Relax, take it easy! Comforting skincare and bodycare products feat. Cedar + Stone, Bodhi & Birch, Metta, Nilly + Booth and May Lindstrom


Relax, take it easy! Comforting skincare and bodycare products feat. Cedar + Stone, Bodhi & Birch, Metta, Nilly + Booth and May Lindstrom


That feeling you get, when you use an oil, a balm or anything that instantly seems to wash away the tension is priceless, and everytime I experience this sensation, I make sure to write down which products did that marvel so that I can repurchase them pronto. So here are some of my favorite products for an instant relief.

This is a deluxe size sample, but I love using it on my pulse points, as a lip balm, and on drier zones of my face. If this scent was bottled up, I’d purchase it in a heartbeat and spritz it everywhere. Sometimes, I find myself taking long and deep breaths to inhale that dreamy aroma. I’ll only use it all over my face, if I feel it particularly tense and inflamed. In that case, I skip serum/face oil after cleansing and I apply a little amount. I wake up with a calmer complexion and a serene mind.
Cedar + Stone Calm Down body mist*
This is a great multitasker, a face, body and air spray combined. When I’m on my computer, I like to keep it nearby and spritz a a few times to clear my head, refresh my face – especially if I’ve been staring too long at my computer screen. It’s made with simple ingredients
(demineralized water, witch hazel essential oils of ylang ylang, lavender, rose geranium and lemon myrtle), but it delivers the goods, alleviating those little moments of fatigue that can occur on a daily basis.
Cedar + Stone bath salts (Ylang Ylang + Lavender)
I got two of these, that’s how much I loved them. A mix of Dead Sea salts (relaxes muscles) and Himalayan salt (clears mucus in lungs, natural sleep hypnotic and relieves tension), you get the best of both world. Add to that a stellar blend of essentials oils of orange, bergamot, gardenia, rose, geranium, jasmine absolute, blue chamomile, blue cypress. Together, you get a scent that is supremely enjoyable, and instantly comforting.

Bodhi & Birch Mint Thé Temple Balm
A forever repurchase! I always ensure that I have one at home (reviewed here). A botanical blend of mint, eucalypus, frankincense, white camphor, Cajeput, Babassu Nut oil and other goodies to soothe tension, headaches, muscular aches, travel anxiety etc. When feeling a bit under the weather, I delicately apply a tiny amount under the nose, inhale deeply and I already feel less congested and tired.

Nilly + Booth Lavender Sage organic face scrub*
After a long day, I can feel the tension and the grime melt away as I wash off my face with the Lavender sage scrub. This gooey, indulgent face scrub never fails to soothe my congested skin, without leaving my face red or fragile. Formulated with raw honey, rolled oats, vegetable glycerine, evening primrose and hazelnut oil, it’s particularly suitable for blemished and clogged skin, because it also contains astringent, anti-inflammatory ingredients (lavender buds, sage leaf, rosemary leaf, neem leaf, white willow bark). Overtime, my skin looks clearer and calmer when I use it, and to top it off it has a delightful herbal scent, which makes the experience even more enjoyable. I also leave it on my face almost like a mask, for several minutes if my skin is feeling particularly stressed.

Metta body oil*
Metta’s strenghth lies in its simplicity, a minimalistic line with a core of 5 products that are extremely well crafted. Thanks to Metta, I noticed that not all lavender essential oils are created equals. This is the authentic lavender scent bottled up. Lavender is known for its calming properties, but Metta’s body oil is both invigorating and soothing at the same time. It’s made of a lightweight blend of grapeseed, macadamia, sweet almond and jojoba oils aiming to soften and replenish the skin. I love using it in the evening, as a massage oil to prep me for sleep, I feel completely relaxed. A skin Mettamorphosis! 😉
What products make you feel instantly zen?
Take care,


*Kindly sent to me for review consideration


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  • I love the first photo, it totally caught my eye on Instagram! I'm thinking about getting that body mist – I too loveee spraying mists when I'm at my desk for hours on end.

    • Thanks Sarah! Let me know if you try Cedar + Stone, mists are what keeps me going sometimes when I'm working 😉 xx


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