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Another day, another tag! This one was created by the sweet Amber from Natural Beauty and I was tagged by Jana from Small bits of loveliness &  Ru from Short, small & sweet . Thank you lovelies!

What is your favorite foundation?
I’m not too fond of foundation, as I feel like it always looks cakey on me. I’d rather apply concealer where it’s most needed. However, I got several samples of Lily Lolo’s mineral foundations a few weeks ago and they’re really nice in terms of coverage.

What type of foundation to you prefer – mineral, liquid, or cream?

I haven’t tried cream foundation yet (Kjaer Weis… I’m looking at ya 😉 but I’ll go with mineral, since the finish looks more natural and I believe it’s more suitable for someone wth oily skin like me.

Have you found a favorite natural mascara? 

Not yet, as I haven’t tried a lot of mascaras, but I’ll go with the Ilia mascara I got several months ago. It’s a bit smudgy, but it really adds volume and defines the lashes nicely.

In your opinion, what company makes the best pigments for eye shadow? 

I would be able to answer this question if I had tried all the possible companies that exist, (a girl can dream, right?) but so far, Jane Iredale, Inika, and Lily Lolo have an incredbile selection of shades. The palette you see on the pictures is the glamour eye & lip palette from Jane Iredale.










Have you tried to make any of your own natural makeup? If so, how did it turn out? 

I don’t dare to, I’m afraid it will get too messy. I’d most likely try to do my own gel eyeliner (I’ve seen a few DIY versions with Aloe Vera Gel and activated charcoal) and tinted lipbalms.

What makeup item was the hardest to switch over to a natural alternative? 
I can’t answer this one, since I almost started off immediately with natural makeup. But I have to say that I miss those “fruity” roller lipglosses that I used to collect as a teen. Oh and I’d love to see a natural eyeliner marker pen on the market, because I struggle applying liquid eyeliner.

Do you have any holy grail natural or non-toxic makeup products? 
Right now, I absolutely love my Benecos blushes, I use them on a daily basis, and of course Ilia lip conditioner in “Arabian Knights”.














What is your go to non-toxic lip product? 
It’s no secret that I cherish my Ilia lipsticks/lip conditioners, however I’m currently trying out several brands which look very promising as well. I’ll talk about them very soon!
I also love to pieces the Annee de Mamiel rosey lip balm. Lips feel beautifully soft even after one application. It’s absolutely delightful.

What is your favorite natural cosmetics brand?
I don’t have a favorite brand per se, because I like to look at the product itself. However, while going through my makeup stash, I noticed that I’m using quite a lot of Lavera & Jane Iredale products at the moment. The reason for that is because they offer such a great variety and they are easy to find where I’m based.

Aaand that’s a wrap! I had a lot of fun inspecting my makeup for this tag 😉
Now I tag these two beauties :

Ria from Naturia beauty
Audreiana from True Beauty By Nature

(If you feel like doing it, no pressure of course!)

Take care,



    • Thanks Rach! I really enjoyed it as well, even though I can't really say I have lots of favorites. But those are the products I really like at the moment 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Amber! I agree, the blushes are fantastic. I've been using them for quite some time and I still love them to pieces 🙂 xx

    • Thank you Jen! I like knowing what other people use too, especially those skincare routines haha. Will also post a stash/storage article soon 😉 xx

    • Thank you Julie! Polka dots make anything better, I remember I got it from Forever21( was several months ago though) xx

  • Same here – that MU bag! 😀 oh yes, pen eyeliners FTW! I've been using Asian brands pen eyeliners for a long time now and kinda sad I can't/don't use them anymore. They're sooooo easy to use and fail-proof!

    • Twinsies 😉 Totally agree, pen eyeliners are super convenient.It's quite surprising that there's no "green" alternative yet. I guess it's only a matter of time. Fingers crossed 😀 xx

  • That Jane Iredale lip & eye palette looks amazing! I also just tried the Inika cream eyeshadow today (thanks to the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle box) – love it too!

    So happy that you completed this tag Liz! Great answers 🙂

    • Thank you for creating the tag, Amber! I had fun doing it 🙂 Yes, the Jane Iredale palette is amazing, because there are so many lovely shades and you can create countless different makeup looks with it. xx

  • Yay so happy you did the tag! 😀 Oh the Benecos blushes are amazing!<3 Hope they came up with more colors! 🙂 xx

    • Hehe thank you for tagging me lovely 🙂 You're right, it would be great if Benecos came up with more shades, I'm also loving the Everyday Minerals blushes at the moment, their selection is incredible. xx

  • Really enjoyed reading your answers! Definitely interested to find out more about the rosy lip balm, I love tinted balms but always lose them, that's a good enough reason to stock up, right? 🙂 x

    • Thank you lovely! The rosey lip balm is actually not tinted but it smells like fresh roses 🙂 Hope you get to try it soon, it's utterly divine! xx

    • You must indeed :D. They are lovely. The only difficulty remains in choosing which one 🙂 Some shades look quite similar, but luckily there are lots of swatches available now. Hope you get to try them soon! xx


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