From blogs to shops #3 : The green jungle Beauty Shop, Eminessences, Organic Bunny Box, Vibe’s Beauty, and Au Sujet de Vert!


From blogs to shops #3 : The green jungle Beauty Shop, Eminessences, Organic Bunny Box, Vibe’s Beauty, and Au Sujet de Vert!

The love festival for my fellow green bloggers continues, and we have here five amazing blogs that stepped into business. The previous articles are all available (here).

The Organic Bunny Box
Amanda from The Organic Bunny recently launched her own suscription box, featuring brands she affectionates. If you read her blog or follow her on Instagram, then you know how glamorous and put together Amanda looks. The best part? She’s using only green products, and you have now a chance to use the same products as her, by getting your own Organic Bunny Box, which comes in a very pretty pink packaging. If you’re in the US and looking for a non-toxic beauty box, grab an Organic Bunny Box, because they sell out really quickly.
Brands: Elate, Innersense, FitGlow Beauty, Malaya, Prim Botanicals, 100% Pure etc.

Vibe’s Beauty
Vibe is such a cool and unique soul. She’s been one of the coordinators for the Indie Beauty Expo, which took place in New York last August. Her blog Vibe’s beauty is filled with many useful tips, interviews and green beauty events to attend if you’re a New Yorker – which gives me major wanderlust to be honest haha. Vibe also has an eye for spotting incredible indie brands, and you can find several of them in her online boutique (here).
: Jillian Wright Skincare, Lilfox Botanicals, CV Skinlabs, Belize in you, Thesis Beauty, Modern Minerals, Isa’s Restoratives etc.

The Green Jungle Beauty Shop
While I did write a post about Julie – from Let’s talk about Green – online shop (here & here) I hadn’t featured her in this installment yet. I’ve been shopping on the Green Jungle Beauty Shop several times and I can’t praise Julie enough. She works tirelessly to ensure that you have a wonderful shopping experience. Every product is carefully selected, and so far everything I got from her was amazing. Her shop features a mixture of niche, indie and luxe brands and there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget that you also have 10% off with the code SLGS10 as well. Shipping is international.
Brands: Mahalo, Sudsatorium, Artefact Skin Co., Youth to the People, Living Libations, Lani, Josh Rosebrook, Elate, Antonym Cosmetics, Moss Skincare, Cocovit (and the fab list goes on!)

Au Sujet de Vert
Shubana from Berry’s Beauty has come up with a fantastic service for Londoners, by launching Au Sujet de Vert (“about green” in French). She has carefully selected a handful of organic brands for Londoners to incorporate into their beauty routine. At the moment she’s focusing on the Marylebone area, and offers free hand delivery in London W1 (Soho, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Baker Street and Mayfair). From hair care to body care, there’s something for everyone. While I haven’t tried all the brands she stocks, I can already tell you that Cîme and Lyonsleaf are stellar brands (and affordable too), so if you’re in the area, give Au Sujet de Vert a try. The delightful Galina from A Curious Russian in London has already ordered from her boutique, and I’m sure you’ll hear her feedback soon.
Brands: Vedani Botanicals, Cîme, Tabitha James Kraan, Hairy Jane, Lyonsleaf, Ermana, Carishea

Last but certainly not least, Eminessences. The darling Emilie also known for her eco blog Beauty by Green, launches her online green beauty shop this month! Based in Belgium, Eminessences will already start with a bang, since you’ll now be able to get coveted and high-performing overseas brands that are nowhere to be found in Europe. I’m thrilled to be finally able to order some Herbivore Botanicals. Until the launch, make sure to follow Emincessences on Instagram (here) to be updated and show your support. Normally Eminessences is shipping worldwide as well.
Brands: Herbivore Botanicals (oh yeah!) Rare Elements, Egyptian Magic, FitGlow Beauty, Mahalo, My Daughter Fragrances, Treat Collection
To the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m super proud of all these ladies and it’s very stimulating and inspiring to see people from the green community working on so many exciting projects.

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