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A mix of new and not-so-new releases. When it comes to purchasing luxe beauty products, I tend to go through all the reviews I can find, ponder, and let the idea simmer before splurging. Alas, I am human and sometimes I succumb to the “new product release” spell, where I click checkout on a whim. *glances at her Ilia lipstick*
This time I’ve decided save up (read: spend less on makeup), to give these 5 products a shot. I do not intend on purchasing them all at the same time, as I really want to use up my stash. I’ve been doing great in that department so far, thanks to all the fun green beauty challenges. So we’ll be taking it slow 😉
1. RMS Beauty tinted “Un” Powder (shade 02)
I’ve been postponing the purchase of a mattifier mainly because of the price. Although I’m in need of something to control the shine, I just couldn’t justify spending so much money on a mattifying powder, despite all the rave this product receives. However, now that RMS Beauty released a tinted version, it could potentially double as a mineral foundation, and this completely changes the game for me.

2. Intelligent Nutrient PurePlenty Nourishing scalp and strand serum
Having fine hair is high-maintenance. I’m constantly looking for products that provide volume and strength. When it comes to scalp treatments, I’ve remained loyal to John Masters Organics, as
I love their volume spray and scalp serum. I haven’t found the equivalent in other brands, but this might change now. Intelligent Nutrient is a brand that I’ve always wanted to try, but I was never able to decide what to get first. Until their newest release: the PurePlenty range comprising a shampoo, conditioner and serum. The serum has high concentration of Saw Palmetto (shrinks scalp follicles and stops hair loss) Pea Sprout Bioactive to build hair density, and caffeine among the ingredients. Looks promising, isn’t it?

3. Und Gretel Tunkal concealer
A super exciting release in the world of green cosmetics, and my newest beauty crush! Berlin-based brand Und Gretel offers a collection of makeup products in a sleek and sophisticated design, without compromising ingredients. This gorgeous concealer stick caught my eye immediately, because it contains organic chamomille extract, rosehip seed oil, clary sage and avocado oil, meant to soothe and nourish the skin. Makeup and skincare in one.

4. May Lindstrom The Honey Mud
Now that my first May Lindstrom purchase (aka. the Problem Solver) is almost empty (uh oh!) I would love to treat myself to another product of her gorgeous line. Just like I did for The Problem Solver, I tried numerous samples of The Honey Mud to see how my skin reacted to it, and I was quite pleased. I enjoyed the silky feeling and how soft and calm my skin felt. I won’t even mention the chocolatey scent, it’s just decadent 🙂

5. Dr. Alkaitis Soothing gel
I tried a sample of this product during the summer, and I really benefited from the cooling sensation this gel provides. In the summer, I can’t layer tons of products on my face, my oily skin is not having it. Therefore I’m counting on multitaskers to avoid clogged and congested skin. Dr. Alkaitis moisturizes, soothes skin rashes, and works both as a face and body product. I would probably purchase this product towards mid-Spring to make the most of its use.

What is on your eco-luxe wishlist?

Take care,




  • Hey Lizzie!
    How are you beautiful?
    The honey mud is awesome for this period! While soothing gel is confortable all the year around!
    In my radar right now there are not so many things as the ones i wanna to try i already did it but i must confess i'd love to try thr rms beauty powder as well! I have the white one but i dont use it too much, and the treatment oil from dr. A (but i have soooo many oils in my stash haha)

    Send you a big kiss

    • Hi darling Ale! I'm good, thank you and I hope you are too! Speaking of which, I need to send you an email pronto about something hehe 😉 I love that I can always count on you for reviews and such, your experience is valuable to me. And I know the feeling, I stopped purchasing oils a few months ago and I still have many left haha. Baci, love! xx

    • Thank you Inga! So true, it's hard to decide, and I could add many more haha. Let's just say that those are on my "priority" shopping list 😉 xx

  • This is where I fail as a blogger not really lusting after high end brands but blog posts like this make me think I need to change that 😀

    • Lol not a fail at all! High quality is not necessarily expensive. There are plenty of star products that are budget-friendly. Those are just some extra treats 😉 Thanks for reading Sarah! xx

  • I love the Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel! It's so versatile and amazing for my acneic skin. I hope that the European packaging will become available in the U.S. soon. I've never heard of Und Gretel, but thanks for the brand introduction! I've actually been looking for a new concealer.

    • Yes, it's funny that the packaging is different. Und Gretel was just released in Germany so it hasn't reached the borders of the country yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before it grows in popularity! xx

  • So many lovely picks! I haven't heard of Und Gretel before so thanks for the introduction 🙂 The ingredients in it sound amazing, will definitely be taking a look x

    • Thank you Tania! You're most welcome, enjoy browsing their website, it's absolutely gorgeous 😉 xx

  • Hey Liz, Honey mud is on my list to! Je ne connaissais pas par contre cette marque de cache cerne! Oui, je ne pensais pas que la poudre Rms était si cher. Est ce que tu ne peux pas trouver un moyen de l'essayer avant à ce prix là ? Si elle te fait et que tu l,aime c'est justifiable, mais ce serait plate de se tromper.. Écoute volume, essaie avalon complex B biotine.. Je ne sais pas si tu l'a déjà essayé mais je le trouve très efficace pour du volume. Sinon le nouveau spray evolved smart volume est vraiment superbe 🙂 xx

    • Oh merci pour les suggestions, j'ai entendu parler d'Avalon B, il y a aussi le serum Andalou qui est bien apparemment. Faut que j'aille voir le spray evolved smart volume de plus près 🙂 xx

  • I only just got The Honey Mud even though it's been on my wishlist since its release. It's sooo worth the wait. And that concealer?! That's my evening gone…

    Mayah x

    • Haha enjoy Mayah! I look forward to your thoughts. I'm sure you'll like Und gretel, their line is stunning (at least it looks like it 🙂 xx

  • Ah, I literally have the same hair type as you and I am seriously thinking of purchasing the scalp treatment from John Masters Organics. I've been eyeing it for so long and because the Acure shampoo and conditioner I'm using currently is actually not working so well for me! I find that I'm losing more hair ever since I started using them. Perhaps I'll also look into intelligent nutrient as well. Otherwise, I'm lusting after the Ilia lipstick in Nobody's Baby( though I'm worried it may be too sheer) and Kimberley Sayer's Ultra Light Moisturizer in lieu of spring and summer!

    • Hi Vanessa! I haven't tried Acure's hair products, but if you're looking to purchase a scalp treatment, try John Master's volume spray for thinning hair, and their spearmint shampoo. They won't cause more hair loss. I also loved Rahua's volumizing shampoo (I reviewed it a while back), but the only thing that stopped hair loss for me was managing my stress level (at least trying) and oil treatments. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email, and I'd be happy to help 🙂 xx

  • Even though Und Gretel just launched I already have my eyes on the Concealer, too. And I'd so much love to try the Honey Mud!

    • Concealers are my weakness. I haven't found my holy-grail, so I have high hopes for the Und Gretel one 😉 xx

  • ohh nice. I've tried the original powder from RMS and absolutely loved it, the best I've used. Didn't love the price so much though. The honey mud is beautiful, I loved it, it was such a luxury. Is the concealer for a heavier coverage?

    • I'll try to find some infos about the concealer. I haven't seen any pictures so far so I can't tell about the coverage, but if I find something I'll tell you immediately 🙂 xx

  • Great wishlist.
    I'd would like to try the rms powder too but as you said it's expensive for a powder. I also love May Lindstrom, what a classy brand, my sister gave me the cleanser "clean dirt" and omg I love it.


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