A soft caress on your skin: Josh Rosebrook moisturizing cleanser review


A soft caress on your skin: Josh Rosebrook moisturizing cleanser review

A long overdue post, but it’s a goodie since it’s about  Josh Rosebrook moisturizing cleanser*.

Josh Rosebrook is a super kind soul, with a killer beauty range. Several of his products, have already reached a cult following and with good reason. So far, I’ve tried the Nutrient day cream, shampoo, conditioner, and the moisturizing cleanser and I’ve been enjoying them all.
A short-lived moment of reluctancy and doubt invaded my thoughts because I hadn’t always had a good experience with cream cleansers, (let alone with african black soap and honey in it). As a gal with oily-skin, I’ve often been left with a sticky sensation after cleansing with cream products. Nevertheless, the skin guinea-pig in me won over and I decided to give it a go. I’ve been using it since late spring, and I’m now happy to report that it hasn’t been breakout-inducing.
After a look at the ingredients, I couldn’t help but think of Professor Utonium, the scientist who created The Powerpuff Girls (oh boy, don’t judge me haha) with “sugar, spice and everything nice”** Josh Rosebrook  is the Professor Utonium of skincare, he put a concentrate of vitamins and anti-inflammatory ingredients in this bottle, turning it into a magnificient skincare hero. It would take me an entire blogpost to break down my impressions on each ingredient used, because this is a unique cocktail of vitamins and nutrients in a bottle.
Hence why I believe the moisturizing cleanser would please every skin type, because it tackles all issues in one:
hydration (provided by honey, apricot, olive, sesame, sunflower, almond oils)
soothing/relief (aloe vera, calendula flowers, marshmallow root, skullcap, meadowfoam)
healing and protection (alfalfa, st-johns wort, white willow bark, gingko leaf, chickweed seabuckthorn, green tea)
Ingredients: Vitamin-infused aloe gel, organic african black soap, organic honey, vegetable glycerin, white willow bark, sea minerals and grape seed extracts, lemon juice, organic pectin, organic oils of: olive, jojoba, sesame, evening primrose, meadowfoam, sunflower, apricot, almond, and seabuckthorn, organic herbal infusions of: calendula flowers, bilberry, slippery elm, fennel seed, chickweed, skullcap, ginkgo leaf, hawthorn berry, green tea, marshmallow root, st. john’s wort, alfalfa; certified organic xanthan gum & potassium sorbate, natural plant sourced vitamins A, C & E; vinegar; organic essential oils of: rosemary, ylang ylang, litsea cubeba and vanilla bean.
The velvety texture of the moisturizing cleanser glides on smoothly and effortlessly removes traces of pollution and grime, revealing a fresh and baby soft skin. No stickiness, the cream is lightweight and has almost a gel texture. I prefer not to use it as a makeup remover, as I consider the moisturizing cleanser as a treat for the skin, a cleanser meant to nourish the skin. The scent of soap is predominant, but not overpowering.
Every single time I use it, my skin feels silky soft, and I can’t help stroking my cheeks.
Another great point is the large size of the bottle (120 ml). Just like May Lindstrom, Josh Rosebrook’s products are designed to last. I’m not even halfway done with the bottle because you only need a small amount to cleanse your face., which makes it a great product to incorporate in a steady beauty routine.
In Europe, Josh Rosebrook’s cleanser retails for 60 Eur. on Reina Organics
Have you tried it? What’s your favorite Josh Rosebrook product or your favorite cleanser?
Take care,


*Product kindly sent me for review, all opinions my own
 **The quote is originally from a nursery rhyme, but I grew up with The Powerpuff Girls lol.



  • This cleanser sounds incredible! Currently I'm thoroughly enjoying Josh's Herbal Infusion Oil, among his other equally amazing products. I don't think I've ever been disappointed by his creations! Looks like this cleanser would be perfect for winter, no? xo

    • Oh please tell me more about the Infusion oil! And yes, while it works all year round, the moisturizing cleanser will be a great companion during the winter 🙂 xx

  • Josh Rosebrook products have been on my To Buy list for a year now, but I keep getting sidetracked! So many products, and so little time. I, too, have mixed reactions with cream cleansers, but your post has re-ignited my interest in his product line. Glad to hear you like his shampoo and conditioner, too. I might start with those …

    • Oh I know that feeling too well, there are so many roducts to try, but we only got one face 😉 The great thing with Josh Rosebrook is that there are travel sizes for every product, so you can start with these first. That's what I did with the shampoo and conditioner. Let me know once you try them! xx

  • Haha I love the powder puff girls! Childhood memories! Lovely review, I need to start trying his stuff. I love cream cleansers though

    • High-five sista! If you love cream cleansers, then this is right up your alley darling! xx

    • Thank you! I totally understand, I had the same issues, this remains the exception for me. Josh Rosebrook has travel sizes if you're tempted, but not ready to splurge just yet 🙂 xx

  • i love this cleanser so much, the smell is intoxicating, smell like almond and vanilla (i'm the worst to describe odor). Honestly, all the product i try from him become a favorite! Now i can't wait to try the new balance shampoo! xx


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