7 sustainable menswear brands

While brick-and-mortar eco stores remain a rare occurrence, the number of sustainable menswear brands online is on the rise. The spotlight today on 7 fashion lines for men.


Three Leaves – A young Brooklyn brand launched in 2012, Three Leaves is on a mission to prove that style shouldn’t be compromised. Offering a variety of menswear pieces, from the daily essentials, to more sophisticated items. Three Leaves ensures minimized water usage, in the fabrication of his products. Clothing pieces are made with organic cotton (certified by the Soil Association)

Nudie Jeans One of the most popular and renowned ethical jeans brands. Founded in 2001 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Nudie’s pair of jeans are made with organic cotton. They have a stylish fit and are super comfortable and soft. Over the years, Nudie has also put emphasis on the importance of recycling by launching different programs.

Armedangels Their motto : « fairness is never out of fashion » says it all. Armedangels is a German fashion label founded in 2007, specializing in urban-chic streetwear and rivaling any brand you’d find on the high street. Committed to working with socially responsible and fair-trade Indian factories, using organic cotton, they also support several charity organizations, by donating one Euro of their profit for every clothing article sold.

Braintree – With their « thoughtful clothing philosophy », Braintree’s men collection features hemp and organic cotton clothing. Every piece is sustainable, with relaxed, loose fits, soft earthy tones. Braintree offers high quality at an affordable price.

Arthur & Henry – In dire need of a crisp, tailored shirt, to unleash your inner J.Crew model? Arthur & Henry is the right fit for you then. Their organic cotton shirts, are also GOTS certified. The cotton comes from the Pratima Organic Farmers group in India. A & H are currently working to get all of their products fairtrade and organic certified. Their values : « Do less harm, do more good ».

Naturellement Chanvre – A French company, specializing in selling fashion and homeware items made out of recycled hemp. A family-owned business in Auvergne (a rural, mountainous region in central France), they have been promoting European hemp textile for a decade, as an alternative to pesticide-laden textiles. Their message is clear : every purchase you make should be an eco-conscious one.

Pact Apparel – All about basics. T-shirts, socks, underwears made in the softest organic cotton, and manufactured in sweatshop-free and child-labor-free factories. The brand is certified fair trade USA.



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