Little Gems #5: Skin Apotheke

I’ve always been fascinated by Ayurvedic principles, but so far only stayed committed to one brand, i.e Khadi (see post here). However this changed, when Ria, the fabulous founder of Skin Apotheke contacted me over on Instagram to test out her products. While Khadi opts for a simple formulation, Skin Apotheke comes up with more elaborated blends.
The products are made in small batches, to provide highly fresh products. None of Skin Apotheke products have been tested on animals. I’ve been using these products for several months (pictures were taken a long time ago), and the Rejuvenating eye complex  made it to my top 2014 products (see post here)


I’m (or my skin is) quite fussy with eye creams, so far I can only name three products that have made a difference for me (Odacité’s eye cream, Skin Apotheke, and a new brand I’ll mention soon) As a testament of how efficient and popular this eye cream is, it’s been named best eye product by Epic Beauty Bar for 4 years in a row. A thick, creamy texture (but non-greasy!) that sinks effortlessly into the skin, and smoothes fine lines and dark circles efficiently. I was able to apply under eye concealer without the risk of it settling into fine lines.  The past couple of months I experienced bouts of insomnia: I credit this cream for limiting the damages, and preventing raccoon eyes from forming, because it’s vitamin-packed with skin strengthening and reparative ingredients (carrot, Gotu kola, vit.c, primrose). I’ve been using it religiously for months and it’s kept my eyes in great condition. There’s still a lot of product left (only a teeny tiny amount is needed) and I can assure you that this little jar of goodness will last you for over 5 months.

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, organic juice solution of grape juice carrot juice and aloe leaf juice, gotu kola oil, ascorbyl palmitate, vitamin c ester, carrot oil, vegetable glycerin, evening primrose oil, organic raw unrefined unbleached shea butter.










Now onto the Amla hair oil, the smell is strong (potentially offputting for some), but it quickly dissipates after massaging the oil onto your scalp and hair. Personally, I’m used to these strong herbal scents, because I’ve been doing oil treatments for years, and believe me, once you see the results in your hair, you put up with the unpleasant scent 😉 Rosemary is a common ingredient against hair loss and Ria combined it with the staple oils of Ayurvedic beauty (Amla, Brahmi, Coconut, Neem, Sesame). Together, they can tackle premature greying, hair breakage, dandruff, hair fall, and split ends. This is an amazing conditioning oil, which keeps the scalp moisturized while repairing split ends. I leave it overnight, wash it off the next day, and everytime y hair has more shine and vitality. My locks also get knotted up really easily, and several drops turn my messy hair into manageable strands.

Ingredients: coconut oil, amla oil, brahmi oil, neem oil, rosemary essential oil, sesame oil, hibiscus oil 


I wholeheartedly recommend Skin Apotheke, and if you get to chat with Ria, you’ll love it even more. She’s delightful and you can tell she puts all her knowledge and passion into her line. There’s not one single product I’m not tempted to order on her shop. You can find Skin Apotheke on Etsy and on Epic Beauty Bar.

Have you tried Skin Apotheke? If yes, which products?

Take care,

*Kindly sent to me, all opinions my own



    • Thank you Louise! Yes, both products are divine and I can't wait to explore more from her range, green beauty products at their finest 🙂 xx

  • I'd love to try Skin Apotheke! I've always been fascinated by Ayurvedic healing practices and ideas. These products sound lovely.

    • If you're drawn to Ayurveda, you'll love it Megan! Hope you get to try Skin Apotheke soon 🙂 xx

  • Hi Lizzie 🙂
    I've been using also Khadi in the past but was not very fond on it. I used many if their powder herbs, a cellulite oil and some face mask and also shower gels…not my fav brand hihih.
    This is truly seems make the difference and you're right, the formulas are more elaborated and complicated.
    I love vitamin C and I cant wait to try this gorgeous brand.
    My eyes need it hahaha

    Thank you for all ❤❤

    • Hi Ale!
      The Khadi face masks are okay, but I'm fond of their hair products. The rest I haven't tried, but I'm sorry to hear your experience wasn't that great. I didn't know they had a cellulite oil, the only oil I use is the Weleda birch oil (but not sure it really works lol). I can't wait for you to try it either <3 xx

  • This is the eye cream you talk about in your last conversation on instagram! Another interesting brand! Chaque jour, je découvre une nouvelle marque, le clean living se développe! 🙂 xx

    • Oui! Ca fait plusieurs mois que je l'ai et j'ai encore suffisamment pour plusieurs mois, tu as juste besoin d'un tout petit peu de crème pour les deux yeux. Et elle ne m'a pas provoquée de rougeurs ou de petits boutons, vraiment génial ce pot 🙂 xx

  • I would love to try some Ayurvedic skin care some time like Pratima and Skin Apotheke! The hair oil sounds great, my fine, thin hair needs some help! xo

  • Loving the sound of the hair oil and I take your word for the smell being something to tolerate since the results are good! I've only just started getting into hair oils and was really loving the effect I was getting from Kenza Intl Beauty Hair Oil when my stupid hand slipped the other day reaching for the glass bottle only to have it shatter on our tiled bathroom floor! I tried very hard not to get too upset (after all it is just a thing!) but it was typical it had to happen to a product that I only have one of! So this product spotlight of yours is quite timely! 🙂 can you guess if I'm super duper careful about reaching for my products now! 😉 Will most definitely have to check this brand out now and add it to my favourites on Etsy. Have a beautiful weekend lovely Liz! Xx

  • I am always down for a good natural hair treatment, and actually your note about the strong herbal scent only attracts me! I love it when my hair smells like wood, or grass, or anything else earthy! I'll keep my eye on this when I'll be running out the Lulu Organics hair oil I'm currently using (I really love it by the way!)

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog
    Green Beauty Bloggers Community

    • Hi! Yes, what I do is that I pour a few drops on my hand and then I start massaging the scalp. If I feel like my strands need more care, I apply one-two drops on my hair ends. Usually I leave it overnight (or you can leave it an hour and wash off with shampoo afterwards) Hope it helps 🙂


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