S.W Basics of Brooklyn Toner review: Back to Basics !


S.W Basics of Brooklyn Toner review: Back to Basics !

     “At S.W. Basics, we use the simplest possible blends of whole, high-potency ingredients to create products that truly work” – S.W. Basics

With S.W Basics of Brooklyn, we go back to basics! The founder, Adina Grigore, accompanied with her small, yet joyous team (5 people and 2 furry friends ;-)) create products with a concise ingredient list that doesn’t require you to bring out your dictionary in order to look up the words. (You know what I mean, right?) To me a toner is as important as a cleanser. In fact, the choice of a toner can make a drastic difference in your skin, and I speak from personal experience.  I’ve been using the same rose water toner for several months, it worked perfectly fine during the
summer, but I realized I needed something “stronger” to face the harsh winter times, so I perused abeautifulworld and stumbled upon S.W Basics alcohol-free toner. (I stopped using toners containing alcohol because my skin is too sensitive)

Ingredients: Water, Raw apple cider vinegar*,
Witch hazel from Wild Crops Farm, MO Essential oils of clary sage* and sandalwood*   *Organic
With only 5 ingredients one can achieve effective products:  Apple cider vinegar is commonly used to reduce inflammations, minimize blemishes, and prevent breakouts.
Witch hazel is often a staple ingredient in toners, since it is renowned for being a natural astringent.
Both Clary Sage and Sandalwood have anti-inflammatory properties and a role in hormonal balance. Clary Sage also improves the skin tone and reduces wrinkles, and can be applied on eczema spots. Concurring with the ingredient list, the packaging is minimalistic, sleek , reminiscent of the little glass bottle products you’d find in apothecaries.
Incredible smell! It has the smell of an apple-flavored fizzy drink.  Refreshing! It’s only after using the toner, that I feel my skin completely fresh and clean *so fresh
so clean clean*  (Karaoke mode: on! haha) The synergy of such powerful ingredients is already showing visible signs on my face. I’ve noticed an overall improvement of my skin texture. My skin looks nicer in the morning, refreshed, and definitely more balanced. So far no new breakouts.
Would I recommend it ? Yes! 
I’m definitely pleased with the toner. All-natural, raw, plain and simple, but it works! I’m glad to have found this little company, it’s like I have a little bit of Brooklyn in my bathroom shelf ! I’d love to try their exfoliant and body oil next.
Have you heard of S.W. Basics? Let me know!

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  • I LOVE S.W Basics Shea Butter Cream & their lip balm is amazing! This is definitely on my wishlist for when I go to America! Fab review xx

    • Thank you so much Amber 🙂 I read your review about the Shea butter cream and since I needed a toner I decided to try S.W Basics. So simple, yet so effective; I'm hooked as well haha. Can't wait to read about your "America beauty haul" 😉 Xx Liz

  • Totally great review. I love how you break down your impressions, and I always love reading about the therapeutic qualities of each ingredient. Especially when there are so few ingredients, each one is chosen with precision and care. I have the toner and love it. The inclusion of apple cider vinegar puts this toner over the top for me. It's so naturally healing for the skin offering antiseptic as well as nourishing properties and restoring pH. It really works. XO

    • Oh thank you so much Sarita! 🙂 You always have the kindest words <3 I completely agree with you regarding the use of apple cider vinegar. It's the first time that I find it in a toner and now I see the difference. XO Liz

    • Oui! Ils utilisent très peu d'ingrédients, mais c'est efficace. Si jamais tu testes cette marque, fais-moi savoir 🙂 x Liz


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