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Top products of 2013!


Top products of 2013!

2013 was the year I bought the most makeup and skincare products in my life! However I was lucky enough to stumble accross some incredible products.
Note: This is just my humble opinion 🙂

Trevarno day cream : A pleasant surprise! I bought it because I ran out of moisturizer and I quickly needed a replacement. I did not post a thorough review but I’m very impressed by this little jar. Not only because the ingredients are really simple and pure (Lavender, Jojoba oil St. John Wort Herb…) but also because it is incredibly light, yet moisturizing. I have oily skin and it doesn’t clog my pores.

Rms un cover-up: See my review here.  So much love for this product. The best concealer I’ve ever tried. I stopped using anything else. It’s that good. The formula is top-notch, the coverage is excellent and it doesn’t look flaky, it melts into the skin. It’s a definitely a must for a flawless makeup face.

Jane Iredale glamour lip and eye palette : My big makeup splurge, first big girl palette as well haha.
I can definitely recomment it to anyone longing to experiment with makeup. I always struggle choosing eye shadows because I can’t decide which color I should get and this palette possibly contains the prettiest Jane Iredale colors.

Benecos powder blushes : Review here. A pleasant surprise as well, these powder blushes are affordable and the pigmentation is superb. Long-wearing, pretty and non-irritating, what’s not to love?

Indie Lee Squalane Oil + Blemish Lotion: I’ve been professing my love for her products all over Twitter haha, but I hadn’t had a chance to do a proper review. But trust me, just google search Indie Lee Squalane oil and you’ll see numerous glowing reviews of this product.
I’ve had no new breakouts since using it, it works perfectly as a makeup base or as a night time treatment.
The blemish lotion is another star product. I call it the “spot atomizer” : I’ve had 2 spots that simply wouldn’t leave the surface of my skin and I started to get worried until I got the blemish lotion. In a few days they were completely gone. It’s potent stuff!

May Lindstrom, the Problem Solver : the title is self-explanatory. It’s been on my wishlist for so long (see here!)  I’ve only tried samples, but it was enough to sold me. You’ll find incredible ingredients ( raw cacao, healing bamboo charcoal, soil nutrients,
salts, exotic warming spices etc..) which are potent and effective, leaving the skin detoxified. Using this mask definitely feels like a spiritual experience.

S.W Basics Toner : see my review here. It’s simple but efficient. Just like the Trevarno day cream, this product is perfect if you want to give your skin a break and use few products. It balances the ph of your skin and is non irritating. It’s a must for sensitive skin.

De Mamiel Rosey Lip Balm: It feels like applying rose petals on your lips. I love it to pieces. The smell is delicate and the lips feel beautifully soft. I tried a sample,  but after the NoBuyJanuary (click), I’m going to puchase the full-size product. It’s simply gorgeous (as if I didn’t have enough lip balms, but I do not have a rose scented one ha!)

Honorable mention: MuLondon Organic White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream review here.  I prepared this post in early December when I hadn’t received my MuLondon cream, hence why there is no picture. ( + I like to try products for some time before posting a review) But it’s a fantastic cream for any extreme dry areas and the smell is divine.

What are your favorites?
Take care,

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