Top products of 2014!

Just like last year (see post here. it’s time to reminisce, and pick the favorites of 2014.

Top skincare products

1. Mun n°1 Aknari Nighttime Dream Youth Serum
Luxe, sumptuous, dreamy. I raved about it here, and the past couple of weeks, I went back to it to finish up the last drops, which revived my love for it. It works amazingly well at brightening the skin and fading scars and hyperpigmentation, without feeling greasy. A stellar serum.
2. Odacité PureElements serum Black Cumin-Cajeput
You know a product is a keeper when your skin hasn’t been looking the same since you ran out of it. I reviewed it back in February here, and these Pure Elements serums are magic in a bottle. My favorite so far (only tried three, but still) remains Black Cumin-Cajeput, because it tackles hormonal breakouts and blackheads like a champ. Small, but mighty.
3.Yüli Halcyon cleanser
Not your average cleanser. A gel texture that morphs into a smooth watery texture, and leaves your skin fresh, without feeling dry. It’s not a makeup remover, but a phenomenal gentle cleanser. It’s crisp, light and after each use, I can tell my skin encounters less redness and irritations. Cleansing has never been easier and pleasant since I’ve been using it. For those fond of an efficient yet minimalistic beauty routine, Yüli Halcyon cleanser will tick all the boxes.
4. Wild Wood Groves Neroli-Sandalwood Argan oil
The one that restored my faith in argan oil! (full review here). It’s a fabulous multitasker, I use it against dark circles, dry skin, split ends and it never ceases to impress me. The quality of Wild Wood Groves’s argan is absolutely remarkable. You can go for pure argan oil or choose like I did, one mixed with a tiny amount of essential oils. The blends available are amazing (rose, jasmine, neroli, mimosa, lavender to name a few).
5. Gaia Creams Chia & Peach Kernel serum
I’ve had two bottles of this goodness already. My skin drinks it up, it’s a nourishing yet light oil, packed with chia oil, peach kernal oil, amaranth extract and Frankincense oil. If you saw my post about it (here,) you know that I love it as a primer, before applying concealer or foundation. Because of the serum’s soothing properties and its slight gel consistency, – thanks to the Chia seeds – it really feels like applying a protective layer on the face.
6. Skin Apotheke Rejuvenating eye cream
This was such a pleasant surprise! I usually prefer light oils or eye gels over creams, because creams have always been too greasy and heavy for my liking. However, Skin Apotheke is the exception, along with Odacité. A thick, creamy texture that sinks effortlessly into the skin, and smoothes fine lines and dark circles efficiently.
7. DABBA wild raspberry leaf toner
Natural skincare at its rawest and finest. Dabba’s is solely focusing on high-performance plant-based organic toners. My favorite was the one with wild raspberry leaf, which I use to soothe skin rashes and sunburns. High in antioxidants, I spritz some on my face before heading outside and I can tell that it maintains the skin’s moisture and balance.
See my review and the different varieties (here)

Top makeup products

8. Gressa Skin Minimalist corrective serum foundation
A clear winner. I never thought I’d enjoy wearing foundation until trying this one. A vitamin-packed, yet astonishly lightweight foundation with a great coverage. A skincare-makeup hybrid that heals and conceals at the same time. Curious about how it looks on? I did an entire makeup look (here).
9. W3ll People Expressionist mascara
Bought this mascara during the Field Trip Tour in London, but I used it up so quickly, that I forgot to do a proper review. But I’ll change that very soon. Just take my word for it. When you wear this mascara you, don’t need an eyelash curler beforehand, because it lifts up your lashes naturally and coats them without being smudgy nor flaky.
10. Gressa Skin lipboost in “Radiant”
I  could have picked a lipstick, but since it’s about mentioning the real stand-outs, Gressa’s lip boost came immediately to mind. The lip boost in itself is a vegan and all natural pout enhancer, which nourishes the lips at the same time. If that wasn’t awesome enough, it turns out that the lipboosts are beautifully pigmented as well. Radiant is a vibrant and flattering fuchsia (see how it looks here)

Top bodycare products

11. Stop the Water While using Me Papaya and Fennel voluminous shampoo
A hair epiphany. It gives the most luxurious shampoos in the market a run for their money by it’s quality and performance. It does exactly what it says : bouncy and voluminous locks.
The combination of Papaya and fennel works superbly to deliver one of the most pleasant scents in hair care.
12. Bodhi & Birch Lime blossom hand serum
Tender loving care for your hands. I can’t get enough of the tropical flavour. Every Bodhi & Birch product transports you to an olfactory journey, but the reason I picked the hand serum is because it has completely deterred me from hand creams (review here). Two drops are enough for me to combat dry skin by instantly restoring some well-needed hydration.
13. Ravenscourt Apothecary Lavender & chocolate body cream
A treat for your skin: a fluffy, delicate mousse that smells of Lavender and chocolate. Good enough to eat (well, almost) but it’s a beautiful multitasker for dry skin. Ravenscourt Apothecary has been one of my brand crushes this year. Ever since I came accross their charming and vintage-inspired shop, I’ve been loving every product from them (post here). Everything is crafted with utmost care and simplicity.
14. Deep Steep bubble Bath Honeydew & Spearmint
Bubbles, bubbles everywhere. Deep Steep brought back the long-missed bubbles in my bathtub since I switched to green products. I mentioned Honeydew & Spearminth, because it’s the only scent I’ve tried, so in 2015, I’ll be me picking another flavour. Living dangerously, I know lol.
15. Marble & Milkweed Nourishing body oil
When I reviewed the spring getaway kit (here) I remember being blown away by the  nourishing body oil, and particularly its smell: a lush and enticing scent that revives your senses. It’s one of the most delightful aromas I’ve ever sniffed 😉 The body oil also lives up to its name, skin drinks it up and feels silky smooth afterwards.

Et voilà, those were my picks for 2014! There are several (okay, a lot) of new brands I want to try next year, so this is going to be very exciting.

I also wanted to express my gratitude and thank each and everyone of you for your support this year. I’ve been blogging for a year and a few months now, and the joy that I’ve felt since the beginning is not only still very much there, but growing. Being able to connect with all of you has definitely been one of the highlights for my year 2014. <3
So to all of you, an abundant 2015, filled with love, health, and happiness!
Take care,




  • Wow, an awesome list! I am ashamed to say I've not tried one single thing from your selection! *slaps wrist*
    The mascara is probably the highest on my list!
    Rach xx
    Some great 'essentials' there that I can identify with, especially the honey!!
    I am a hoarder that wants to be a minimlist! I am working on spending less and using more, getting there gradually!
    Rach xx

  • This is such a great list! I am a big fan of the YÜLI Halcyon and W3LL PEOPLE mascara. I also hope I can try the gorgeous products from Odacité, Gressa Skin, and a few others from your list. Happy New Year's Eve!

  • OOOOO LIz, amazing list! I feel the same for the number 1-2 and 3 !! Les autres sont aussi interressant, i'll love to try gressa foundation.. with your makeup look and tamara review.. grrr lot of self control 🙂

    Je te souhaite une autre belle année pour toi et ton blog, je continuerai à te lire en 2015 🙂


  • I've only tried one of the products from your list! I'll definitely have to check out some of the rest this year 🙂 x

  • Wow what a great list! Definitely need to try out a couple of brands mentioned here now – the Lavender and Chocolate Body Cream in particular sounds so good 🙂 x

  • Great list Liz, I see I have some more testing to do, I've only tried a few of these products 🙂 Happy 2015 sweetie! xx

  • I want to try so many of these!! Odacite Black Cumin & Cajeput is the next one I'm going to try I think. I like the Jo+L one! I love the M&M Nourishing Body Oil too! x


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