Makeup day! Ere Perez Cosmetics review


Makeup day! Ere Perez Cosmetics review

I had heard of Ere Perez for quite some time, as it’s a popular Australian brand, so I was very excited when I was contacted to try out several products*.
Ere Perez Cosmetics has been active for 8 year, and how could I not be drawn to the crisp white packaging, the variety of the line and the reasonable price (well at least in AUS dollars).

left eye : how it looks with one coat of mascara
Ere Perez almond oil mascara
One of their star products. Ere Perez mascara is the first mascara I tried after using up W3ll People’s expressionist mascara, which has been my favorite mascara so far. Therefore Ere Perez had big shoes to fill in, but I was pleasantly suprised by how well it performed. It’s a dry formula and, for the first few months, it stayed clump- and smudge free. Now that it’s almost empty, it’s starting to flake a bit, but I use my Sante Lash balm prior to applying the mascara and this solves the problem. I can actually compare it to W3ll People’s in terms of volume, it lifts up the lashes and thickens them. Those longing for more definition might be less satisfied though. It also wins the title of the best smelling mascara. It genuinely smells of almond oil.  It would tick all the boxes for me, if it didn’t contain silicones (i.e dimethicone and cyclometicone), which I normally tend to avoid. Both rate 2-3 on EWG, which is obviously not as alarming as other ingredients, so it’s up to you if you are okay with this or not.
Ingredients: Beeswax, dimethicone, palm oil (elaeis guineensis), cyclomethicone,
isopropyl palmitate, carnauba wax (copernicia cerifera), sweet almond
oil (prunus amygdalus dulcis), palm kernel wax, soybean seed wax
(gyicine soja), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), orange oil (citrus
aurantium dulcis), lemon oil (citrus medica limonum), bergamot oil
(citrus bergamia). May contain: iron oxides.

The translucent corn perfecting powder with SPF 15
It’s a light translucent finishing powder made with corn starch (the smell of corn is actually noticeable in the product too!). It’s a great multitasker : primer, finishing powder, mattifier.
I mostly used it as a substitute foundation for a light coverage. It manages to even out the skin tone naturally, without drying out the skin. I enjoyed it less as a finishing powder over foundation, as I thought it looked too heavy on me.  According to their website, you can also use it as an eyeshadow primer, but I haven’t tried that yet.
Ingredients: Corn starch (zea mays), Hydrated magnesium silicate, Dimethicone,
Titanium dioxide, Zinc stearate, Carnauba wax (copernicia cerifera),
Potassium sorbate. May contain: Iron oxides, Mica, Nylon 12, Ci 77019,
Ci 12085, Ci 15985.


Rich olive oil lipstick in ” Birthday”
I got to try the shade “Birthday” which is a vivid pink coral. It lives up to its name, because it’s such a perky and flattering shade. At first impression, it’s not the creamiest formula, but it warms up and softens up upon several uses. Keeping lips hydrated and conditoned before application remains necessary to really benefit from the gorgeous color. However, I was particularly impressed by the wearability and long-wear: it lasted strongly for 6-7 hours. I’m  used to lipsticks lasting 4-5 hours, so this is definitely an improvement.
Ingredients: Castor oil (ricinus communis), olive oil (olea europaea), candelilla wax
(euphorbia cerifera, ozokerite wax, beeswax, octyl methoxycinnamate,
shea butter (butyrosperum parkii), tridecyltrimellitate, neopentyl
glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate, octylsalicylate. May contain: iron oxides,
mica, Ci 77891, Ci 15850, Ci 15985, Ci 15850:1, Ci 42090 and Ci


Beautiful Beetroot cheek & lip tint “Joy” (vegan)
The most intriguing product of the bunch. “Joy” is a deep and glamorous red made with natural pigments (beetroot), and it comes in a roll-on. It brings back so many memories and makeup nostalgia, since I used to enjoy those fragranced lip roll-ons when I was a little girl.
However, I wouldn’t leave this one in the hands of a child, as it requires a little bit of technique to apply the colour stain properly. Highly pigmented, it dries up at the speed of light, so it’s best to use it with caution and sparingly : I once inadvertently applied too much, and despite a vigorous blending, the “flushed cheeks” effect turned into a rather clownesque look. I had to apply powder all over my cheeks to soften the colour. Same applies for the lips, delicate application is key, otherwise it goes on a bit patchy. Instead of applying the roll-on directly on my lips and cheeks, I’ve found it easier to apply the product on my finger and then work it on my face. Last but not least, this is definitely waterproof, once the product is on, it stays put.
Ingredients: Water, Rosehip extract (rosa canina), Glycerin, Beet extract (beta
vulgaris), Polysorbate 20, Tocopherol, Methylcellulose, Titanium
dioxide, Sucralose, Potassium sorbate.

Left: Ere perez lipstick “Birthday” & cheek& lip tint in “Joy”

Overall I’m really happy I got to experience Ere Perez Cosmetics’ line. I thoroughly enjoy the creativity of this line.  Like I said, not all products are vegan and preservative-free (none is above 3 on EWG though), therefore your thoughts about the products will depend on your  ingredient preferences. My favorite product remains the mascara, as I was absolutely pleased with the volume and length it provided.

Have you tried Ere Perez Cosmetics? What’s your favorite product?

Take care,


                                   *Kindly sent to me for consideration, all opinion 100% my own



  • OMG Liz Your snow white lip is from Ere Perez! Nice product : roll beet root juice on lips .. hum! This brand seem very interesting! Nice post my friend! <3 xx

  • This brand was one of the first green makeup tries for me, and I'm sure I did a review a few years ago! The tint that I tried was a coral shade and I did like the mascara but I absolutely loved the eye pencil! The lip colours are so nice on you xx

    • Oh I'll have to check out your blog archives then! Now you got me intrigued by the eye pencil, thank you Tammy 🙂 xx

  • Been wanting to see more reviews of this brand! they were meant to be coming to the UK at one point, but not sure what happened there…

    I love the lip + cheek stain, gotta love a colour that doesn't budge 🙂



    • Yes, it's strange that there are no UK or any European stockists, hopefully this will change. Oh I'm sure you'd rock the lip & cheek stain! xx

  • Hi Liz, it was interesting to hear your opinion on this brand as I have also reviewed a few of her products, including the two mascaras and the lip/cheek tint (in lovely). I ultimately love this brand. My fav product is the lip/cheek tint in lovely. I don't think I could pull off the other colours! The Birthday lipstick colour looks really nice!

    • Hi Matilda, thank you for your comment. It is a great brand, the lip/cheek tint in lovely is a gorgeous color, more easy to use on a daily basis. Did you experience the same troubles with the application, or is it just me? Or maybe it also depends on the color 🙂 xx

  • Lovely review of this brand as its been a long time of me umming and aaahing over them. I'm really glad you reviewed the mascara because i like mine to be quite 'wet' formulas and you mentioned that this is more dry so its good to get the headsup and the right expectations ahead of time xxx

    • Thank you, I'm so glad it could be useful 🙂 If you're looking a wet formular, I quite liked this mascara from an indie brand Paz & Lourdes (sold on Indie Beauty Shop). I did a review a few weeks ago 🙂 xx

  • when you say highly pigmented, you weren't kidding! That lip tint in particular looks great! I'm also curious as to how that powder works as a primer…

    • Haha nope I wasn't, and proof that you can have a vegan lip product that is superbly pigmented. I have oily lids so nothing stays put (even with a primer) but I'll let you know if the powder does help or not 🙂 xx

  • I've been wanting to try this brand but something was holding me back. I think I'll give it a ago after this review. They sell all around Aus. I've seen them everywhere and the price is petty reasonable down here xo

  • Whoa, that lip tint is pigmented! Just curious, but how does the mascara compare with any other clean mascara that you've tried before? I've used 100% pure mascara and I love the volume and definition it gives after 2-3 coats. At that point it looks like Tarte Gifted after 1 coat. I probably shouldn't be getting any more mascaras anytime soon though, since I'm subscribed to Petit Vour and waiting for my February box!

    Thanks, Liz!

    • Hi Vanessa!. I was really surprised by how great the mascara is. For someone in Australia, I'd recommend it (and if you don't mind dimethicone of course!) because it's definitely more affordable. Now my absolute favorite so far, remains W3ll People's expressionist mascara, because it lifts up the lashes (I don't need an eyelash curler when I use it) and provides great volume. That being said, I haven't tried all the clean mascaras available 😉 I heard great things about 100% pure, so I'm glad Oh and there's a great comparison (with pictures) of organic mascaras here : Hope it helps! xx

  • I didn't know Ere Perez has dimethicone and cyclometicone, so sad to hear about that, so the 4 products you have tried are in the scale of 3 on EWG, what about all the line?
    With line do you recommend 100% free of toxic chemicals?

    • Hi Marisol!
      If I recall correctly the powder and the mascara contain the sillicones which are in the scale of 3, the rest of the ingredients are on the lower scale, but yes I agree it's a shame. Hopefully in the future they'll change the formula. The rest of the line is more or less the same. Not all contain silicones though, lip products don't.
      What kind of makeup are you looking for? On the blog, I have reviewed quite a few that are free of chemicals, (lily lolo, everyday minerals, ilia beauty, w3ll people, Sante, Lavera, rms beauty etc.)
      Let me know if you have more questions 🙂
      Liz xx


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