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First time trying #2: Alima Pure Gaia Collection, Orchid pearluster eyeshadow and Lotus lip tint review


First time trying #2: Alima Pure Gaia Collection, Orchid pearluster eyeshadow and Lotus lip tint review











A post long overdue, and I apologize for that! Several months ago, when Alima Pure released some new products for Spring, I gave in and placed my first Alima Pure order. I did cringe at the shipping costs (18 dollars, yikes) at first, but since I bought quite a lot and got a few limited editions that I couldn’t find anywhere else, I thought it was worth the splurge. I was not wrong
๐Ÿ˜‰ I only aimed at getting their limited edition Orchid pearluster eyeshadow – because my purple/orchid frenzy knows no bounds haha –ย  but after browsing the website more thoroughly (dangerous, very dangerous…) the Gaia collection caught my attention! A reference to Greek mythology and mother earth, this collection featured there limited edition products, two eyeshadows – Chaos and Celestial -, and a Radiant finishing powder.











Sorry, I went a bit heavy on the swatches, but the colors are crazily pigmented.ย As you can see, Orchid is a beautiful taupish Lavender, it’s semi-matte, and works great to create a soft pastel but
luminous look. Itโ€™s a discreet yet very comlimenting color. Chaos is a stunning copper, that I use all over my lid to create a bronzy eye makeup look, and Celestial is an intense dark green, that I only use with a damp, wet angle liner brush to make a liquid liner. Alima’s loose powders are easy to use even for makeup newbies, very little product is needed to work with, and I had no trouble incorporating them rapidly in my makeup routine. The one product that required more practice was the finishing powder.

The Radiant Finishing Powder is the star product of the collection to me, as itโ€™s fantastic for anyone looking to achieve a subtle bronzy and glowing look. However it was not love at first use, because I made several beauty mistakes: 1. I did my makeup under artificial light, which distorted the view, and made me unitentionally use too much product 2. I didn’t blend enough. Hence why the first time I went outside with it, the finish was uneven, with certain parts of my skin looking way too bronzy haha (Goldfiiinger). Half human, half oompa loompa, not exactly the best lookย ;). After a little training ( + a good brush), I finally managed to work with this powder and itโ€™s now become one of my favorites. The key is to be very gentle and use it with a light hand. When applied properly, it imparts a lovely sunkissed look, that instantly revives dull skin. It catches the light and provides a sheer glowing application. You can either lightly dust it all over your face (very, very lightly) or use it as a bronzer/ highlighter by applying it along the forehead, cheekbone and jawline.

Heavy swatches so that you can see the color
I could not resist snatching one of Alima’s lip tint, and opted for Lotus, also a limited edition. Not opaque, it actually enhances your natural color with a soft purple metallic hue. It’s really subtle
and imparts a pretty sheen. However I can’t carry it in my bag as it’s really sensitive to temperature and is prone to melting. The consistency is buttery, and the lip tint has a delicious cocoa scent.
Last but not least, a few samples. From left to right, clockwise: pearluster eyeshadow in champagne, concealer, Blush in Melon, balancing primer, pearluster eyeshadow in Zen. My favorite of the bunch were the Melon blush ( absolutely gorgeous, so vibrant and summery) and the eyeshadow in Champagne, which is the perfect product for a neutral eye makeup look. From what I ordered, both Orchid and Lotus are still available online, hopefully the Finishing Powder will make an appearance again.
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