OMGhee: Lakshmi Cream Eyeliner Duo review!


OMGhee: Lakshmi Cream Eyeliner Duo review!

Gel/cream eye liner remain a rare occurence in green beauty. A gel liner that comes to mind is the Jane Iredale Jelly Jar, but I haven’t tried it, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to compare it with the one from Lakshmi.
Lakshmi is one of the very first makeup brands that I tried. Created following Ayurvedic principles, Lakshmi is mostly known for its khol kajals which
are absolutely amazing. I’ve been using the brown kajal for years. However, I decided to be adventurous by trying a creamy eyeliner for the first time, here referring to the Lakshmi Creme Eyeliner Duo* in Purple, with the eyeliner brush Nr. 913. (Sold separately). The idea of incorporating a the classic matte blakc khol eyeliner with another shade is something love because two is better than one, right? (there are currently 4 varieties : purple, green, brown and blue!) The eyeliner brush N°913, was specifically designed for the eyeliner duo and  is made of synthetic hair and sustainable wood.

The pigmentation is strong, and as you can see, the purple has a metallic finish, which is always a winner for me, because it makes the eye pop. Texture-wise, it feels waxy at first, but after a few brush motions, it starts to become creamier and easier to apply.
However what impressed me the most was the ingredient list: notice the presence of Ghee, which is a class of clarified butter in India. Ghee has medicinal virtues in Ayurvedic medecine and is used for its cooling effects. Aloe Vera has soothing properties and can combat inflammation in the eye tissue. Camphor has a purifying, astringent and disinfecting effect and even works as a preservative.
Used dry, Lakshmi’s duo cream works to trace a line, and used wet, it applies with smooth ease and can be
blended upon initial application for a smokey effect. The makeup holds up relatively well for about 3-4 hours, then it’s starting to smudge. As often in green cosmetics, it’s not water-resistant (note: I didn’t set the liner with an eyeshadow on top, this trick could potentially extend the product’s staying power).
Very easy to remove, Lakshmi’s eye makeup products are amongst the gentlest I’ve tried so far. No redness, no watery eyes, it almost feels like wearing no makeup at all.
Price: 23.80 Eur. 
Ingredients INCI – (Purple):Aloe Barbadensis Extract*, Euphrasia Officinalis Extract*, Butyrum (Ghee)*, Ricinus Communis Oil*, Cera Flava*, Cera Canauba*, Camphor, ( /- CI 77007, 77268, 77491, 77891, Mica) * certified organic  – (Black) Aloe Barbadensis Extract*, Euphrasia Officinalis Extract², Butyrum*, Ricinus Communis Oil², CI 77268, Cera Flava*, Cera Canauba², Camphor 100% are natural origin

As you can tell from the rather wobbly line I traced above the lid, my eyeliner-application skills are a (huge) work in progress. They don’t do the product justice, much to my dismay. The brush does make the task easier, as to trace a line along the lid. The struggle for me was to use the proper amount of cream to keep the line consistent. I have no doubt that anyone used to working with cream eyeliners will be absolutely content with this one.
Overall, I do think it’s a brilliant product : a cream version of their popular khol kajals, the pigmentation is strong, the shades are pretty and it’s probably the “cleanest” cream eyeliner on the market. For people with sensitive eyes, Lakshmi is worth checking out because the products shouldn’t be triggering any irritations.

What’s your favorite cream/gel eyeliner?

Take care,


*Kindly sent to me for consideration, all opinions my own



  • I'd love to try this out, thanks for the brand introduction! I've been lacking a good, natural gel liner but this one sounds wonderful. The clean ingredients and colors have caught my eye. Have you tried applying translucent powder to seal it in and improve its longevity?

    • Hi Megan! No I haven't tried with translucent powder, it could help indeed. Thank you for the tip! xx

    • Hi Mirela! Yes, the pigmentation is stunning. No, there are not available in liquid form, only as cream and pencils – at least for now 🙂 xx

  • Love the name Lakshmi – pretty colours too – the black looks like it has the tiniest hint of dark blue in too – or am I seeing things? Thanks for the intro to the brand – love discovering all these new exciting ranges on your blog! xx

    • Aw thank you for reading lovely! You could be right, there seems to be a metallic hue, even though it's just black to me when I apply it. xx

  • I've not heard of this brand before but I know a few people were on the lookout for a gel eyeliner that was natural so I'll send them over to this blog post in the future!

    • Oh thanks Amber! Like I said, gel/cream eyeliner are indeed hard to find. I'm curious about the one from Jane Iredale though. Lakshmi is based in Germany, I have always ordered their kajals on German beauty shops, but I believe you can place international orders on their website 🙂 xx

  • Sounds great! My liner skills are a work in progress too, but I've been wanting to try a cream/gel option – will have to give Lakshmi a browse now 🙂

    • I'm glad you understand the struggle of applying liner properly 😉 Have a lovely browse! xx

  • This one is on my wishlist for quite some time now (: …love the purple color (brings out the green in my eyes) but I would love to try the green one too! I really like that they're mixing black with another brighter color (: .

    • I hope you get to try it soon, purple looks amazing on green/blue eyes indeed. I'm sure you'll rock this shade 🙂 xx

  • Well at least I know where to turn once I master a straight line. Good to know this brand is out there. Love your brows girlfriend xo

    • Thanks love! Grateful I don't need to fill them in 🙂 Let me know once you master the line. xx


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