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Spring has finally arrived and what a joy to see the sun again! (And finally be able to take more decent blog pictures!) I decided to embrace the change by welcoming more pastel colors into my makeup bag.

Ilia Beauty lip conditioner “Hold me Now”
This was an impulse purchase. I ordered it without finding any swatches. And if you
read this post (here), then you know that I promised myself to check for
swatches first!Β  However, it looked so pretty that I decided to give in, not to mention that I was afraid it would be sold out by the time I would find some swatches.
Luckily, it was EXACTLY the shade I pictured in my head, a soft pastel pink, that would compliment any skin tone. Since it’s part of their lip conditioners, the formula is creamier and more moisturizing. I’m into bold lipstick looks, but lately I’ve been craving for some changes and I’m really loving soft pastel shades at the moment. I’ve been wearing “Hold me Now” everyday, that’s how much I love it! (p.s. you can see how it looks on me on my Twitter profile, and see some swatches on my Instagram account)

Benecos natural powder blush in “mallow rose”
An absolute favorite. Since my review of Benecos’ natural powder blushes (here), my love for them hasn’t lessened. On the contrary, I’m using it relentlessy. It gives a nice rosy glow, and itΒ  prevented me from looking like a Zombie all winter. Non-comedogenic, the formula is gentle and for someone with oily skin like me, powder blushes last longer and settle nicely into the skin for a more polished look.

Lily Lolo pressed mineral eye shadow in “Eye Candy”
A few weeks ago, I placed a Lily Lolo order, and decided to try their newly released pressed mineral eye shadows. I got “Eye Candy”, which is a demi matte lilac. While it’s absolutely lovely for a soft, natural daytime look, you also can built it up in layers for a more intense look. I love this color so much, as it makes my eyes look more luminous. Regarding the packaging,Β  their pressed eyeshadow has a mirrored compact, which is super convenient.

Lily Lolo loose powder mineral eyeshadow in “Parma Violet”
I also opted for their loose powder eyeshadow in “Parma violet”, which is a matte lilac.
More intense and pigmented than “Eye Candy”, both can actually be combined. I apply “Parma Violet” on my crease and lower lashline to add more definition.
Lilac galore haha!

I first got a sample and I was pleasantly surprised! Their samples are generously filled, and there’s enough product for a few weeks application (well, at least for someone like me, who’s not wearing foundation every day). I’m not sure I’ll go back to liquid foundation at the moment, as the finish with powder is incredibly natural-looking, and the application couldn’t be easier. Also, it works well with my rms, “un”cover-up concealer. It evens out my skin and it’s oil free and non-comedogenic. I have a feeling I’ll be using this a lot.

Have you tried any of these?
Take care,



    • Thank you Caitie! The pressed eye shadows are absolutely lovely.There are so many nice shades to choose from as well. Hope you get to try them soon! xx

    • Thank you! You definitely should, it's so pretty and Im sure you'd rock it! πŸ™‚ xx

    • I will try to do a FOTD using all these products so you can see how it looks on πŸ™‚ I still struggle taking selfies though haha. I'm no makeup expert, but I think the lipstick and the blush could look great on most skin tones. xx

  • These pastels look soo pretty! I especially love the blush! πŸ™‚ I always find it so hard to pull off pastel lipsticks though, perhaps I just haven't found the right one.

    • The blush is lovely! I agree, I used to steer clear from pastel lipsticks, I only own bright pinks and a few reds but Ilia's Hold me now is the exception, the color is so pretty that it could suit everyone (in my humble opinion). xx

    • I'm sure it would look beautiful on you lovely! It's a very soft pink and the finish is very natural πŸ™‚ xx

  • Lovely post, definitely love this Benecos blush, it's such a pretty color, I wear it almost every day πŸ˜€ As well as the Lily Lolo foundation!<3 xx

    • Yes! I remember your post about Lily Lolo foundation! πŸ™‚ My first time trying powder foundation (why it took me so long, I have no idea haha) You're right, it's definitely lovely <3 xx

  • The Ilia hold me now looks so pretty.I have seen a lot of celebrities with fair skin put this kind of colors and it is gorgeous. I've never used light and subtle colors on my lips before. I always go for strong and vibrant colors like tropical corals. I'm from the South East Asia you can just imagine how tan I am. I just imagined myself wearing hold me now soft pastel pink, I'd probably look pale and ill, or could I be wrong?

    • It's a lovely color, very subtle but buildable. It's preferable to try a sample first because you are right, it can appear a bit pale. It depends on your natural lip color, if your natural lip color is rather rosey-pink, it doesn't look pale. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions πŸ™‚


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