4 in 1 – Leahlani Mermaid mask


4 in 1 – Leahlani Mermaid mask

From my loving hands to yours. This is the Leahlani message. A Hawaiian skincare line lovingly created by Leah Klasovsky, holistic esthetician on the island of Kauai, her beautiful skin gifts are rooted in authenticity, intention and connection. Leah’s desire is for your skincare routine to become a ritual, a feat easily accomplished by the magical mixture of tropical fruits, clays, Hawaiian honey and love.

My very first holy grail item. I have written about this emerald gem on many occasions and you know you can find me #mermaidmasking on a Monday without fail. So what’s so good, you ask? How can something made with Hawaiian spirulina, pure organic chlorella, French green clay and luminess algae etceteraah etceteraah not be good! Hawaiian spirulina is said to aid in premature aging, combat acne, even out skin tone, and alleviate dryness/redness thanks to its high level of antioxidants, and if I said that the Mermaid Mask really does help with that then you know what to do. You need to get it. I have been knee deep in mermaid madness on a weekly basis since 2014 and it’s one of the main products in my routine that helps keep my skin calm, glowy, even and hydrated. This is one of those products where I absolutely feel and see the effects of skipping a week, so this is rigidly in my routine ritual come rain or shine, spring or fall. I sometimes get asked if it should be applied on a dry or dewy face and it varies depending on the consistency of the mask. Since Leah makes these in her studio on Kauai, they can vary from batch to batch. Most of the time it works perfectly fine to apply the mask on a cleansed, dry face. I then let it work its magic for a good half hour or so, all the while trying not to lick any green goodness that is temptingly close to the corners of my mouth. I dare ya not to! – Nic

How are you liking these articles where we share our opinions and short reviews on a product? When we first talked about this series of articles, there was one product we instantly think of – the Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask. I mean, it was no brainer, really. This is without a doubt the most talked and loved face mask in the green beauty world. You know, you don’t actually have to read my review because all the hype surrounding the Mermaid Mask is real. The wonderful founder Leah re-launched the brand this year and the new Mermaid mask is supposed to be even better. I have yet to try this new formulation, so keep in mind my review is on the old one. Mask is based on Hawaiian Raw Organic Honey and if you know me, then you know I love honey! Thanks to Spirulina and Chlorella, the mask is green in colour, and it also contains Green Clay and Sea Buckthorn, to name a few. The thing about this mask is that it works amazing when my skin is spotty or when it’s dry and dull looking. My absolute favourite way of using this deliciously smelling honey-ish mask is on a damp skin. I follow Leah’s advice: “Spend about 30 seconds gently massaging your skin, this will ‘melt’ the mask into your skin, stimulate circulation and help activate the nutrients to work their magic.” It seriously is magical and it always makes my skin looking radiant and healthy. – Jana


It is commonly known that mermaids have great skin, right? With all the iodine they are inhaling, their hair and skin can only be in neat condition. Well Leahlani’s mermaid mask does a darn good job at achieving fresh skin in the comfort of your own home – instead of under the sea. I have oily, blemish-prone skin and facemasks play a key role in my skincare regimen, because each one targets a specific skin issue. For me, the mermaid mask is not a blemish-buster, but rather a potent vitamin boost for a healthy, flushed complexion. It’s a blend of nutrient-packed algae, namely Chlorella and Spirulina, which increase levels of vitamin A, C and glutathione in your body, thus fighting against free radicals and protecting skin cells. Suffering from lack of sleep or feeling a bit glum? I reach for the mermaid mask. Whenever I’m sick, I apply the mermaid mask, which will shortly thereafter conceal the signs that I haven’t left my bed for three days. It’s also my beloved companion during those cold winter temperatures. The emerald-green gooey texture, thanks to the Hawaiian honey, is surprisingly not too sticky; it applies and washes off very easily. The scent is wicked good (notes of Vanilla orange, lavender, ylang ylang), reminiscent of Hawaii. Want to know my secret for fresh and plump skin? I use the mermaid mask and follow up with Leahlani’s Bohemian Ruby toner. Glowy skin assured. – Liz

I could tell you how I was attracted to Leahlani mermaid mask due to the carefully selected ingredients, all the positive reviews that I have read, but it would be a complete and utter lie. This mask came into my life because of the name, but it carries on being in my top 5 skincare products because of its performance. I can give you a list of amusing nicknames that I have earned from my other half by sporting this fetching green concoction on my face (astonishingly not once have I been compared to a mermaid), but that is not what makes this treatment special. Once the emerald layer is washed off what it leaves behind is skin that looks like it had a mini spa break. The pores appear smaller, skin tone is more even, like turning over a new leaf. Surprisingly, my favourite way with the Mermaid is actually to use it as a morning cleanser. You only need a tiny amount, and it leaves me with a fresh complexion. As my skin is oily it is actually pretty easy to make it overly sensitive by using cleansers that are too harsh, and if something is a bit too rich I will get clogged pores, finding a good morning cleanser can be a tough ask. Mermaid turns out to be an ideal 2 in 1, a fantastic weekly treatment and an ideal morning cleanser. Of course it is chock full of amazing ingredients and recent rebranding of the entire line has made sure that the outside matches the inside. – Tamara



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