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Current favorites #2 : Hurraw, Badget, Rose Mira, Alnatura and Leuchtturm1917


Current favorites #2 : Hurraw, Badget, Rose Mira, Alnatura and Leuchtturm1917

The last time I did a compilation of random things I’m liking lately, was ages ago, so I thought it was about time I’d share a post.

1. Chai-flavored Oatmilk from Alnatura
I was looking for almond and hazelnut milk at the store when this caught my eyes. I gave oatmilk several chances, but the taste never convinced me. Until I saw this Chai version. I was hoping that the tasty cinnamon flavor would spice up the bland taste of oatmilk, and it did! This is good stuff! It has replaced my beloved warm almond milk for now, it’s the perfect fall/winter drink in those cold nights.

2. Hurraw Pitta lip balm
Picked this one during the Field Trip Tour at the Content store (can’t remember where exactly, but there’s a glorious shot of me plunging my hand in a jar of Hurraw balms at the counter lol). The Pitta balm is based on basic Ayurvedic Dosha principles.
Super nourishing thanks to the blend of cold pressed organic oils and butters. The taste is just delicious : it’s a combination of coconut, lemongrass and peppermint. Need I say more 😉

3. Badger Foot Balm (Peppermint/Tea Tree)
I tend to speak a lot about facial care, but let’s not neglect the feet. Badger’s foot balm keeps dry skin at bay, thanks to olive and jojoba oils and leaves the feet with a fresh, minty fragrance. Tea tree and peppermint also have antibacterial properties. I opted for their sample size, because I can carry it in my gym bag (when I remember to go workout 😉
It never fails to revive my sore and hard-walking feet.

4. Rose Mira Calming Toner
It’s a sample size that I carry with me in my bag, and whenever I feel some sort of tingling sensation, I spritz some product and it provides an instant soothing effect. This floral hydrosol is made of neroli, rose and lemon verbena, which are my three of favorite scents. For those of you who are suscribed to Petit Vour, you may have already tried their sweet coconut body butter, and I can only recommend to check the rest of Rose Mira’s line.

5. Leuchtturm1917 A5 hardcover notebook
A stylish companion for my musings 😉 More seriously, Leuchtturm 1917 is very similar to Moleskine, but is a more affordable option – especially on Amazon. They have a vast selection of colours, and I opted for the fuchsia version, because it’s so bright and cheerful. My endless love for stationary combined with the fact that I’m old school,- I jot down everything on paper- were quick to justify this purchase.

What are your favorites products at the moment?

Take care,

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