Living the sample life #3: Indie Lee, Dr. Jackson, Kjaer Weis, Odacité, Maria Äkerberg, Aftelier perfumes & Earthwise beauty


Living the sample life #3: Indie Lee, Dr. Jackson, Kjaer Weis, Odacité, Maria Äkerberg, Aftelier perfumes & Earthwise beauty

I hope 2016 has been off to a flying start for you, and let me reiterate my best wishes for this new year 🙂 I normally do these kinds of posts on my Instagram, however, I think I’ll try to incorporate them occasionally the blog as well. Samples are so useful when you’re unsure about new products; while you can’t always determine if it’s going to show effective results on your skin, some first impressions can prevent you from making a mistake.

Indie Lee cleanser*
Besides Yüli’s Halcyon cleanser and a few others, I dont ‘seem to get on well with gel cleansers, however I’m never disappointed by Indie Lee. All the products I’ve tried so far have worked great for me. The sample that I received from Reina Organics, is the gel cleanser with a delicious strawberry scent. It removed impurities quickly and my skin didin’t feel tight or dry, but supple, fresh and clean. I’d definitely get a full-size, especially during spring/summer. I prefer gel cleansers when the temperature get warmer for their cooling effects.
In these three little white pots – thanks to Content Beauty‘s sample kit – I was able to have a closer look at these three luxurious items.
Odacité Oleosomes Time Release delivery cream
A light, wispy texture, with a delicate floral scent, Odacité’s Oleosomes Time Release  Delivery cream has clearly been designed to work in conjunction with the Pure Elements serums (reviewed here). My skin was hydrated without feeling overwhelmed. It’s more of a luxe moisturizer, so I’d get the full-size if I really want to treat myself. Right now, I’m happy with my face oils.
Kjaer Weis Radiance Highlighter
Discreet but mighty. It has a lavender hue which will be flattering for most skin tones and it blends really well. At first, I thought that the highlighter didn’t show through, but after taking a few pictures, I noticed that it picked the light beautifully!
Dr. Jackson face and eye essence 05
Swoon-worthy! The floral scent, the texture, the sensation it leaves, everything. At the moment, I can’t justify any more purchases, but once I clear up a part of my beauty stash, I’d consider treating myself to the full-size make. It soothes tired and puffy eyes, makes them look brighter. It also works as a cooling and hydrating gel for inflamed skin.
On Amazingy, I also ordered samples of Kjaer Weis Fall makeup collection : the two products that stood out to me were the “Above and Beyond” blush and the “Transcend” eyeshadow. The contrast of a soft and subtle smokey eye with a punchy blush is lovely.
I would definitely purchase the full sizes as well. I now know which blush I’d like to get from Kjaer Weis.

Maria Äkerberg
First time trying this Swedish organic brand and another one to add to my shopping list for full-sizes.
Papaya Peeling: an excellent gentle scrub for dry skin or to use during cold temperatures. I have oily skin, so it could become too rich for me to use past March, but right now I’m loving it. The enzyme papain breaks down inactive proteins and eliminates dead skin cells, thus revealing a glowy complexion. The product is non-abrasive and has a sunflower, grapeseed, jojoba oil base which keeps your skin moisturized.
Clay Mentha cleanser: An interesting blend of clay and castor oil, which doesn’t feel drying on the skin. It has a minty scent and leaves the skin fresh and calm.
Neroli freshener (alcohol-free): Neroli always wins me over, always. This one is no exception. I would purchase the full-size in a heartbeat.

Earthwise Beauty Ambrosia Del Cerrado liquid moisturizer*An exotic blend combining Pequi, Moringa, Buriti, in an aloe-vera base. Pequi oil (comes from Brazil) was new to me and has great moisture retention benefits, hence why its use in the liquid moisturizer. A clever
cross between a gel and oil, it’s super light. It blends effortlessly and preps the skin well before makeup application. Face looks more plump and I throroughly enjoyed the feeling on my skin: it felt hydrated, refreshed and revitalized.
If I want to be picky, I’d admit that the smell bothers me a bit, it’s a tad “vinegary”. Ava, the founder of Earthwise Beauty, was super kind and explained that it comes from the pequi fruit and that the scent is polarizing, either “loved or hated”. The second scent component is unrefined moringa oil which has a more earthy scent. However, I liked the product a lot, so I’d definitely get a full-size, particularly for spring/summer when my skin craves lighter products.

Aftelier Perfumes : Organic Jasmine Face Elixir*
I had the pleasure to review Mandy Aftel’s fragrances two years ago. Little did I know that she also crafted a beautiful skincare line. This precious tiny bottle contained the mighty Jasmine elixir. Made with fresh jasmine sambac, this face elixir explores jasmine to its purest form. The distinctive sensual and invigorating aroma gives you the impression that you’re in the middle of a flower field. Aside from Jasmine, the face elixir is in a base of the following organic oils: rice bran, sweet almond, apricot kernel, camellia, grapeseed, squalene, and rose hip seed. The texture is silky, leaving the face soft and hydrated. A real treat for Jasmine-lovers.

Last but not least, Miskin Organics*
I’ve had the time to test out this beautiful kit, featuring samples of the whole collection. I’m really appreciative of brands which come up with samples/travel sizes or sample kits.
The “Smooth” cleanser is truly orginal, a hybrid between a cream and gel cleanser. It was still a tad to rich for me, but combination to dry skin might enjoy it to the fullest.
My favorites: The detox Cleansing Mask, Honey choc lip balm (good enough to eat), the Calm and Balance face elixirs. Those are products I’d consider getting full-size. The lip balm feels like a chocolate dessert for your lips, the Calm and Balance elixirs were really pleasant texture-wise, Calm is particularly efficient after a face mask to soothe the skin and counteract redness, while Balance keeps oily skin hydrated without feeling greasy.

What samples have you been loving lately?

Take care,



*Samples kindly sent for consideration, all opinions my own



  • Recently I have a few samples that I really enjoyed too, I have to write about them! The Transcend eyeshadow looks kinda taupe-y in the swatch, is that true? Earth Wise Beauty is exploding in my IG feed, I really like the sound of their ingredients, will have to check them out! xoxo

    • Now that you say it, it does seem to have a slight taupe hue. On me, it's soft brown, which would work great for everyday use. I didn't have much luck with the previous Kjaer Weis shadows I tried, they had fallout, and some colors weren't easy to work with. But Transcend looks naturally beautiful on. Earthwise Beauty has some really interesting blends, with some unique ingredients, so it's worth checking out + they have samples 😉 xx

  • NIce post miss….I do not use too many simply samples at the moment. I rather stick to full size…but really get intrigued by Miskin Organics brand. x

  • Hi! Liz. I'm very keen to try Kjær Weis but Amazingly doesn't offer sample size. How did you order the samples?


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