Winter essentials tag!

I was tagged a a few weeks ago by the ever so lovely Tammy from Rainbowfeet, to do the Winter essentials tag. It consists in displaying your five must-haves (not necessarily beauty-related) to endure the cold season. Without further ado, here are mine:

I’ll take messy hair over a cold head every day. My winter wardrobe is far from exciting, therefore I decided to perk up my dull outfits with a jeweled beanie. I bought it a few months ago when it was on sale and it’s from a brand called Harlett.
They also had one with an encrusted tiara, but I preferred the ruby’s 😉
Big, comfy scarf (Star Knit Reversible Scarf from Plush Apparel)
A cozy winter scarf with a fun twist. The star printed item is reversible with navy blue on one side and beige on the other one. I used it as a background for the picture, several times on the blog as well. Love a good multipurpose product haha. It’s a huge scarf, which means I can snuggle and bury my head in it, or even use it as a warm blanket.
A game-changer. I can’t see myself going back to hand creams just yet. Pretty much like every Bodhi & Birch product, it doubles as an aromatherapy treatment, because the smell is outstanding. I breathe in the citrusy aroma to perk me up, and it always does the trick.
A blend of antioxidant and antibacterial ingredients (Squalane, Rosehip
Seed Oil, Lime and Green Mandarin, the serum is easily absorbed, without feeling greasy, and repairs dry skin and cuticles like a champ. I love that Elijah Choo, the founder of Bodhi & Birch came up with such a luxurious treatment for the hands because they certainly deserve some tender loving care as well.
I was fortunate to win this during a Twitter giveaway, and this an absolutely divine product!
The buttery texture delicately sinks into the lips, providing instant soothing and hydration. The texture is thicker than my trusted De Mamiel’s rosey lip balm, and the fruity mandarin aroma is so delicate. I’ve been using this non-stop the past couple of weeks, and it has prevented cracked lips. I’m certainly intrigued by Soveral, and I’ll be looking to get more of their products.
A gift from the sweet Katie of Katie Vibes, it’s my first and only NYR product (they are hard to find here) but I carry it everywhere with me. Everytime I feel a little worn-out, I whip out the roll-on, apply it on pulse points and it magically keeps me going. I really don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s empty.
I have lost track of who did/didn’t do this tag, so this time I’m just tagging anyone who feels like doing it :)What are your Winter essentials?Take care,




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