I YOGA -Dabba Do!


This article is more lifestyle oriented. I’m passionate about everything that can possibly improve our physical and mental well-being and Yoga has for a certain time been considered a catalyst for health and well-being.

I have this strong memory of a woman in kindergarden who came to teach us some Yoga for an afternoon. I was 4 years old and I remembered feeling relaxed and happy. After trying to get fit with gym sessions (ugh), I decided to work on my flexibility and my breathing. I finally followed my instincts to go to a Yoga class. So I decided to share my thoughts and experiences. Since September, I’ve been doing Yoga; Sivananda Yoga.
Sivananda Yoga is part of hatha yoga. The class begins with breathing exercises to tune ourselves inward before working with the physical body. We then do the sun salutation (see picture below), a cardio-vascular exercise, to warm up the body and awaken vital energy.
Don’t be fooled, it’s harder than it looks, since you have to be in sync with your breathing and all twelve postures have to be performed in a continuous, fluid movement.

yoga infographic


First impressions:  
I was quite intimidated at first, because the room is so quiet and nobody says a word; the atmosphere feels very sacred.  Also, to be honest, the little meditation session that began with a long heartfelt “OOoooooooooooooommmmm” and brief Indian chants made me chuckle a bit. However I’m used to it now, since it’s part of gathering mutual energy from the class.
Before applying to the Yoga club, I hesitated between Sivananda and another form of hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga which is a more invigorating approach that purifies, energizes and
vitalises. But I’m glad, I chose Sivananda, since I’m a complete beginner. If I gain some flexibility, I might try Ashtanga Yoga.
My thoughts after a few weeks and what Yoga made me realize: 
  • Well first of all, that I’m as flexible as a wooden board 😉 However, I’ve noticed a slight improvement, so I’ll just carry on (my wayward son lol)
  • My respiration/breathing technique is bad, so now I try to fix this + my posture. The breathing exercises are no joke, when you do them correctly, you end up sweating and feeling all warmed-up.
  • It is a workout! At first I thought I was just going to be more relaxed, but turns out the postures are quite difficult and demanding. At the end of each session, my muscles are sore (the pain is gentle though). Unlike some hardcore cardio session or intense running, I’m not brutalizing my body.
  • How stressed out I am during the day. It’s only after a Yoga session, that I feel utterly relaxed.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Last time I was standing next to a 60 y/o woman who was able to do an armstand. She was in much better physical condition than myself but that’s alright, because I’m improving. I’ll eventually get there too (hum…)
  • Learn to listen to your body. There is no rush in Yoga, what you can not do now, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do in the future. Just listen to your body, I’m still learning how to do the sun salutation properly.
  • Practice is everything. Also, correct your mistakes as soon as possible to reduce the risk of injuries. Check here for the most common mistakes. You see people from all ages taking Yoga classes, but as I previously mentioned, do not rush into a posture you struggle with; in the middle of the class, our teacher was showing us how to do an armstand and there was a woman who tried it and dropped on her head, hitting her teeth. Luckily she wasn’t badly injured, just a bruise on her upper lip.
  • My image of Yogis was wrong, see this video. (I’m exaggerating obviously) I’m not surrounded by people who end every conversation with Namasté (in fact, I haven’t heard anyone say it) or are wearing Lululemon from head to toe (but if you do, there’s nothing wrong with that!) People are not doing this for the hype, they are doing Yoga because they need to find a way to relax and get rid of all the tension.

That’s all for now, I’ll try to post overtime mor updates if you are interested. So if you practice Yoga, keep calm and carry on!
Have you tried Yoga, if yes, what do you do to zone out and relax? What are your thoughts about Yoga? Let me know in the comments!
Take care,

P.S: Let me know in the comments below if you know the reference behind my title!


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