Badger antioxidant hair & Body oils review


Badger antioxidant hair & Body oils review

How pretty are the bottles!
I’ve been using both Badger oils for weeks now, which gave me some time to ponder their efficiency.
I was already a fan of Badger’s balms but I didn’t know they offered a selection of oils.
It’s after reading a hair post of the gorgeous Britanie, that I decided to purchase Badger’s Seabuckthorn hair oil. Then I also stumbled on their Vanilla Orchid body oil, and magically, I ended up with two products in my shopping basket πŸ™‚

Β  Β  Β  Left: Hair oil / Right: Body oil
When you look at the ingredients list, it sure looks like a vitamin boost. All the ingredients contribute to help increase the scalp’s blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels, thus promoting healthy and strong hair.
Seabuckthorn oil contains high levels of Vitamin C and A, which act as antioxydant and could possibly slow skin maturation.
Apparently (this has to be verified though), Seabuckthorn plays a role in scalp stimulation and the slowing of hair loss.
Pomegranate oilΒ  is rich in Vitamins C, B5 and Punicic acid, which help revitalizing and strengthening the hair.
Apricot kernel oil is known for improving the condition of the hair, leaving them soft and shiny. It keeps hair roots and strands wellmnourished and moisturized, reducing scalp flakiness and itchiness.


You can use the oil as an hot hair treatment or cold. I simply rub my hands, take a few drops and start massaging the hair oil into hair and scalp for a few minutes. You can leave it for an hour or overnight. Use a mild shampoo to rinse it off.
Personally, I leave it for a few hours and the difference is already noticeable.
At the moment I’m pleased, because I see a difference in the elasticity of my hair; my scalp feels clean and moisturized. Also, the oil is quite easy to wash off, one shampoo is enough to get rid of the greasing.
Here is a picture of the results: normally my hair is flat, fine and lacks volume (*sigh*) but here you can see some bouncy waves + some shine.

Vanilla Orchid with Citrus & Jasmine body oil

The exotic smell of Jasmine is quite appealling and the combination with Vanilla is definitely a hit (well at least for me πŸ™‚
Apparently Jasmine oil can also be used as a skin toner, in order to improve the skin’s elasticity. As for the citrus, you can’t really smell it, but it’s okay, I have enough zesty products haha.
You can use it daily as a lotion or skin cream. After shower or bath, massage the oil over wet skin. Little twist: it can also be used as a night time facial treatment. I tried it and in the morning, my face felt more plump and glowy.
What impressed me immediately, was the lightness of the oil. It absorbs very well, hydrates without being oily (some body oils give the skin a greasy appearance, but not this one).
My skin felt restored, healthy and soft. It also leaves a subtle scent on the skin.
Would I recommend it? Yes
Both products are a blend of powerful oils, and the synergy works wonder.
With the cold weather kicking in, both can become a precious asset to fighting dry skin and scalp. The smell is pleasant (especially the body oil).
Badger products are certified organics and never tested on animals. They’re quite affordable and bring together fine ingredients in their purest form.
Not to mention that a little goes a long way, despite using them very regularly, I think they will last me for the entire winter.
Are you familiar with Badger? If yes, what products do you use? Let me know in the comments!
Take care,




  • Your hair looks great after using that hair oil!! The body oil sounds lovely, I've only tried their Sleep Balm but I'm going to America in December so I'm going to keep an eye out over there for their products! x

    • Thank you Amber πŸ™‚ My hair is probably my biggest insecurity, so that means a lot! The body oil is wonderful, they also have one with rose, lavender and chamomille. If you go to America, you'll find even more products from their line. If you get some products, I'd love to hear your thoughts πŸ™‚ x Liz

  • thanks again for beautiful & honestly review. I bought this oil on herb today πŸ™‚ thy have promo 20% on badger brand πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! And you're welcome. I love the this oil, let me know what you think of it πŸ™‚ p.s thank you for the info πŸ˜‰ xx


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