Knock on wood: JORD Cora series Maple & Lavender watch review


Knock on wood: JORD Cora series Maple & Lavender watch review


You may have seen these beautiful watches on the blogosphere already, because this is also how I came accross them in the first place. JORD is an American company specialized in handcrafted wood timepieces.

As far as I can remember I’ve always had a watch on my wrist, from the most excentric designs – think plastic flowers and Polly Pocket watches – to more classic pieces as I grew up. The past couple of years, I’ve been avoiding silicone wristbands and other petroleum-based, synthetic materials (polyurethane etc.) as I noticed a skin reaction after continued use.
However, I never thought I would fancy wearing a watch made out of wood, since I had imagined wood watches to feel heavy and stiff. I was completely wrong.

I was fortunate to review the Maple & Lavdender watch of the CORA series, which features a range of feminine models with bright-colored watch dials, and dainty swarowski crystals makers. Mine has a beautiful blond maple casing but you can opt for darker hues since there are 8 different types of wood available. I’m loving the design to pieces, I tend to wear a lot of purple, so it blends seamlessly with my wardrobe. The greatest suprise though was the lightness. I have a small wrist, but the watch doesn’t weigh down at all, and the watch band is flexible. I can move my arm freely without feeling any sort of discomfort.
drive system is awesome, self-winding automatic, which means that no
battery is required. Consider this the ultimate green wristear 😉 No
winding required if worn every day, but you muse wear it everyday to
keep the watch running. If you’re not glued to your watch like I am,
you might not see the use for self-winding automatic.
Another great point
is the customer service: they are really attentive, and there’s even a
live chat service when you connect to the website, which I think is
incredibly helpful, especially if you’re unsure which watch would suit
you best, and you want a quick reply.
Despite the fancy vibe the watch gives
off, it’s really low maintenance. I wear it everyday, and it’s still looks as
pristine as when I received it.  The watch is splash-proof, yet it’s not a reason to wet it of course. It is recommended to use lemon oil for cleaning and polishing, but I
haven’t tried it so far, as the product is still in mint condition. I’ll keep you updated on that.

All in all, I’m thrilled to have a wooden watch, and I’ll definitely talk my friends and family into trying these. JORD ticks off all the boxes for me: eco-friendly, stylish, and high-performant. The Cora Maple & Lavender retails for $275 but other models start at $129. An investment for sure, but not more expensive than those popular designer watches on the market (Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs to name a few). JORD gives them a run for their money. The quality is outstanding and you get a fine and innovative piece of watchmaking. If
you’re worried about sizing, feel free to contact the customer service,
they’ll help you determine the right size. Even for small wrists like
mine, the watch has a great fit.

Now that the holiday season is around the corner, I truly believe that a JORD watch would make a stunning gift. It comes with a 1 year limited
warranty, and always with free worldwide shipping. For Cyber Monday, there’s also 10% off with the code “CYBER“.

So, wood you try JORD? (forgive me, I couldn’t resist ha! 😉

Wooden Wristwatch

*PR sample


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