3 inspired runway makeup looks : Golden, Bright and Bold using green and organic makeup


3 inspired runway makeup looks : Golden, Bright and Bold using green and organic makeup


Before we get into it, I just want to reiterate that I’m not a makeup professional – which I think is quite obvious 😉 – just a mere makeup enthusiast that likes to experiment. Those not duplicated makeup looks, just inspired ones, using only green makeup products.

The Rodarte runway look

I’m really fond of the freshness and glow factor behind this look. Skin plays center stage and the makeup is minimal or more precisely, minimal-looking.
Base: No foundation, just Odacité’s Pure Elements serum in Green Tea + Lemongrass which gives the skin that extra luminous boost. It was a good skin day as well, so I didn’t feel the need to apply anything else over it.
Eyes + cheeks + lips: Gressa Skin Lumière luminous complexion fluid. Quite a mouthful, but there couldn’t be a more appropriate name. I’m wearing the color “Amelia” on my lids, cheeks and lips. Just one product that does it all. Gressa is one of those top brands that masters the art of versatility. It’s so easy to use, yet performs extremely well. For the cheeks, I prefer to use a dampen makeup sponge to apply the complexion fluid as it’s quite pigmented – see my swatches (here). For the lips, I could have also picked something a bit more matte, such as Gressa’s lip boost in “Bare”.

The Marchesa runway look
This is a perky and feminine look, consisting in a bright lips, rosy cheeks and a tiny bit of eye shimmer.
Base: AEM Organic Detox serum as makeup primer and Madara Moonflower tinting fluid.
Eyes: Alima Pure Pearluster eyeshadow in “Champagne” all over the lids as well as the Jane Iredale eyeshadow in “Wink” on the center for added shimmer. For the lashes, I prepped them with my forever-in-my-makeup-bag Sante lash balm, followed by Pacifica’s Aquarian Gaze mascara, which is waterproof and a really good lengthening product.
Cheeks: For rosy cheeks, look no further than Beauty By Britanie x Modern Minerals x Lotus Wei Bohemian collection. It’s the best pink blush.


Lips: Ilia Beauty lipstick in Neon Angel, which looks surprisingly more blue in the pictures that it originally is. Another option would be Nudus in the shade “Precious“.

The Cushnie et Ochs runway look
Similar to the previous look regarding the emphasis on the lips, but the similarity stops there. I’d like to call this the 90’s vampire look 😉 It’s bold and dramatic but not too gothic.
Base: Madara Moonflower tinting fluid is my go-to lately.
Eyes: a combination of RMS Beauty eye polish in “Myth” for a metallic taupe base and Modern Minerals eyeshadow spheres in Pink Sand. Another option would be RMS Beauty eye polish in “Magnetic” all over the eyelid. It’s the perfect match, but I didn’t have it in my makeup stash. Along the upper lash line, and inner rim, Alima Pure’s Natural eye pencil in Ink (black) to mimic the illusion of fuller lashes and add more definition to the eyes. On the lower lash line, Vapour’s Mesmerize eyeliner in “Viper“, which is a gorgeous plum shade. Both are creamy and glide effortlessly on the skin. To finish off the look, a little bit of Pacifica’s Aquarian Gaze mascara.
Cheeks: Alima Pure Radiant Finishing Powder for a bronzy glow (a limited edition, see my review here)
Lips: A mixture of  Lippy Girl “Abraraca-Bam” and Ilia Beauty “Ink Pot“. My look is a tad more purple than shown in the picture, but this was the closest shade I had in my hands. There are two other options : Nudus Just like Jade or Fitglow Beauty lipstick “Adore”

Which look did you prefer in this post or what’s your favorite makeup look from the fashion runway?

Take care,





  • You look incredible in all three looks Liz! I can't choose a fav, they're all lovely and you've done a great job in recreating a similar look using green beauty. I absolutely love it! Can you come do my makeup please! Xx

  • Really gorgeous looks all three. The Marchesa look is so pretty and of course with my purplelipaphilia I'm all over the last lip! I have those 2 colours and I've mixed both with RMS Royal but not each other.

    • Thank you! I'm with you on that Purple love, I can't get enough of these shades. I applied Lippy girl over Ink Pot, for a more metallic effect, these two go well together actually 🙂 xx

  • I love all three, but I think the first one is my favorite. I'm partial to peachy looks though 🙂 Super impressed with how well Gressa Amelia works for everywhere!

    • Thank you Caitie, if you enjoy peachy colors, then Gressa's Amelia is right up you alley 😉 xx

  • OMG Liz what a quality post! You look fabulous in the three look! Est ce que tu aimes MYTH ? Il est nouveau et j'hésite à l'acheter.. Mais bon je suis fan des rms même si ce n'est pas les meilleur pour tenir, ils sont parfait pour mes yeux sensible. xx <3 <3 <3

    • Merci Julie!! <3 Alors je te conseille d'essayer un sample de Myth, c'est ce que j'ai utilisé ici, j'avais juste un échantillon que j'avais commandé sur Amazingy. La couleur est superbe, mais en le mettant sur mes paupières, on ne voit quasi rien, juste l'effet métallique, c'est aussi pourquoi je l'ai mélangé à un autre eyeshadow. Par conséquent, moi je n'ai pas l'attention d'acheter Myth. Ale (bambi Organics) a eu le problème, donc vérifie quei Myth tient sur tes paupières et surtout que la couleur apparaisse, avant de l'acheter 🙂 xx

  • Damn you look smokin with the last look!<3 Well you look beautiful on all three and I love the makeup looks you chose, you know I like that natural look 🙂 xx

  • babe! love love love these looks! I can't decide which I love more, the first or the last. I just love my deep purples! you got the lip colours to a close match xo


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