Food for the soul (and the skin) : Book review of Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart!


Food for the soul (and the skin) : Book review of Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart!

First time I do a blog review on the blog and I decided to start with Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart. I’m aware that I blog a lot about skincare and makeup, but I can’t reiterate it enough : nothing shows quicker results than a healthy diet and lifestyle (just to be clear, we are NOT talking about calories restriction.)

About the author and the concept
A former beauty editor, Jolene Hart is now a certified health coach, and a contributor to several health and beauty – related publications. She mostly writes about the impact that our daily nutrition and lifestyles choices have on our appearance.
Beauty as in, a healthy glow, luminous eyes, supple skin and overall great energy can be achieved by everyone, through nutrition.
So, what is linked to beauty and wellness?
– Good digestion (i.e. the right amount of alkalinity in your body)
– Healthy hormones
– Restful sleep
– Emotional Health
Now we all know that it is sometimes challenging to achieve those four steps at the same time. However, every day is a progress, each step (no matter how small) is a step in the right direction. To quote the author, “we write our beauty story with every bite“. So, let’s make each bite count. While we eat, we can either enhance our beauty capital or sabotage it, depending on our food choices.
Let’s start off very quickly with the eye-catching book design. With touches of pink and floral patterns,  Eat Pretty (but also “read pretty”) will definitely be a cute addition to your bookshelf.
But let me break it to you, it is as beautiful inside as it is outside!
You can tell that Jolene Hart knows her subject by how well put together the book is : neatly divided into series of chapters, she expresses her thoughts very simply with an accessible vocabulary.  Everything is crystal clear, she goes straight to the point, and all the key concepts are featured.
In the first part of her book, Jolene Hart goes through the basic principles of the Eat Pretty philosophy. Her approach is holistic, and she stresses the importance of treating your body with kindness and listening to it.
Following this, there’s a section about those ingredients which aim at sabotaging beauty, the so-called “Beauty Betrayers”.
Another part, entitled “Beauty Nutrition 101” is a beauty nutrition glossary.
In a short, yet very instructive paragraph, Hart goes on to explain the specific properties of each type of food and their direct link to beauty.
saw that it was in classified as cookbook in certain bookstores, but this seems rather reductive to me, as Eat pretty is more of a nutrition guide. Several
recipes are disseminated throughout the book but they do not constitute it entirely : there serve to illustrate her food philosophy.
The recipes are made
with simple ingredients and hassle-free, no need to have zillions of
kitchen gadgets or raid several groceries and farmer’s markets. There’s a big chance you already have the products needed in your kitchen. I only tried the “cool peppermint cream cups” so far, and it turned out delicious. This shows how easy the recipes are because I’m certainly not a chef (I still have a LOT to learn in the kitchen department haha)
Finally the part entitled “Four seasons to eat Pretty” explains how we have to adapt our eating habits according to the season. Personally, this was my favorite part of the book.
To each season, it’s ingredients. Luckily there are a bunch of veggies, cereals, fruits and spices that you can keep in your ktichen all year round.
we’re in the middle of Spring, this season is all about detoxing and
recovering from the harsh winter times, so you should include dandelions, endives, garlic, artichokes,
coconut, aspargus,  etc. in your diet.
Would I recommend it? Yes!
stands in promoting a healthy relationship with your body. No
starvation, it’s all about a fresh balanced diet and eating according to each season. It’s a great ressource for anyone who wants to grasp the concept of food for beauty.
A concentrate of concise, clear explanations, Jolene Hart breaks down the key concepts of nutrition in a pleasant writing style. Beyond the beautiful book design, this little book is filled with precious informations. Her fuss-free recipes are drooling and tasty.
Have your read it? What are your thoughts?
Take care,



  • I really wanna get my hands on this book, everyone's been raving about it! I hope it'll be available on The book depository 🙂 xx

    • It's really informative and useful! I hope you get your hands on it soon lovely 🙂 xx

  • I was very happy when I heard she was coming out with a book, but I've still yet to commit to buying. Thanks to your review, I am sure now that I need this book in my library! xx

    • Absolutely 🙂 There are just a few recipes, and they are really easy to make, and I really learned some precious informations about nutrition. xx


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