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When you decide to opt for green/chemical-free beauty products, sometimes you come across products that are quite expensive. So  instead of splurging blindly, I try to get some samples first. Depending on the website I buy from, I can receive some free samples with an order or I directly buy the samples that I want.  Here are the latest that I got (I put a checkmark on those that I’m interested in getting in original size) 

* Moa the green balm

My favourite discovery of the bunch. Love love love it.  I put it on my lips and they feel so moisturized. I put it before applying some lipstick and the effect is great. You can slather it on any dry part, the balm does wonders!

*Ilia Beauty lipstick, shade “Wild Child”

 I was quite sceptical at first, because reds are so difficult to pull off, but this color is one of the most incredible I’ve ever seen. Reds tend to make you look older but this one is different. It can easily be worn on a daily basis without looking too formal.  I definitely want to get it (along with basically every other Ilia lipstick that I do not own)

*Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing oil (✔)

First thing you notice when you slather a few drop on your face is the incredible smell, it’s really fresh and citrusy. After gently massaging the oil on your face, add some water to create a white emulsion. Massage again and then splash some water on your face to rinse it off. 
After the first try, my face felt nicely cleansed and it got rid of my makeup (Note: I’m not sure if it can get rid of a whole face full of makeup, I tend to be quite minimalistic when it comes to make-up)  
I believe that it would be more suitable for dry skin, because my skin still had some breakouts.
It’s quite a luxurious product and  it’s quite pricey. I have yet to make up my mind about this product, so it’s a good thing the sample is lasting me for some time yet.

* Vapour Aura Multi Use Blush Stain + Vapour Illusionist Concealer 020 + Vapour Trick Stick Illuminator 701  (✔)

Being already very content with my Vapour mesmerize eye color stick in “Sugar” I decided to try a blush, a concealer and a highlighter. Unfortunately I tried two tones that did not suit my skin tone. I’m glad I did not purchase any of them. The Aura blush stain is a little too blunt for me, but I’d love to try the Aura Multi-Use Blush – Classic , which is more rosy.
The Vapour concealer was nice. however the trick stick illuminator was too glittery. Actually I’m not sure how to use it. 

*Herbfarmacy Wash off cleansing mousse

 Not impressed, not to mention that it contains phenoxyethanol, which I try to abstain from. My face felt a bit tight and sticky.

*Caudalie Vinoperfect crème de nuit

 I did not choose this product, since Caudalie is not a chemical-free brand but I tried it on seeing the rave reviews online. I however saw no improvement on my skin. I tend to avoid using a nightcream since I noticed that my skin felt better without it.

*Dr. Hauschka Melissa day cream

I’m quite fond of Dr. Hauschka products, but there was nothing special about this product, the smell was subtle and the texture felt nice on the skin, but I did not find it particularly effective.

*Pai moisturizer geranium and thistle

After using up my Dr Hauschka milk cream I decided to try this one from Pai as it is specially formulated for combination/oily skin. So far so good, it’s moisturizing without feeling sticky on my skin.  So I might consider getting it during winter.

*Less is more Herbal Tonic (✔)

I don’t usually use tonic or a lot of hairproducts but this one was nice. It did not make my hair greasy and the smell was really pleasant. It doesn’t weigh on the hair aswell, which is a plus when you have fine hair.

Have you tried any of these products ? Let me know!

Take care,



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