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Lesson learned : when you buy makeup online, check some swatches first.


Lesson learned : when you buy makeup online, check some swatches first.



A few weeks ago, I purchased a lipstick from the German brand Lavera. I’m a big fan of their products because of their quality and their eco-friendly philosophy. Not to mention their affordable price.  (I’ll do a post about their eyeshadow palettes, so stay tuned 🙂
Usually, I can purchase Lavera products where I live, however I couldn’t find any of their lipsticks, so I decided to check online.  I always look at makeup swatches, unfortunately I could not find any for this product at the time I ordered it.  After seeing the pictures I was immediately drawn by number 05 called “Red Berry Charm” which looks like a dark pink, ruby pink lipstick. (see color chart ) As you probably know, it’s sometimes not easy to find highly pigmented, vibrant colors in natural and organic lipsticks. However there are exceptions to the rule, *cough* Ilia Lipstick *cough* hehe) So I was enthusiast when I saw all those beautiful colors + the affordable price (I bought it for 8 Euros/ 12 dollars)

When I finally received my package, my excitement vanished to lead the way to disappointment. The lipstick has no pink undertone at all. It’s red, as you can see on the pictures below.

Despite, not being the color I hoped for, I decided to keep it because:
– 1. I got it at a reasonable price and it would have cost me way more to return it.
– 2. It’s actually a nice color for autumn. Plus, I do not own a brownish/red lipstick. (I’m more of a pink girl haha)
Also the formula is nice, and it’s long-lasting. I do recommend applying some lipbalm beforehand otherwise it’a bit drying on the lips.

Note to you, my lovely readers: if you are interested in purchasing Lavera lipsticks,  I suggest you check this Lavera Shade Chart that I found online: click!
But do not rely on the pictures from the Lavera website.
Now I’ve learned my lesson, if I don’t find any swatches, I’ll steer clear, until I get the proof that the pictures correspond to the reality.

Have you had a similar experience? Do you have a few tips? Feel free to share!

Take care,



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  • The colors online on Jane Iredale (for her new lipsticks) are not even close in my opinion. If you have a local shop that sells the lipsticks go there and decide for yourself what one you like. Also some seem to have more pigmentation than others for some reason.

    • I haven't seen Jane iredale's new lipsticks (off to investigate…) but it's the case for a lot of lipsticks. The picture doesn't correspond to the true color. Where I live, they only sell Dr.Hauschka and Sante products, so I'm constantly checking swatches online when I want to buy a new lipstick 🙂 x Liz

    • That's very true 🙂 But I appreciate when companies make the effort to be as accurate as possible. As much as I love Lavera products, their pictures do not come close to the reality, when it comes to lipsticks. xx

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