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Flavour of the Moment #2 : Kiss from a rose


Flavour of the Moment #2 : Kiss from a rose

A few years ago, I wasn’t very fond of the smell of roses in skincare products, but that’s probably because I had never come across the natural scent. Now, while going through my beauty cabinet, I noticed that I own quite a lot of products containing rose, hence why I was able to carry on my post series called “Flavour of the Moment” featuring a specific flavour/ingredient. (The first one was about Cocoa). Also, if you’re enjoy Roses I suggest you have a look at those great posts from Paula and Britanie. Synthetic rose ingredients have no therapeutic benefits, so try going for genuine rose oil. Rose water, rose oil and rosehips have soothing, tonic and antiseptic properties. Also, Rose happens to be used as a mild sedative against anxiety and tension. Rosehips (the flowers which have swollen to seed) are also a great source of vitamins, especially C.

Trevarno Rose & Jojoba cleanser :
You already know my love for Trevarno, because of their pure and simple ingredients.Ā  I’m currently using their Rose & Jojoba cleanser, which is a soft and creamy cleansing milk. Among the ingredients, we have Rose flower water, Vanilla infused into Jojoba oil and Grapefruit seed extract. The scent is delicate, but you can definitely smell the Rose. It removes the makeup very easily, including eye makeup. Super gentle, the skin doesn’t feel dry after cleansing, but very fresh and clean.

Mun Aknari NĀ°1 Night Serum :
A gift from myself to myself šŸ˜‰ I’ll do a proper review very soon, because it deserves a post on its own. The smell is out of this world…absolutely divine! Pure luxury and indulgence! But I won’t go any further, review will be up soon! *pinky promise*

Khadi herbal skin toner, pure rose water :
Super lightweight and fresh, I like to use this whenever my face needs a little more hydration. It’s my second bottle of it. Khadi is among the very first natural brands I tried, and is the one that got me into Ayurveda skincare. It’s a perfect toner for Spring and Summer, because it’s soothing, refreshing and leaves a delicate rose aroma on the skin.

Ila Radiance face oil :
A sample that I got with my MUN order. First time I’m trying Ila, and it looks promising.Ā  Containing Rosehip oil, Rose otto oil but also Argan oil, the consistency is thick, very similar to Pai’s Rosehip oil. It is easily absorbed by the skin though. Wish I could say more, but the sample only lasted me 3 days. However, I noticed no further breakouts, so this a good sign šŸ™‚

Annee de Mamiel rosey lip balm :
Smells like the freshest rose bouquet, your lips are in for a treat with this balm. It’s like applying rose petals on your lips. Incredibly soft and delicate, lips feel silky smooth after one application. To me, this botanical lip balm is a star product. A must have!

Do you enjoy Roses in beauty products? Have you tried any of these? Let me know!

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