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I’ve never been a gym bunny (much to my dismay haha), yet I’m aware of the importance of leading an active lifestyle as it has a significant impact on your overall health. As a result, I do my best to move as often as I can, remember a few essential Yoga moves, such as the Sun Salutation in the morning, and do some power-walking. There was a time, where I used to drag myself to the gym as I struggled finding the motivation at home, but now I’ve found some nice workout videos and programs that I actually look forward to do at home.

Online programs

Yoga with Adriene (on YouTube)
Fun, articulate and clear, Adriene’s exercises are easy to follow and re-create at home if you don’t have the possibility to attend Yoga classes. I appreciate that when she does the movements, she doesn’t go too quickly, so I’m able to re-create the poses without having rewind the video. What I particularly enjoy is that she has a Yoga sequence for every situation, so if you’re struggling with stress, you can look for the Yoga that relieves anxiety, but one of my favorite and the first I tried from Adriene is the Yoga for desk, which is really simple to follow and efficient. (click here)

Booya Fitness
Booya Fitness, Inc. is an online distributor of fitness media content that connects users with boutique gyms. The first month is free, with mutliple membership options. There’s a wide range of programs and challenges, adapted to your need. cardio, pilates, barres, boxing, bootcamp, dance HIIT. Instructions are clear and you’re told how many calories you’ll be approx. burning if you follow a program.workoutroutine

Now onto the beauty part!

Eco by Sonya* (reviewed here): Easy, quick, convenient, fresh, and efficient. It works like a charm, and the sweet coconut scent is really light. Certified organic with a base of aloe vera and witch hazel (contains Sodium Bicarbonate). The best selling argument for me is that it comes in a spray, which I really enjoy.

Blissoma scentless stick natural deodorant*: It took a little adjustment for me, but Blissoma’s natural deodorant comes in a stick and it does a great job at covering body odor and killing off the bacteria. Using mango butter, clay, zinc and baking soda, it comes unscented, which I know is a plus for some people. Now my only small concern is that it wears out quickly and feels a bit chalky when applied directly on the skin. It does leave a few residues on my shirt if I apply it on a whim.

Meow Meow Tweet baking-soda free: not pictured as there will be a more thorough review however, it deserves a mention because it keeps the armpits fresh and neutralizes body odor like a champ. Another great point: it is baking-soda free. A great option for people with sensitive skin.

Terre Verdi Yoga & Sports body oil*:  Terre Verdi, is a UK artisan company with Sicilian roots, committed to providing ethical and high-quality products at a fair price. The whole range comes in beautiful miron glass bottles for best protection. I don’t just use the Yoga & Sports body oil before/and after a strenuous physical activity. In alternance with Dr. Hauschka Birch Arnica energizing oil, I apply Terre Verdi every time when I feel my joints a bit stiff or if I’m cold and I need to keep the muscles warm. Containing essential oils of ginger, eucalyptus and black pepper, which promote blood circulation, it never fails to soothe, warm the muscles and invigorate me. Texture-wise, it feels very light, but it maintains the moisture balance really well. The uplifting spicy scent awakens the mind, and compared to Dr. Hauschka, Terre Verdi’s scent is less stronger, so it’s suitable to use before going to a Yoga class – I’m saying this, because perfumes and strong scents were not allowed in the former Yoga class I attended. The Yoga & Sports body oil retails for £29 for 100ml.
Ingredients: argania spinosa (argan) kernel oil*, camellia oleifera (white tea) seed oil*, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*,   simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, calendula offi cinalis (calendula) extract*, tocopherol (vitamin E), piper nigrum (black pepper) seed oil*, zingiber officinalis (ginger) root oil*, eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) leaf oil*, citral**, linalool**

Khadi’s cellulite oil:  it’s a sample size that I ordered on Eccoverde, and I use it with the Cellublue (see below). The scent is not exactly pleasant, but it’s a potent blend of 10 herbs (including Turmeric, Ginger, Rosemary, Cypress, Cinnamon) to boost the metabolism and stimulate body heat.
Ingredients: Brassica Juncea · Sesamum Indicum** · Cyperus Scariosus · Acorus Calamus · Piper Nigrum · Zingiber Officinalis, Citrus Medica Limonum Peel Oil · Piper Longum · Curcuma Longa · Cinnamomum Cassia Extract · Carum Copticum · Crocus Sativus · Eugenio Caryophyllus · Rubia Cordifolia · Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil · Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil · Pogostemon Cablin · Linalool* ·Limonene* · Citral* · Geraniol* · Cinamyl Alcohol* · Eugenol* · Cinnamal* · Coumarin* Benzyl Benzoate*

Deserving a mention: Pai’ Rosehip oil, which surprisingly hasn’t been as efficient for my face as it was for my body, I noticed the fading of some stretchmarks.

Cellublue: a hypoallergenic medical silicone cup aiming to reduce cellulite with the “palpate-roll” massaging technique. Just like dry brushing, I have to remind myself to use it, but when I do it on a consistent basis (in conjunction with a workout routine), my skin does feel a bit firmer. Be sure to look at the instructions first, because an improper use of the tool can provoke bruises. I check the tutorials on their  YouTube channel.


For my sweet readers, Terre Verdi is kindly providing a 10% discount with the code: GREENSPIRIT (valid until end of April)

If it’s a topic you’re interested in, I’ve also shared on The Peridot Mag, a few tips to avoid sedentary lifestyle at the office (here).

What do you do to stay active, or rather how do you do you find the motivation to work out? Any advices much appreciated <3

Take care,


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