + c enlighten serum  has been my go-to morning serum since summer started. It’s also one of the most affordable options available for a Vit C. serum. Before applying moisturizer and sunscreen, I massage a dollop of the serum (which has a cream consistency). It’s lightweight, non-clogging and in conjuction with sunscreen, protects my face from UV damages and free radicals. I will share my morning beauty routine soon so stay tuned for more details.

Random bit: I’ve been on a no-sugar diet for over a month, because I had been feeling too lethargic and low in the past couple of months. By “no sugar” that I mean no added, refined or processed sugar, (even honey, agave, dextrose, stevia etc.) I do allow sugar from fruits and vegetables. I’m not on a diet, I love nutrient-rich food and I live for my carbs haha, but sugar breeds sugar and an excessive amount of sugar plays a role in oxidative stress and inflammation. Once I reached a month, I did indulge in an organic iced tea drink, but since then I’ve been cutting back on sugar, because I feel that during the heat, it helps me regain some energy. To be honest, it was quite difficult in the beginning, I felt a bit grumpy especially when you see everyone around you with an ice cream cone or a cold ice tea, but then the lust for sugar quickly dissipated and I was fine. The craving kicked back in recently, but for a swift moment.  Now I’m not saying I’ll be doing this forever (my birthday is this month so I’m going to have cake 😉 but right now in this heat, I’m finding easier it to deal with warm temperatures when I reduce my sugar intake.

What do you think of this version of “current favorites” post? Let me know!

Take care,
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  • Love Liz Loves!! I look forward to more of these and I can totally relate to the desire to share so much more many times but not always finding the time to do so. I only blog about once a month and even I can find this to be a small challenge so I can't imagine what it must be like for those who blog more often. I love all your picks and I definitely need to have a look at this Canadian brand you mentioned! I'm off sugar too since doing the whole30 and only take it in form of fruits and veggies (had to make an exception while in Italy tho!) and it's as you say, sugar breeds sugar and it wreaks havoc with our microbiota, a population we really must be more aware of and feed it good nutrients. I read a book recently called the Good Gut which was extremely interesting and really brings to the forefront how important it is to feed ourselves good bacteria in order to maintain a functioning immune system. And how much of the processed, nutrient-deficient food that Western societies have adopted have even led to a permanent wipe-out of some bacteria which is quite a scary thought. Also recommended reading! Love this series already and I look forward to many more sweetest Liz. Happy Sunday! Xxx

    • Nic you ALWAYS make my day!! <3 Thank you so much for your sweet words, and for sharing your readings, I'll definitely check out The Good Gut. Happy Sunday darling Nic! Xx

  • Hi Liz!!
    Great post! For the last few months I've been having these headaches and running low on energy… Maybe a no sugar regime is the next step for me! Think I'll give it a try 🙂
    Keep sharing, we love reading!! Kisses from Portugal

    • Thank you Nora! I eat dairy-free as well, because it played a significant role in my sinusitis. Skin Cleanse is on my wishlist! xx

  • I really want to try an Ilia lipstick – this shade looks lovely for Autumn. Although I do like to bake cakes, I am concious of sugar in my diet. I certainly think it plays a part in lethargy and once you start focussing on nutrition, you genuinely don't want to eat rubbish.

    • I think you'd love Ilia lipsticks, nothing quite like them and Pink Moon would make a great Fall makeup look indeed. I completely agree with you on nutrition, I wish I had known all of this when I was a teen. xx

  • Good luck with your sugar-free journey Liz! I know it can be hard especially if you're a sweet-tooth – I try very hard to only indulge in chocolates and ice cream when it's time of the month… Glad to hear the Andalou serum is working well for you, I'd love to try it some time too!

    • Thanks Ru! It's not easy, but I never thought I would be able to cut out dairy products and yet I did. The body know best I guess 🙂 And I'm so glad I decided to try the Vit.C serum, my skin is definitely cleared compared to the previous summers 🙂 xx

  • I like these kind of post Liz, sometimes i would like to blog about other thing than skincare or makeup! Josh, wow, i really love this man, can't wait to meet him. I'll follow your link right away to read about the oil cleansing! oooh and definitively Artifact seem a beautiful brand! Je vais responder à ton courriel demain, faut absolument que je te raconte quelque chose! xox

  • Hows that sugar free diet going? It's always hard to stop something at first. Oh pink moon looks so lovely! I love Ilia. I can eat an entire punnet in one sitting of raspberries, love em!

    • It's going okay, cravings coming backs and forth, but I'm determined to do my best. Oh yes raspberries are the best fruits, so tasty, so healthy and cute-looking too haha. xx

    • Thank you Megan! Yes Pink Moon is a another winning color frim Ilia Beauty, they get it always right 🙂 xx


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