From blogs to shops! Online boutiques curated by green bloggers!


From blogs to shops! Online boutiques curated by green bloggers!














Most of my green makeup and skincare collection is purchased online. I have blogged about my favorite shopping places for green and eco beauty products (here), and I keep updating it. However this time I want to bring attention to these four particular shops, as they have a little “je ne sais quoi”. No…I know what they have, they are all run by green bloggers! I’ve been familiar with all four blogs, and it is so exciting to witness a blog grow to a shop!

What makes it so special? Well, first and foremost, these gals know what they are talking about! All shops are the results of a multitude of product testings. Every product curated has been personally tested and approved by those four bloggers turned entrepreneurs. Chronological order, starting from top left clockwise:

Epic Beauty Bar :
Founded by Elizabeth of Epic Beauty Guide. A Pre-med student, Elizabeth also published a book filled with precious advice about how to clear up acne, rosacea, and eczema in the most natural way. The name of her shop is certainly fitting because her selection is truly epic. She’s has been blogging and sharing her extensive knowledge about green beauty for quite some time, and her shop is a great ressource. Epic Beauty Bar is brimming with popular and top-notch products. Each item has a very detailed page, with all ingredients listed, along with clear directions regarding the product’s use.
If you have trouble choosing your goodies, Epic Beauty Bar has this fantastic guide, where you can find the best recommendation according to your skin type (here).

#1 Best­seller! Stop Rely­ing on Makeup – Enjoy Clear, Beau­ti­ful Skin
in 4 Weeks. Elim­i­nate Acne, Eczema and Rosacea. – See more at:
Epic Beauty Guide in order to give away super-detailed skin care advice, arti­cles on elim­i­nat­ing acne and other skin dis­or­ders, DIY
skin and hair treat­ments, prod­uct reviews, and health and diet tips. –
See more at: dream to browse (and shop) at!

Brands: One Love Organics, MUN, CV skinlabs, Pritty Preashun, Skin Apotheke, W3ll People, May Lindstrom, Labella Figura, Lina Hanson, Yarok, etc.
Shipping worldwide, free for US/Can and 15$ for international. You can still read her blog (here)

(Eco)Nibella was founded by Bellinda Tsé of Nibella. Bellina, who’s an absolute sweetheart, is never short of great beauty tips. She shares lots of DIY recipes that work wonders. Her shop offers all-natural and organic makeup, skincare, bath and body products at a very affordable price. Compared to the other shops featured, her selection of brands is more minimalistic, but for
a noble reason! Bellina chose artisan brands, which create small batches ; she believes in the importance of fresh products, and their greater impact on our skin. All brands have been numerously mentioned on her blog, and are part of Bellina’s beauty routine. Her selection is certified organic, locally produced and eco-conscious. Affordable, artisan and effective green beauty products, what more do you want?
Brands (all listed) : Marie Natie, Kenza International, Honey Girl Organics, Lily Farm Fresh skin care and Misoves.

International shipping. Free shipping for US over 50$ and and Canada for 150$
You can also follow her blog/magazine (here) and (here)

Pemberley Jones
If you loved her blog, you’ll love her shop just as much! Pamela Jones, licensed esthetician, green beauty enthusiast and a witty and creative soul, launched her very own online boutique several months ago.
She always has a few beauty tricks up her sleeves, such as mixing Weleda’s skin food with Alima Pure pigments (brilliant!). And that’s only one of her many awesome tricks. She has an eye for design, and her cute little shop is filled with awesome patterns and uplifting colors. A cool and eclectic mix of skin/body care and makeup, Pemberley Jones also offers a section for the mister. You wouldn’t expect any less from Miss Jones 🙂
Brands: Benecos, Alima Pure, Meow Meow Tweet, Kahina, Osmia, Caru, Wild Honey Apothecary, Weleda etc.
Shipping US only – hopefully this will change 🙂 – free shipping on orders over $75
She continues to blog (here), and she’s super active on social medias, her Instagram is da bomb!

Launched very recently – beginning June – Nuciya was founded by the lovely Amber Karlsson, who’s a makeup artist and green beauty blogger.  She couldn’t find her favorite natural brands easily, and took matters into her own hands by launching Nuciya.
Nuciya features a variety brands, from so-called niche ones such as Laurel skin, local ones (ex. Routine) or more popular ones (ex. 100% pure). Offering affordable international shipping costs, along with a fantastic selection of brands – most are really hard to get on a global scale – I believe Nuciya is off to a very good start!
Brands: Laurel Skin, Blissoma, 100% pure, Sappho Cosmetics, Routine Cream, Pangea organics, Dr Hauschka etc.
Shipping worldwide, free on orders over $65 (US & Canada) and $100 (International)
Amber continues to blog on her personal blog (here).

Without a doubt, I can highly recommend these shops, whether you’re a “confirmed” green enthusiast or just starting to “greenify” your beauty cabinet. Not only do they know their products, but they are all incredibly kind and generous in advices and recommendations, in case you ever need any help.
Now go have a look at these Fantastic Four! 😉  *sorry, the nerd in me couldn’t help it*

Attention to all green lovelies! Next, I’m thinking of doing a post about bloggers turned makeup/skincare creators, and another one on green beauties on YouTube, so let me know if you fit in any of these categories. I’m currently gathering all the infos I can possibly have, so if you have a YouTube channel, make sure to mention it in the comments below 🙂

Do you know more eco-shops founded by green bloggers?

Take care,




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