Flavour of the moment: Argan oil! Wild Wood Groves and Lavina Skincare reviews


Flavour of the moment: Argan oil! Wild Wood Groves and Lavina Skincare reviews

Argan oil. One of Morocco’s beauty secrets. However, despite all the rave reviews, I’ve never really used it in its pure form, because there are also counterfeit argan oils circulating in the market and I wasn’t sure about which one to get. It’s quite hard to imagine that argan is one of the rarest oils in the world, especially when you walk past the beauty aisles of Western shops and supermarkets, but real argan oil is precious indeed. Hence why being able to track down the source of the oil is important. It’s not uncommon to see “argan” oil bottles, containing anything but argan; Sunflower oil for instance, is often used in fake argan bottles. However, the game-changer turned out to be Wild Wood Groves. I first heard of them on Twitter, via The Beauty Shortlist, who raved about their rose frankincense argan oil (which later won a Beauty Shortlist Award in the best argan product category). Ruth, the founder of Wild Wood Groves kindly offered to send me a sample to try. I told her my skin type -oily-, and soon received the Neroli-Sandalwood Argan oil.

For face : Wild Wood Groves argan oil – Neroli + Sandalwood*
Argan oil is particularly rich in vitamin E, omega-6 antioxidants and free-radical fighting agents, which is why it’s really popular in anti-aging skincare.
Wild Wood Groves has its own argan oil production in Morocco (learn more about it here) and offers both food argan and beauty argan. Their skincare range is made from cold-pressed cosmetic argan oil. Several options are available: you can either get pure argan oil or choose among several fragrances (rose, jasmine, neroli, mimosa, lavender etc.) In this case, it’s 98% of pure argan oil mixed with 2% of essential oils.  The uplifting scent of Neroli combined with woody notes of sandalwood, could please both men and women. I’m normally not too fond of woody, musky scents, but the orange blossom brings a perfect balance and I’ve found the scent really pleasant. However, what really struck me was how lightweight the oil felt!
I apply a few drops on my fingertips and start massaging my face. In no time, I can feel my face happily hydrated. One way to use argan is the following: apply argan oil all over your face and neck and let it absorb, follow up with a cotton pad drenched in orange blossom or rose floral water to remove any excess oils. In the long term, this will even out your skin tone by reducing minor skin imperfections, while protecting your skin.   After several weeks, my face felt softer, looking more glowing and overall healthier. It didn’t really do much for for spots and hormonal breakouts  (at least it wasn’t breakout-inducing!) but it smoothed some fine lines and evened out my skin.   Wild Wood Groves restored my faith in Argan oil, by giving me an insight of the wonders of this oil. I find her blends really original, and the quality of her argan oil is undeniable. I’m already thinking of getting the lavender argan oil next.
Argan is also beneficial for hands (soothes dry skin), nails (nail fortifier) and one of Moroccan women’s beauty secrets for soft and strong hair.

For hair : Lavina Argan oil*
I’ve been using this Lavina argan oil solely on my hair ends, as the consistency is slightly thicker and greasier than Wild Wood Groves. The color is however almost indentical :  clear with a slight yellow hue. The application is easy and hassle free:  I apply a few drops on my  ends to prevent split hair or any hair breakage. Doesn’t matter if I apply it over wet or dry hair, it won’t look greasy. After several weeks, I could tell my hair ends were looking healthier, hair felt nicely hydrated.
I feel like this is a great product to have when you’re trying to grow out your hair, and you want to avoid recurrent split ends. This oil will keep the strands healthy during the process.
You can also apply some oil before shampoo, let it sit for 20-30 minutes, then wash and rinse. This will revitalize dull strands et add some shine. Applied on dry strands, it will help protect your hair from the sun, the sea and chlorine.  I do wish Lavina’s website would add more informations about the government-sanctioned women’s cooperative they are working with. It says their argan oil is certified organic in Canada. About the product itself, I have found it effective for my hair ends.

What’s your favorite way to use argan oil? Do you have a favorite brand?
Take care,


*Samples kindly sent to me, all opinions my own




    • Thank you lovely! Oh you'd love Wild Wood Groves, it's incredible. The blends smell amazing and her argan oil is so nourishing – perfect for winter! 🙂 xx

    • Thank you Karen! Yes, I can only use it on my hair ends and I pay attention not to put too much. Happy to hear you love it for your skin though 🙂 xx

  • I've had Wild Wood bookmarked for ages but have yet to buy a product, Argan oil is a great oil but not necessarily my favourite but I should explore more brands 🙂

    • Agreed, I had never been that interested in looking for an argan oil, because I'm quite happy with all the other oils I've got, but Wild Wood Groves' argan is really enjoyable, very hydrating. Argan oil could come in handy during the winter 🙂 xx

  • Great post! I hadn't realised that other oils masquerading as argan was such a problem! I'ved always used Aura Cacia because the price point is so reasonable, but I tried Olie's argan in store recently and I'm leaning towards that for my next argan buy. The AC is great, but the Olie just seemed that much nicer 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, I watched several documentaries about argan oil, where they explained that lots of cosmetics such as shampoos, lotions, creams, oils which claimed to contain argan were actually lying. Hence why it's always preferable to opt for pure argan oil and see if the brand is giving infos about the source of the argan they are using. I'm intrigued by Olie, heard great things about them, it does look like a great choice 🙂 xx


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