Get the gloss with ELDE Cosmetics

Vemund Eldegard, whose precocious interest in skincare led him – now in his twenties –  to become the founder of the rising vegan brand ELDE has created a range of makeup that not only will simplify your routine, but add more shine to it.

Coming from Norway, ELDE came to life 3 years ago with a small range of skincare, but after a mini brand makeover, they released new additions and a more defined brand identity. It’s also now available on Eco Diva beauty and Content Beauty, ready to take over the international beauty aisles.
The skincare bit will be for another article, today’s focus is the vegan Lip and Cheek Rush collection. 7 shades are now available, from neutrals to dark reds. They are worn sheer. It is precisely their sheerness and glossiness that makes them ultra versatile and suitable for most skin types._1010903

I already experienced the magic of ELDE last year, I first tried their beeswax-free lip gloss pots which I’m assuming, were the prototypes of today’s lip and cheek rush. The shade I had (“Mimosa“) seems no longer available, unless it’s now named “Opaque” because it looks very similar. But I digress… point is, I could already marvel at extra dewiness and plumpness the product provided.

On the lips, you get a my-lips-but-better effect. Supremely hydrating, I skip the lip balm and apply them directly on. The lip and cheek rush really creates the illusion of fuller, plumper lips. Enriched with Castor, sunflower, coconut oil, cocoa butter, ELDE adds his twist by using Crambe seed oil and Brassica Campestris/Aleurites Fordi Oil Copolymer. The latter is a wax blend with strong water resistant properties, made of Rapeseed oil and Tung oil. Crambe seed oil, when organic and cold pressed, is 4 times more stable than sweet almond oil, and possesses great emollient properties, thus becoming an alternative to mineral oils and silicones. Crambe seed oil is also rich in Omega-9 fatty acid that helps give gloss and shine to the skin, just like silicone would.

From left to right: Plum Wine, Peach and Opaque

While initially meant to be used on cheeks and lips, I decided to add a little twist by using the shade “Peach” as an eye shadow cream. I applied “Peach” which is a shimmery nude all over the eyelids for a clear glossy effect, it can also be used as a highlighter since it’s the sheerest shade. I then applied “Opaque” on my cheeks for a soft apricot hue and finally “Plum Wine“, which is the most pigmented shade, on my lips. Nothing else, I applied a bit of mascara and I was good to g(l)o(w). I took me literally 2 minutes, no brush needed, just a few dabs on the right spots and the dewiness comes through. Easy, effective and fun.eldemakeup

Vemund says on his website that his “vision is to continue finding innovative alternatives to the beauty market. I want to make peoples life easier – and safer. I want to make skin care and beauty fun!” (*)

Well, mission accomplished, ELDE.


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