RubyMoon ethical swimwear crowdfunding campaign


RubyMoon ethical swimwear crowdfunding campaign

”In fashion, one day you’re in, the next day you’re out” – yes it was totally necessary to add some Project Runway wisdom. Some say it is easy to start but the challenge is to bloom and hold in time. Many creative labels sprout, but they don’t always get that push to get noticed and go ”mainstream”. And by push, I mean a financial aid, which is why crowdfunding turns out to be an essential step for ethical start-ups and small businesses that want to make a difference in fashion, by giving them the means to do it.

One brand that has come to our attention is RubyMoon, a UK swimwear line from Brighton. Their range of chlorine-resistant gym-to-swim gear has a modern fit with a nice pop of color, but what sets RubyMoon apart is the fabrication process: their nylon is made from used fishing nets, which is a clever initiative as discarded nets   wreak havoc with the marine ecosystem, polluting it. Aside from Nylon, they use a Xtra Life Lycra, RubyMoon swimwear is validated to produce 42% less emissions compared to other high street swimwear. But here comes the very exciting part: 100% of the net profits generated by RubyMoon are lent out as small loans – via lendwithcare-org – to empower women entrepreneurs in eleven countries and thus improve the living conditions and provide education for their family. To date, they have made 165 loans.

Yet, all these positive elements are not enough for a brand to sustain on its own, which is why Ruby Moon resorts – like many other brands – to crowdfunding. Currently, they’re raising funds and introducing their newest innovation: the “Zarina” bra. It’s a versatile bra, with a clean cut design, ergonomic but still fashionable. No seams, stripes, and panels, comfort comes first. It looks simple, but if you check out the underwear sections in some of the biggest hightstret fashion brands, you won’t find a smooth and seamless bra that easily.


If their IndieGogo campaign is a success, RubyMoon guarantees to launch an entire new collection for Summer 2017, comprising a new range of swimwear, leggings & sports gear, all made in Europe in a transparent and ethical supply chain with 42% less carbon emissions. You can read all about here.

While I did mention the financial push earlier, indie and small brands also need to get as much publicity as possible. Spreading the word plays an equally important part; helping get the words out about all these brands that are sustainable from head to toe so that they show the fashion world what they have to offer.

(Pictures courtesy of RubyMoon)


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