A lipstick a day…Karen Murrell Violet Mousse & Coral Dawn review + swatches

A few months ago, the fabulous Stephanie from Epic Beauty Bar, had a Karen Murrell giveaway on Instagram, and I was lucky enough to win two Karen Murrell lipsticks of my choice! As you may – or may not – know, I was already familiar with this lipstick brand from New Zealand, because I had the pleasure to review the “Summer bouquet” collection (you can have a look at that post for a thorough description of the brand and the lipstick formula); however that didn’t prevent me from spending a significant amount of time pondering which shades to get. I just wanted them all, so I did a different reasoning: instead of going for the ones I would buy (Magenta Moon and Carnation Mist) I decided to step out of my (bright pink) comfort zone and picked these two. Do I regret this strategy? Not a single bit, I love both of them to pieces!

Long-lasting, semi-matte and not shimmery. As usual, Karen Murrell lipsticks are the real deal when it comes to pigmentation and color vibrancy. Both of these are super pigmented, I didn’t see the need to add several layers, one was enough for Coral Dawn, whereas 2-3 coats were enough for Violet Mousse for a more opaque look. I was super happy to find again the sweet aroma of cinnamon and orange! What I said regarding the Summer bouquet collection applies for these as well: make sure to prep your lips beforehand with a lip balm, because they tend to be a bit drying, but it’s nothing too dramatic.

Violet mousse is the perfect nude for me as it really compliments my skintone. With a slight hint of mauve, it’s a gorgeous daytime shade I think.
Coral Dawn, on the other hand, packs a coral punch to say the least. It’s a sensational shade, incredibly vibrant and perky, instantly brightening up my face.


Swatches! Bottom row, right picture: the comparison between Coral Dawn and Shell Shock – for Tamara of Rainbow Feet 

As you can tell I’m really pleased with Karen Murrell lipsticks, and with 16 shades available, I feel like saying “Gotta catch ’em all 😉 You can purchase Karen Murrell lipsticks on Epic Beauty Bar and Nuciya.

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  1. Ooooh love those shades! I have Carnation Mist and love it but I would love to try more. I love the scent, reminds me of Christmas! Well done on winning you lucky girl 🙂 x

    1. Thanks Amber! I know, I couldn't believe I won this one! Plus it was during the #Beautychallenge10, which made it even better ;D Hope you get to try more shades soon, they all just seem so pretty. xx

    1. I knew you'd understand, my fellow lip product addict! They are worth trying, the shades are unique and they smell amazing. Best smelling lipsticks ever 🙂 xx

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