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I don’t live in a particularly eco-friendly area, so whenever I’m looking for clean and natural products I have to go online. This is a list of European shops, as I’m currently based in Europe, but some offer worldwide shipping. If I don’t buy directly from a specific brand’s website, I turn to those little online shops you see below.
Please, keep in mind that this is a non exhaustive list. Those are the ones I personally tried. I’m aware there are other websites, but I haven’t bought from them yet, therefore I can’t speak about them.

A beautiful world : This is the latest website I’ve ordered from, which sells some natural brands in exclusivity, such as SW. Basics, Indie Lee or Marble & Milkweed. (I made a cheeky order and bought some Indie Lee and SW. Basics goodies, which I will soon write about)
Exclusive brands and quick shipping, I’m a very satisfied customer haha. Free shipping for International orders over £50 Offer of the moment: 10%OFF & FREE UK Shipping with code XMAS10.
Their little + : super friendly and active on Twitter, I was waiting on Indie Lee’s lotion to be back in stock and they notified me on Twitter. The exclusive choice of products. You can recommend a brand you can’t find in Europe and they will try to distribute it in the UK. How awesome is that?

Amazingy : Based in Germany, Amazingy sells high-coveted and eco-luxury beauty brands such as Kjaer Weis, Mae Lindstrom, RMS, ILIA, Tata Harper … Being an eco and animal friendly company, the products they sell are guaranteed to have never been tested on animals. FREE for orders over 85 Eur within EU, worldwide 150 Eur.
Their little + : their amazing sample set. 5 samples for  4.99 Eur. You can choose any product sample you want (even from brands which don’t normally carry samples) with free shipping. I tried their May Lindstrom and RMS beauty samples: my life hasn’t been the same since haha. With every order, free samples are also included and inside your package you may find a little discount card.
They have partnered with Trees for the Future and pledge to plant a tree for every order. Amazingy, isn’t it? 🙂

Bath & Unwind: Bath and Unwind, as the name suggests it, specialises itself in therapeutic bath and
beauty products. All products are curared with choice and care. They have a “natural” section which carries brands such as Badger Balm, Burt’s bees, Jane Iredale, Dr Hauschka…
Their little + : Free worldwide delivery, constantly making nice offers. Their reward system: you earn 5 reward points for every £1 you spend, I was able to buy a product for free from the points I had accumulated. A very comprehensive wellbeing section.

Being Content: This was the first website I bought natural products off  *emotional moment* ;-), I remember being in awe as I was browsing each section.
Curated with expertise and care, Being Content offers a cosmopolitan choice of brands such as MV organic skincare, Vapour, Studio78 Cosmetics, W3ll People, Oskia, Weleda or One Love Organics.
Their little +: Free worldwide delivery now (Yes!) Each product description is very detailled and always filled with “how to use” tips.  You may find a little promo code in the package 😉  There are more than just an online shop, since they have a beautiful boutique in London, where they organize tons of incredible events and beauty treatments (If I ever go to London, I’ll make sure to visit the shop!)  They also support the cancer charity Yes to Life.

Belladonna Naturkosmetik: A German company with a focus on German, French and Italian and other European natural brands (Primavera, Dr Hauschka, Weleda, Sante, l’Erbolario, Cattier to name a few). Worldwide shipping, free shipping for orders over 30-400 Euros (depending on the geographical location)
Their little + : they sell some brands that I haven’t seen anywhere else, if you are looking to try some German brands, this might be one website to check. (Note: Dr. Hauschka fans might find their happiness in this website !)

Ecco Verde: An Austrian website with over 3500 products. Currently they only deliver within the European Union (with the exception of Switzerland!) You’ll find brands such as Akamuti, Benecos, Inika, Phb, Audrey Organics…
Free delivery for orders over 24,99 – 150 Eur (depending on the geographical location)
Their little +: their variety: a large assortment of natural makeup and personal care products from international brands. More affordable: They sell a budget friendly products.

Love Lula: It offers a wide range of brands – over 100 – (Neom, NYR, Pai skincare, Rahua, etc…). Every product is carefully selected. Lovelula received numerous awards and is probably one of the most famous websites in terms of natural beauty shopping.

Their little + : Lovelula have its own beauty box service. Free worldwide delivery (oh how I love this these three little words haha) Free gifts with purchase and you can choose 3 samples everytime from their list. While every LoveLula product has been carefully selected to meet strict
natural and organic standards, many brands choose to apply for
independent certification as an added assurance of both the origin and
quality of their ingredients and their ethical practices. You can search a product according to globally recognised certifications. (Ecocert, Vegan society, 100% organic etc…)
Naturisimo:  very extensive choice of products ( be it skin care, cosmetics, home, well-being, fragrance or hair care) for every member of the family! (over 5,000 product lines)You can always find something on Naturisimo. I have numerous times purchased from them and it’s always been a professional and impeccable service.
Their little + : Supersonic speed shipping! I kid you not, the day you make the order the parcel is shipped. Their international shipping is phenomenal, I receive parcels within 2-3 days! Free worldwide shipping
Cult Beauty: They are not specifically specialized in organic or natural products, however they feature lots of green, natural skincare products and holistic tools. As the title suggests, products featured on this websites are highly coveted and iconic. It is the place where you discover products you won’t find anywhere else. They introduce you to very exclusive brands. But high quality has sometimes a price 🙂 Free worldwide shipping with orders over £50
Their little + : the exclusivity, high-end products, phenomenal wellbeing section. If you want to feel like an Egyptian Queen, you might want to indulge in some shopping on Cult Beauty. Sometimes you find stuff, you didn’t know they even existed (*ahem* slendertone face)Look Fantastic: Founded in 1996, it is the original online British
beauty boutique, with a selection of over 14,000 products. LF is not focused on green beauty, but there’s a little well-being and organic section.Their little +: Free worldwide delivery. Very nice offers.  Like I mentioned earlier, I bought Jane Iredale products at a cheaper price. I’m not a regular customer of LF, but it’s always nice to have a little look at it.


(Update : Alice & White (February 2014) and Reina Organics (January 2015 )







Alice & White: This is a recent discovery, but oh so good! A few months ago, I was trying to get my hands on some Bodhi products. Unfortunately, they were only available in the UK, until Bodhi informed me over Twitter that there was a Swedish online shop that was carrying their products. Alice & White is an online eco-store founded in 2012. I ordered from them and their service is impeccable. They are also the Scandinavian appointed
distributor of some top British natural brands such as Mitchell and Peach, Bodhi or Balance Me.

Their little + : Cosmopolitan selection of brands (from British to Scandinavian brands) active on Instagram, offer free samples with each order. Alice & White, has become in a very short time, one of my favorites.Reina Organics: New year, new shop! Reina Organics is based in the Netherlands and I was in awe of their current selection. I got even more excited when I heard that this was just the beginning, since more brands will make their appearance in the future. Also, Reina is solely run by one person, the founder Rayna herself, which is beyond impressive, because she manages to make everything run smoothly, and offers a more personal approach to green beauty and wellness.
Make sure to suscribe to their newsletter to be the first informed about new brands and discounts. Worldwide shipping (free shipping from 45/145 Eur, depending on the location)
Their little + : An exclusive selection of brands, that are very hard to find in Europe such as La Bella Figura, Soapwalla, John Masters Organics and a great mix of affordable and high-end brands. There’s truly something for everyone. To top it off, each order comes in a beautiful wrapping paper, receiving a Reina Organics packages genuinely feels like receiving a Christmas gift.Update : Corpo Natura – September 2015)

Corpo Natura:  Corpo Natura is a fabulous eco beauty shop from the Netherlands. Even though it’s opened recently, the product selection is really impressive, I absolutely love everything! Anouk, the founder is very sweet and attentive to her customers needs and carefully picks each product herself.
Their little + : An eclectic range of green brands – from cult brands such as Prtty Peauschun, Kahina, Dr. Alkaitis, Eco by Sonya  to more indie brands such as Uvas Frescas – coming from the all over the world. Corpo Natura also offers a large range of Alima Pure products, from the foundations to the limited edition collections. A sample service is available to determine your skin match. Also, a custom shipping quote is made for small orders to reduce shipping fees. How great is that!

Now keep in mind that those are the ones I’ve tested and approved of. I’m always looking for other great online beauty havens and I will definitely make some updates if I find other great websites. Feel free to share your favourite online beauty boutiques.
Happy shopping !

Take care,





  • I love ABW! They're so friendly too which I love! Naturisimo is great and Lucy Rose is one of my favourites that you havent mentioned! 🙂 xx

    • Yes! ABW are super friendly, it's nice to be able to connect on Twitter 🙂 I heard about Lucy Rose but I haven't bought from them yet. I guess I will have to try 😉 . Xx Liz

  • Thank you for writing this shopping avenues. It's very helpful, especially 'Their little' is concise. I live in South East Asia, I absolutely love free shipping. Tessy.

    • Hi Tessy, thank you for your comment, I'm so glad it could help! I totally agree, free shipping is the best thing ever 🙂 xx

    • Hi Simone! Thank you. Sure, what are you looking for: more US/Can, more European or Asian/Australian websites? Let me know (per email or in the comments below) what you're precisely looking for and I'll give you all the infos 🙂 xx

  • Usually I always used to shop it on only branded online shopping website. As you said that these sites are trusted one. So let’s start purchase some items on it.


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