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Reader’s corner: Organic certification survey results!

At the start of #organicseptember, we set up a little survey to hear your opinion on organic certification. We asked three questions and now we’re able to publish the results. Overall, organic certifications are significant for most participants. Interestingly enough, participants attached the same importance to organic beauty and organic food.   We would like […]

Where to shop for Soil Association organic beauty?

For #organicbeautyweek, we decided to focus solely on shops that carry “Soil Association organic” brands. Keep in mind that the list is non-exhaustive, these are not the only stores but simply our little selection for this week. There will be more features on organic and eco destinations since there are a plethora of stores that […]

Daytime organic makeup look!

Since it’s #organicseptember, how could we not do a makeup look with organic makeup? The green cosmetics industry has been growing tremendously the past couple of years, however, the number of  “certified organic” brands is more limited. There are many reasons for that which won’t be discussed in this article since it’s a simple makeup look, but […]

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