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#FF: Precious Skin elixirs – Marissa Bethoney

#FF: Precious Skin elixirs – Marissa Bethoney precious skin elixirs marissa

#FF stands for Fantastic Founder, to gain insight into the work of these ethical brand formulators and founders. Our first guest is Precious Skin Elixirs. Several years ago, I shared my experience with the Amethyst serum (here).¬†Since then I’ve been enjoying witnessing the evolution of this beautiful brand working at its pace and following its […]

My skincare routine (night edition)

Just to clarify : I don’t use all these products all at once, every evening. Depending on how my skin feels, I’ll use a different cleanser or face oil.You may remember a previous post (here), where I shared the products that did a wonderful job calming my skin after a bad reaction to products. Once […]

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