My Signature Spring 2015 look Tag! The tamed 80’s look ;)


My Signature Spring 2015 look Tag! The tamed 80’s look ;)

Another edition of Nath’s (aka Beautycalypse) brilliant tag, namely the signature makeup tag.  Her latest look “Life on Mars” is astonishing, so check it out (here). Each time I have a blast preparing this post, – see my previous makeup looks (here) and (here). Since the rules require to use products that have more than 6 months (with the exception of the mascara), I decided to whip out my Jane Iredale Glamour Eye & Lip palette, and play around with it. I decided to name this makeup look the “tamed 80’s Flashdance look”, because I went for a rather colorful palette of shades, but with a very light hand lol.


Products used
Face: – RMS Beauty Tinted Un-powder up (02)
GLORY BOON Heal & Conceal concealer stick
Eyes: – JANE IREDALE  Glamour eye & lip palette
BENECOS Natural eyeshadow base
ERE PEREZ Almond Oil mascara
SANTE lash balm
BWC Ultimate natural soft kohl pencil “charcoal grey”
Lips: – KAREN MURRELL “Lavender laughter” (16)
BENECOS natural shiny lip color “rusty rose”
LAVERA lip & Cheeks “fancy melon”

Starting with the base, I went to apply Glory Boon concealer stick – reviewed (here) – on the parts that needed some coverage, and I finished off by distributing some RMS Beauty tinted un-powder up in shade 02 all over the face. For those curious about the tinted version of RMS’ cult product, it doesn’t provide a coverage, but it evens out and reduces the shine. It’s been my go-to product for Spring-Summer.
For the eyes, I went for blue and green tones. Starting off with Benecos eyeshadow base, – reviewed (here). It has a golden hue and can even be worn alone. However, I strictly used it as a base this time to apply mineral eyeshadow next.
From Jane Iredale’s glamour lip & eye palette, which is still my only makeup palette to this day, I picked Caribbean, a stunning turquoise and used it on the lower lash line, for a little “pop” effect. On the inner corners, I applied “Wink”,  which is a shimmery pearly white to add more luminosity ot the eyes. All over the eyelids, I used “Platinum” a mixture of metallic grey and mauve, and I accentuated the color on the outer corner and the crease for more intensity. Followed by Beauty Without Cruelty’s dark grey eye pencil, close to the lashline.
I prefer dark brown, navy or grey over black eyeliners because they soften the look, especially when I wear more colorful eyeshadows.
On my lashes and brows, I applied Sante’s lash balm – one of my holy-grails. I had a tiny bit of mascara left so one sweep of Ere Perez Almond Oil mascara sufficed – reviewed (here).


For the lips, I decided to opt for something soft. Yes, I do stray from my neon pink and deep berry once in a while 😉
On my lips, I applied Karen Murrell’s Lavender Laughter –  reviewed (here) – a pastel lilac, so I added a hint of shimmer with Benecos’ lip shine in “Rusty Rose” – reviewed (here) –  which is a sheer nude. (Tip: I recently discovered that it can also work on your cheek bones for a soft contour!)
Last but not least, I dabbed a hint of Lavera’s lip and cheek in “Fancy Melon” – reviewed (here) – on my lips to warm up the color, because Lavender Laughter has a cool undertone and can potentially look a bit pale. So to quote Tim Gunn from Project Runway, I had to “make it work” 😉
Swatches featuring all the colors used for this makeup look
Apologies for the “sleepy eyes” look, I take off my glasses when I do makeup selfies, so everything looks a bit blurred to me 🙂

Et voilà, that’s the “tamed 80’s look”, which is a look I’ve been enjoying lately, and a change from my usual purple metallic or bronzy makeup looks. As you can tell, it’s very easy to re-create, and wash off at the end of the day 🙂
A big thank you to Nath for tagging me again, she’s simply awesome and her blog is filled with insightful and informative posts.
Do you have a signature makeup look?

Take care,




  • What a colorful look! This summer, I am aiming to incorporate more color into my makeup looks. I'd love to try the RMS Beauty Tinted "Un" Powder, Glory Boon Heal & Conceal, Benecos, and Lavera.

    • Thank you Megan! If you get to try any of these products, I'd love to hear your thoughts 🙂 xx

  • So light and pretty – that turquoise would look fab for summer too! You've reminded me that I need to get my look up before spring is officially over 🙂

  • Gorgeous babe! That pallet is beautiful and colourful- I love the name of the makeup look haha. You still enjoying the mascara?


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