Back in the game! New website and what’s to come next here


First of all, I missed you all!

Moving from Blogger to WordPress after two good years on Blogger was not an easy task, and I certainly underestimated the amount of time, it would take. Probably one of the most time-consuming tasks I’ve had to deal with in 2 and a half year of blogging. As a result, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates and things will get back to normal very, very soon! (blogging and email schedules)Now as you can see, I went for a more clean and responsive template,  there are a few pages I’m working on, some are not active yet, but this should be fixed soon.

On the sidebar, you have the popular blog series such as “Little Gems” (under “Indie beauty”), “United Nations of Green Beauty Products”, “Make the green Switch and Green Beauty Saga” (under “Interviews”), all listed and you’re able to easily browse all the articles.

What is new?

  • A new newsletter, where you can follow the blog + get extra deets on all things green.
  • More lifestyle posts (about eco fashion, workout etc)
  • A shop section (where you’ll be able to check out my favorite products)
  • More videos (no weekly ones, I’m currently testing different filming styles to see how I could incorporate videos for specific topics )
  • LOTS of reviews coming up, as I was quite busy being a beauty guinea pig for the last couple of weeks hehe.

During the little hiatus, I remained active on Instagram, but if you’re not on social medias, you might have missed a few infos.

I’m a Beauty Heroes Ambassador (you can read my interview here). I’m delighted to collaborate with this outstanding green company, be assured that it doesn’t infringe on other projects or collaborations at all. Oh and I just received March’s beauty Box… it’s a good one ;D

I also posted my first video (there’s a lot to improve though, trying to find a new format):

I’m sorry again for all this wait, thank you for your patience and support. I hope you enjoy the new website and design and I look forward to hearing from you <3

Happy to be back 🙂

Take care,


Green hunter, wellness junkie and pun maker on the website, I'm on a journey towards a kinder and healthier life. @lizthegreenspirit on Instagram.

  1. Loving the new look, Liz! And welcome back! As always, looking forward to following your content 🙂 Now, put your feet up, drink some yummy tea and let out a big sigh of relief. The migration is done! xx

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