Empties Session #2









During #NoBuyJanuary I didn’t post any empties article, but I certainly used up lots of products! Most are not recent though, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to blog about them, so here is part one.

– Weleda Lavender creamy body wash:
Simply a must! Lavender is renowned for its soothing properties. The delicate lavender smell instantly lifts my spirits and after bath/shower, the  subtle lavender note still lingers on my skin.
– Antonia Burrell Natural glow cleansing oil
Before using a new beauty products, I like to sniff it 😉 and gosh, the smell is beyond incredible! Infused with Cypress, it has a zesty, bitter orange, lemongrass scent, with some floral hints. It cleanses and removes the makeup very easily without leaving any oily residue. It’s water-soluble, so it transforms into a milky consistency while cleansing. I was able to use this sample for several weeks, because very few drops are needed.
– The Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive: 
According to their website, this exfoliator is one of Juice’s Beauty star product. This sample is meant for approx. 4 applications. Among the ingredients, you’ll find organic apples, lemon, grape juice and raw cane sugar. Texture-wise, it feels quite sticky  and I’m not used to beauty products smelling like green apples (it really does!), but I did find my skin feeling less irritated after using this peeling.
– Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser:
Another citrusy scented product (gets me everytime!) Among the key ingredients: Neroli, Grapefruit, White Willow Bark, Pink French clay and Pomegranate. Of course, one sample couldn’t show any improvements on my skin, but I experienced no redness and didn’t feel my face dried out.
– Tata Harper Resurfacing mask : 
Meant to bring “instant glow”, I can actually say that it does the job! And very well, dare I say. After one application, skin feels plump, completely refreshed and glowing. It’s a transparent gel and you can totally apply this mask before heading out, because it doesn’t leave any redness on your skin. But this won’t be a purchase any time soon as it’s quite expensive.
– Weleda wild rose body lotion
Surprisingly, this sample lasted me for a while, it’s  so creamy and moisturizing that a tiny amount was more than enough. With a delicate rose smell, the lotion contains rosehip oil,  jojoba oil, calendula and witch hazel, leaving the skin nicely hydrated. The lotion penetrates easily without
leaving a greasy residue.
– Peppy Galore Vanilla Ice Cream Body mousse
One word : Delicious! I’m not particularly fond of Vanilla scented products, as I find the scent too strong but this is the exception to the rule. I can definitely see myself purchasing the full-size someday. Infused with real vanilla and combined with a fluffy mousse texture, it’s hard to imagine we’re talking about cosmetics and not about a dessert haha. Quickly absorbed by the skin and deeply moisturizing, this mousse is 100% natural with only 5 ingredients:  Mango Butter, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Vanilla Infused in Sunflower Oil 
 – One Love Organics Brand new day :

If you follow me on Twitter, I’ve just purchased the trial version as well. This little sample came in the One love organics sample pack and was the first product that I used up from the pack. It doubles as an exfoliator and mask. Containing silk peptide, corn and pineapple enzymes, it works great to polish off dead skin cells. Very gentle, I found my skin feeling soft and soothed.

First time trying this brand and I’m not disappointed! I chose to get this powder bath, meant to soothe irritated skin, while also invigorating the senses.  It works wonders. However,  you must be very aware of the scent : it does smell strongly like seaweed. So if you’re not too fond of the seaside smell, it could put you off for several minutes, but the scent dissipates quickly though. Rich in

vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Argan Oil and Kukui Oil are very moisturizing  and work great against irritated
skin, while Eucalyptus and Peppermint are refreshing and uplifting.

– A’kin Jojoba & Corn gentle exfoliating facial scrub
This was one of the very first “green” exfoliators that I tried, which I also had neglected a bit before #NoBuyJanuary, so I took advantage of the spending ban to use it up once and for all. To be honest, when I first purchased it, I was very satisfied : it is gentle, the jelly like texture feels lovely on the skin and it exfoliates really well. It leaves the skin feeling smooth
and soft and doesn’t dry out the skin. However over time, I came accross more “natural” exfoliators (i.e. with more simple ingredients), so I don’t think I’ll repurchase it, but it is lovely indeed.



    • Hehe thank you Amber. Normally you can still purchase an Antonia Burrell sample on Naturisimo. One Love Organics sample pack is incredible, hope you get to try it soon 🙂 xx

    • Thank you! You can get these samples on Naturisimo, that's where I got them. Hope you get to to try these soon 🙂 xx

  • Sounds like the Tata resurfacing mask is a winner! I really wanna try out the Green Apple Peel Sensitive as well. I adore Brand New Day; it's probably the best exfoliator I've used in my life an works incredibly well with raw honey as a mask.

    • A winner indeed! Tata Harper products look fabulous 😉 My love for One love organics keeps growing, I want to try the Vit.D mist, and get Morning glory. I've only used brand new day as an exfoliator but I have to try it as a mask. Mixing it with honey seems great, thank you for the suggestion 🙂 xx

  • Really want to try that Seaweed Powder Bath. Don't mind the idea of the smell either, as there's something so virtuous-detox about it, haha! XX

    • The Powder bath is great! I don't mind the smell either but I prefer to warn as I know some people are quite sensitive haha. And you're absolutely right about the virtuous-detox vibe, it's definitely something to add to a pamper session! xxx


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