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Green Beauty Saga #1: Reina Organics

Green Beauty Saga #1: Reina Organics

  Picture credit: Reina Organics Behind every great eco green beauty and wellness shop, there’s a great founder, and I wanted to highlight the outstanding dedication and passion of these people who have made the conscious decision to offer safe alternatives to conventional cosmetics. While an increasing number of mainstream stores are now offering a […]

My skincare routine (night edition)

Just to clarify : I don’t use all these products all at once, every evening. Depending on how my skin feels, I’ll use a different cleanser or face oil.You may remember a previous post (here), where I shared the products that did a wonderful job calming my skin after a bad reaction to products. Once […]

My Eco-luxe beauty wishlist!

                            A mix of new and not-so-new releases. When it comes to purchasing luxe beauty products, I tend to go through all the reviews I can find, ponder, and let the idea simmer before splurging. Alas, I am human and sometimes I […]

Living the “sample” life #2 : Spirit Beauty Lounge – customized sample kit

Since it’s still #NoBuyJanuary I decided to do a post of some samples that I’ve used up during the month. In December I ordered from Spirit Beauty Lounge for the first time.When I’m browsing online for natural beauty products, you’ll sometimes find me drooling over unattainable goodies from overseas. However Spirit Beauty Lounge offers for […]

Dream on: My wishlist

Dream on: My wishlist

If you’re reading this, you may have noticed that I did not put the most affordable products on my list haha (some of these goodies are a. quite steep, b. geographically unavailable or c. both ) However, those are really the products that I’d love to have in my possession *evil laugh* :-).

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